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2020.10.04 20:47 propertrouble social cheat sheet

Don't flash an immediate smile when you greet someone, as though anyone who walked into your line of sight would be the beneficiary. Instead, look at the other person's face for a second. Pause. Soak in their persona. Then let a big, warm, responsive smile flood over your face and overflow into your eyes. It will engulf the recipient like a warm wave. The split-second delay convinces people your flooding smile is genuine and only for them.”
Pretend your eyes are glued to your conversation partner's with sticky warm taffy. Don't break eye contact even after he or she has finished speaking. When you must look away, do it ever so slowly, reluctantly, stretching the gooey taffy until the tiny string finally breaks.”
This brazen technique packs a powerful punch. Watch your target person even when someone else is talking. No matter who is speaking, keep looking at the man or woman you want to impact.”
Visualize a circus iron-jaw bit hanging from the frame of every door you walk through. Take a bite and, with it firmly between your teeth, let it swoop you to the peak of the big top. When you hang by your teeth, every muscle is stretched into perfect posture position.”
Give everyone you meet The Big-Baby Pivot. The instant the two of you are introduced, reward your new acquaintance. Give the warm smile, the total-body turn, and the undivided attention you would give a tiny tyke who crawled up to your feet, turned a precious face up to yours, and beamed a big toothless grin. Pivoting 100 percent toward the new person shouts "I think you are very, very special."
When meeting someone, imagine he or she is an old friend (an old customer, an old beloved, or someone else you had great affection for). How sad, the vicissitudes of life tore you two asunder. But, holy mackerel, now the party (the meeting, the convention) has reunited you with your long-lost old friend!
The joyful experience starts a remarkable chain reaction in your body from the subconscious softening of your eyebrows to the positioning of your toes—and everything between.”
Whenever your conversation really counts, let your nose itch, your ear tingle, or your foot prickle. Do not fidget, twitch, wiggle, squirm, or scratch. And above all, keep your paws away from your puss. Hand motions near your face and all fidgeting can give your listener the gut feeling you're fibbing.”
Make it a habit to get on a dual track while talking. Express yourself, but keep a keen eye on how your listener is reacting to what you're saying. Then plan your moves accordingly.
If a horse can do it, so can a human. People will say you pick up on everything. You never miss a trick. You've got horse sense.
Rehearse being the Super Somebody you want to be ahead of time. SEE yourself walking around with Hang by Your Teeth posture, shaking hands, smiling the Flooding Smile, and making Sticky Eyes. HEAR yourself chatting comfortably with everyone. FEEL the pleasure of knowing you are in peak form and everyone is gravitating toward you. VISUALIZE yourself a Super Somebody. Then it all happens automatically.”
Before opening your mouth, take a "voice sample" of your listener to detect his or her state of mind. Take a "psychic photograph" of the expression to see if your listener looks buoyant, bored, or blitzed. If you ever want to bring people around to your thoughts, you must match their mood and voice tone, if only for a moment.

“Worried about your first words? Fear not, because 80 percent of your listener's impression has nothing to do with your words anyway. Almost anything you say at first is fine. No matter how prosaic the text, an empathetic mood, a positive demeanor, and passionate delivery make you sound exciting.”
“Whenever you go to a gathering, wear or carry something unusual to give people who find you the delightful stranger across the crowded room an excuse to approach. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice your . . . what IS that?”
Whoozat is the most effective, least used (by non-politicians) meeting-people device ever contrived. Simply ask the party giver to make the introduction, or pump for a few facts that you can immediately turn into icebreakers.
Now the third in our litt”
“No Whatzit? No host for Whoozat? No problem! Just sidle up behind the swarm of folks you want to infiltrate and open your ears. Wait for any flimsy excuse and jump in with "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear. . . ."
Will they be taken aback? Momentarily.
Will they get over it? Momentarily.
Will you be in the conversation? Absolutely!”
Whenever someone asks you the inevitable, "And where are you from?" never, ever, unfairly challenge their powers of imagination with a one-word answer.
Learn some engaging facts about your hometown that conversational partners can comment on. Then, when they say something clever in response to your bait, they think you're a great conversationalist.”
When asked the inevitable "And what do you do," you may think "I'm an economist/an educatoan engineer" is giving enough information to engender good conversation. However, to one who is not an economist, educator, or an engineer, you might as well be saying "I'm a paleontologist/psychoanalyst/pornographer."
Flesh it out. Throw out some delicious facts about your job for new acquaintances to munch on. Otherwise, they'll soon excuse themselves, preferring the snacks back at the cheese tray.

When introducing people, don't throw out an unbaited hook and stand there grinning like a big clam, leaving the newlymets to flutter their fins and fish for a topic. Bait the conversational hook to get them in the swim of things. Then you're free to stay or float on to the next networking opportunity.”
Like a good gumshoe, listen to your conversation partner's every word for clues to his or her preferred topic. The evidence is bound to slip out. Then spring on that subject like a sleuth on to a slip of the tongue. Like Sherlock Holmes, you have the clue to the subject that's hot for the other person.”
When you meet someone, imagine a giant revolving spotlight between you. When you're talking, the spotlight is on you. When the new person is speaking, it's shining on him or her. If you shine it brightly enough, the stranger will be blinded to the fact that you have hardly said a word about yourself. The longer you keep it shining away from you, the more interesting he or she finds you.

Never be left speechless again. Like a parrot, simply repeat the last few words your conversation partner says. That puts the ball right back in his or her court, and then all you need to do is listen.”
The sweetest sound a performer can hear welling up out of the applause is "Encore! Encore! Let's hear it again!" The sweetest sound your conversation partner can hear from your lips when you're talking with a group of people is "Tell them about the time you . . ."
Whenever you're at a meeting or party with someone important to you, think of some stories he or she told you. Choose an appropriate one from their repertoire that the crowd will enjoy. Then shine the spotlight by requesting a repeat performance.”
When first meeting someone, lock your closet door and save your skeletons for later. You and your new good friend can invite the skeletons out, have a good laugh, and dance over their bones later in the relationship. But now's the time, as the old song says, to "ac-cen-tu-ate the pos-i-tive and elim-i-nate the neg-a-tive.”
The last move to make before leaving for the party—even after you've given yourself final approval in the mirror—is to turn on the radio news or scan your newspaper. Anything that happened today is good material. Knowing the big-deal news of the moment is also a defensive move that rescues you from putting your foot in your mouth by asking what everybody's talking about. Foot-in-mouth is not very tasty in public, especially when it's surrounded by egg-on-face.”
A sure sign you're a Somebody is the conspicuous absence of the question, "What do you do?" (You determine this, of course, but not with those four dirty words that label you as either a ruthless networker, a social climber, a gold-digging husband or wife hunter, or someone who's never strolled along Easy Street.)”
Just as job-seeking top managers roll a different written rèsumè off their printers for each position they're applying for, let a different true story about your professional life roll off your tongue for each listener. Before responding to "What do you do?" ask yourself, "What possible interest could this person have in my answer? Could he refer business to me? Buy from me? Hire me? Marry my sister? Become my buddy?"
”“Wherever you go, pack a nutshell about your own life to work into your communications bag of tricks.”
Look up some common words you use every day in the thesaurus. Then, like slipping your feet into a new pair of shoes, slip your tongue into a few new words to see how they fit. If you like them, start making permanent replacements.
Remember, only fifty words makes the difference between a rich, creative vocabulary and an average, middle-of-the-road one. Substitute a word a day for two months and you'll be in the verbally elite.

Whenever you have something in common with someone, the longer you wait to reveal it, the more moved (and impressed) he or she will be. You emerge as a confident big cat, not a lonely little stray, hungry for quick connection with a stranger.
P.S.: Don't wait too long to reveal your shared interest or it will seem like you're being tricky.

Start every appropriate sentence with you. It immediately grabs your listener's attention. It gets a more positive response because it pushes the pride button and saves them having to translate it into "me" terms.
When you sprinkle you as liberally as salt and pepper throughout your conversation, your listeners find it an irresistible spice.

If you flash everybody the same smile, like a Confederate dollar, it loses value. When meeting groups of people, grace each with a distinct smile. Let your smiles grow out of the beauty big players find in each new face.
If one person in a group is more important to you than the others, reserve an especially big, flooding smile just for him or her.”
Be on guard. Don't use any clichès when chatting with big winners. Don't even touch one with a ten-foot pole. Never? Not even when hell freezes over? Not unless you want to sound dumb as a doorknob.
Instead of coughing up a clichè, roll your own clever phrases by using the next technique.”
Whether you're standing behind a podium facing thousands or behind the barbecue grill facing your family, you'll move, amuse, and motivate with the same skills.
Read speakers' books to cull quotations, pull pearls of wisdom, and get gems to tickle their funny bones. Find a few bon mots to let casually slide off your tongue on chosen occasions. If you want to be notable, dream up a crazy quotable.
Make 'em rhyme, make 'em clever, or make 'em funny. Above all, make 'em relevant.

Don't hide behind euphemisms. Call a spade a spade. That doesn't mean big cats use tasteless four-letter words when perfectly decent five- and six-letter ones exist. They've simply learned the King's English, and they speak it.
Here's another way to tell the big players from the little ones just by listening to a few minutes of their conversation.

A dead giveaway of a little cat is his or her proclivity to tease. An innocent joke at someone else's expense may get you a cheap laugh. Nevertheless, the big cats will have the last one. Because you'll bang your head against the glass ceiling they construct to keep little cats from stepping on their paws.
Never, ever, make a joke at anyone else's expense. You'll wind up paying for it, dearly.

“A football player wouldn't last two beats of the time clock if he made blind passes. A pro throws the ball with the receiver always in mind.
Before throwing out any news, keep your receiver in mind. Then deliver it with a smile, a sigh, or a sob. Not according to how you feel about the news, but how the receiver will take it.”
“Whenever someone persists in questioning you on an unwelcome subject, simply repeat your original response. Use precisely the same words in precisely the same tone of voice. Hearing it again usually quiets them down. If your rude interrogator hangs on like a leech, your next repetition never fails to flick them off.”
People who are VIPs in their own right don't slobber over celebrities. When you are chatting with one, don't compliment her work, simply say how much pleasure or insight it's given you. If you do single out any one of the star's accomplishments, make sure it's a recent one, not a memory that's getting yellow in her scrapbook.
If the queen bee has a drone sitting with her, find a way to involve him in the conversation.”
Never let the phrase "thank you" stand alone. From A to Z, always follow it with for: from "Thank you for asking" to "Thank you for zipping me up.”
Once a month, scramble your life. Do something you'd never dream of doing. Participate in a sport, go to an exhibition, hear a lecture on something totally out of your experience. You get 80 percent of the right lingo and insider questions from just one exposure.”
Big winners speak Jobbledygook as a second language. What is Jobbledygook? It's the language of other professions.
Why speak it? It makes you sound like an insider.
How do you learn it? You'll find no Jobbledygook cassettes in the language section of your bookstore, but the lingo is easy to pick up. Simply ask a friend who speaks the lingo of the crowd you'll be with to teach you a few opening questions. The words are few and the rewards are manifold.

Before jumping blindly into a bevy of bookbinders or a drove of dentists, find out what the hot issues are in their fields. Every industry has burning concerns the outside world knows little about. Ask your informant to bare the industry buzz. Then, to heat the conversation up, push those buttons.”
Is your next big client a golfer, runner, swimmer, surfer, or skier? Are you attending a social function filled with accountants or Zen Buddhists—or anything in between? There are untold thousands of monthly magazines serving every imaginable interest. You can dish up more information than you'll ever need to sound like an insider with anyone just by reading the rags that serve their racket. (Have you read your latest copy of Zoonooz yet?)”
“Before putting one toe on foreign soil, get a book on dos and taboos around the world. Before you shake hands, give a gift, make gestures, or even compliment anyone's possessions, check it out. Your gaffe could gum up your entire gig.

The haggling skills used in ancient Arab markets are alive and well in contemporary America for big-ticket items. Your price is much lower when you know how to deal.
Before every big purchase, find several vendors—a few to learn from and one to buy from. Armed with a few words of industryese, you're ready to head for the store where you're going to buy.

Watch people. Look at the way they move. Small movements? Big movements? Fast? Slow? Jerky? Fluid? Old? Young? Classy? Trashy?
Pretend the person you are talking to is your dance instructor. Is he a jazzy mover? Is she a balletic mover? Watch his or her body, then imitate the style of movement. That makes your conversation partner subliminally real comfy with you.”
Echoing is a simple linguistic technique that packs a powerful wallop. Listen to the speaker's arbitrary choice of nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives—and echo them back. Hearing their words come out of your mouth creates subliminal rapport. It makes them feel you share their values, their attitudes, their interests, their experiences.”
Does your customer have a garden? Talk about "sowing the seeds for success." Does your boss own a boat? Tell him or her about a concept that will "hold water" or "stay afloat." Maybe he is a private pilot? Talk about a concept really "taking off." She plays tennis? Tell her it really hits the "sweet spot."
Evoke your listener's interests or lifestyle and weave images around it. To give your points more power and punch, use analogies from your listener's world, not your own. Potent Imaging also tells your listeners you think like them and hints you share their interests.”
Don't be an unconscious ummer. Vocalize complete sentences to show your understanding. Dust your dialogue with phrases like "I see what you mean." Sprinkle it with sentimental sparklers like "That's a lovely thing to say." Your empathy impresses your listeners and encourages them to continue.”
What part of their anatomy are your associates talking through? Their eyes? Their ears? Their gut?
For visual people, use visual empathizers to make them think you see the world the way they do. For auditory folks, use auditory empathizers to make them think you hear them loud and clear. For kinesthetic types, use kinesthetic empathizers to make them think you feel the same way they do.”

“Create the sensation of intimacy with someone even if you've met just moments before. Scramble the signals in their psyche by skipping conversational levels one and two and cutting right to levels three and four. Elicit intimate feelings by using the magic words we, us, and our.”
When you meet a stranger you'd like to make less a stranger, search for some special moment you shared during your first encounter. Then find a few words that reprieve the laugh, the warm smile, the good feelings the two of you felt. Now, just like old friends, you have a history together, an Instant History.
With anyone you'd like to make part of your personal or professional future, look for special moments together. Then make them a refrain.”
“A compliment one hears is never as exciting as the one he overhears. A priceless way to praise is not by telephone, not by telegraph, but by tell-a-friend. This way you escape possible suspicion that you are an apple-polishing, bootlicking, egg-sucking, back-scratching sycophant trying to win brownie points. You also leave recipients with the happy fantasy that you are telling the whole world about their greatness.”
People immediately grow a beak and metamorphosize themselves into carrier pigeons when there's bad news. (It's called gossip.) Instead, become a carrier of good news and kudos. Whenever you hear something complimentary about someone, fly to them with the compliment. Your fans may not posthumously stuff you and put you on display in a museum like Stumpy Joe. But everyone loves the carrier pigeon of kind thoughts.”
Throw a few comments into your conversation that presuppose something positive about the person you're talking with. But be careful. Don't blow it like the well-intentioned maintenance man. Or the southern boy who, at the prom, thought he was flattering his date when he told her, "Gosh, Mary Lou, for a fat gal you dance real good."

Become an undercover complimenter. Stealthily sneak praise into the parenthetical part of your sentence.
Just don't try to quiz anyone later on your main point. The joyful jolt of your accidental adulation strikes them temporarily deaf to anything that follows.”
Whenever you are talking with a stranger you'd like to make part of your professional or personal future, search for one attractive, specific, and unique quality he or she has.
At the end of the conversation, look the individual right in the eye. Say his or her name and proceed to curl all ten toes with the Killer Compliment.”
Don't make your colleagues, your friends, your loved ones look at you and silently say, "Haven't I been pretty good today?" Let them know how much you appreciate them by caressing them with verbal Little Strokes like "Nice job!" "Well done!" "Cool!"
Little Things Mean a Lot
Quick as a blink, you must praise people the moment they finish a feat. In a wink, like a knee-jerk reaction say, "You were terrific!"
Don't worry that they won't believe you. The euphoria of the moment has a strangely numbing effect on the achiever's objective judgment.
“Just as a boomerang flies right back to the thrower, let compliments boomerang right back to the giver. Like the French, quickly murmur something that expresses "That's very kind of you.”
Ask the important people in your life what they would like engraved on their tombstone. Chisel it into your memory but don't mention it again. Then, when the moment is right to say "I appreciate you" or "I love you," fill the blanks with the very words they gave you weeks earlier.
You take people's breath away when you feed their deepest self-image to them in a compliment. "At last," they say to themselves, "someone who loves me for who I truly am."

Think of yourself as the star of a personal radio drama every time you pick up the phone. If you want to come across as engaging as you are, you must turn your smiles into sound, your nods into noise, and all your gestures into something your listener can hear. You must replace your gestures with talk. Then punch up the whole act 30 percent!”
People perk up when they hear their own name. Use it more often on the phone than you would in person to keep their attention. Your caller's name re-creates the eye contact, the caress, you might give in person.
Saying someone's name repeatedly when face-to-face sounds pandering. But because there is physical distance between you on the phone—sometimes you're a continent apart—you can spray your conversation with it.

Don't answer the phone with an "I'm just sooo happy all the time" attitude. Answer warmly, crisply, and professionally. Then, after you hear who is calling, let a huge smile of happiness engulf your entire face and spill over into your voice. You make your caller feel as though your giant warm fuzzy smile is reserved for him or her.

If you must screen your calls, instruct your staff to first say cheerfully, "Oh yes, I'll put you right through. May I tell her who's calling?" If the party has already identified himself, it's "Oh of course, Mr. Whoozit. I'll put you right through."
When the secretary comes back with the bad news that Mr. or Ms. Bigwig is unavailable, callers don't take it personally and never feel screened. They fall for it every time, just like I did.

Whenever you are calling someone's home, always identify and greet the person who answers. Whenever you call someone's office more than once or twice, make friends with the secretary. Anybody who is close enough to answer the phone is close enough to sway the VIP's opinion of you.”
No matter how urgent you think your call, always begin by asking the person about timing. Either use the What Color Is Your Time? device or simply ask, "Is this a convenient time for you to talk?" When you ask about timing first, you'll never smash your footprints right in the middle of your telephone partner's sands of time. You'll never get a "No!" just because your timing wasn't right.

If you want to be perceived as conscientious and reliable, leave a short, professional, and friendly greeting as your outgoing message. No music. No jokes. No inspirational messages. No boasts, bells, or whistles. And here's the secret: change it every day. Your message doesn't have to be flawless. A little cough or stammer gives a lovely unpretentious reality to your message.

While dialing, clear your throat. If an answering machine picks up, pretend the beep is a big Broadway producer saying "Nexxxt." Now you're on. This is Your Ten-Second Audition to prove you are worthy of a quick callback.

Instead of using your party's name, casually let the pronoun he or she roll off your tongue. Forget "Uh, may I speak to Ms. Bigshot please?" Just announce, "Hi, Bob Smith here, is she in?" Tossing the familiar she off your tongue signals to the secretary that you and her boss are old buddies.

When you hear a phone in the background, stop speaking—in midsentence, if necessary—and say "I hear your other line," (or your dog barking, your baby crying, your spouse calling you). Ask whether she has to attend to it. Whether she does or not, she'll know you're a top communicator for asking.”
Record all your business conversations and listen to them again. The second or third time, you pick up on significant subtleties you missed the first time. It's like football fans who often don't know if there was a fumble until they see it all over again in Instant Replay.”
Politicians want to be eyeball to eyeball and belly to belly with their constituents. Like any big winner well versed in the science of proxemics and spatial relationships, they know any object except their belt buckle has the effect of a brick wall between two people. Therefore they never hold food or drink at a party.
Come to munch or come to mingle. But do not expect to do both. Like a good politician, chow down before you come.

When you arrive at the gathering, stop dramatically in the doorway. Then s-l-o-w-l-y survey the situation. Let your eyes travel back and forth like a SWAT team ready in a heartbeat to wipe out anything that moves.”
The lifelong friend, the love of your life, or the business contact who will transform your future may not be at the party. However, someday, somewhere, he or she will be. Make every party a rehearsal for the big event.
Do not stand around waiting for the moment when that special person approaches you. You make it happen by exploring every face in the room. No more "ships passing in the night." Capture whatever or whomever you want in your life.

Be a human magnet, not a human repellent. When standing at a gathering, arrange your body in an open position—especially your arms and hands. People instinctively gravitate toward open palms and wrists seductively arranged in the "come hither" position. They shy away from knuckles in the "get lost or I'll punch you" position. Use your wrists and palms to say "I have nothing to hide," "I accept you and what you're saying," or "I find you sexy.”
Like an air-traffic controller, track the tiniest details of your conversation partners' lives. Refer to them in your conversation like a major news story. It creates a powerful sense of intimacy.
When you invoke the last major or minor event in anyone's life, it confirms the deep conviction that he or she is an old-style hero around whom the world revolves. And people love you for recognizing their stardom.

Right after you've talked to someone at a party, take out your pen. On the back of his or her business card write notes to remind you of the conversation: his favorite restaurant, sport, movie, or drink; whom she admires, where she grew up, a high school honor; or maybe a joke he told.
In your next communication, toss off a reference to the favorite restaurant, sport, movie, drink, hometown, high school honor. Or reprieve the laugh over the great joke.
The human body is a twenty-four-hour broadcasting station that transmits "You thrill me." "You bore me." "I love that aspect of your product." "That one puts my feet to sleep."
Set the hidden cameras behind your eyeballs to pick up on all your customers' and friends' signals. Then plan your pitch and your pace accordingly.”
Cool communicators allow their friends, associates, acquaintances, and loved ones the pleasurable myth of being above commonplace bloopers and embarrassing biological functions. They simply don't notice their comrades' minor spills, slips, fumbles, and faux pas. They obviously ignore raspberries and all other signs of human frailty in their fellow mortals. Big winners never gape at another's gaffes.

Whenever someone's story is aborted, let the interruption play itself out. Give everyone time to dote on the little darling, give their dinner order, or pick up the jagged pieces of china.
Then, when the group reassembles, simply say to the person who suffered story-interruptus, "Now please get back to your story." Or better yet, remember where they were and then ask, "So what happened after the . . ." (and fill in the last few words).

Whenever you suggest a meeting or ask a favor, divulge the respective benefits. Reveal what's in it for you and what's in it for the other person—even if it's zip. If any hidden agenda comes up later, you get labeled a sly fox.”
Whenever a friend agrees to a favor, allow your generous buddy time to relish the joy of his or her beneficence before you make them pay the piper.
How long? At least twenty-four hours.”
When you do someone a favor and it's obvious that "he owes you one," wait a suitable amount of time before asking him to "pay." Let him enjoy the fact (or fiction) that you did it out of friendship. Don't call in your tit for their tat too swiftly.”
There are three sacred safe havens in the human jungle where even the toughest tiger knows he must not attack. The first of these is parties.
Parties are for pleasantries and good fellowship, not for confrontations. Big players, even when standing next to their enemies at the buffet table, smile and nod. They leave tough talk for tougher settings.

The most guarded safe haven respected by big winners is the dining table. Breaking bread together is a time when they bring up no unpleasant matters. While eating, they know it's OK to brainstorm and discuss the positive side of the business: their dreams, their desires, their designs. They can free associate and come up with new ideas. But no tough business.”
If you're selling, negotiating, or in any sensitive communication with someone, do NOT capitalize on a chance meeting. Keep the melody of your mistaken meeting sweet and light. Otherwise, it could turn into your swan song with Big Winner.”
If you need information, let people have their entire say first. Wait patiently until their needle is on empty and the last drop drips out and splashes on the cement. It's the only way to be sure their tank is empty enough of their own inner noise to start receiving your ideas.”
Facts speak. Emotions shout. Whenever you need facts from people about an emotional situation, let them emote. Hear their facts but empathize like mad with their emotions. Smearing on the emo is often the only way to calm their emotional storm.”
Whenever you make a boner, make sure your victim benefits. It's not enough to correct your mistake. Ask yourself, "What could I do for this suffering soul so he or she will be delighted I made the flub?" Then do it, fast! In that way, your goof will become your gain.”
Whenever you catch someone lying, filching, exaggerating, distorting, or deceiving, don't confront the dirty duck directly. Unless it is your responsibility to catch or correct the culprit—or unless you are saving other innocent victims by doing so—let the transgressor out of your trap with his tricky puss in one piece. Then resolve never to gaze upon it again.”
Do you have a store clerk, accountant, law firm junior partner, tailor, auto mechanic, maître d', massage therapist, kid's teacher—or any other worker you want special attention from in the future? The surefire way to make them care enough to give you their very best is send a buttercup to their boss.
No matter how prominent the big cat behind the podium is, crouched inside is a little scaredy-cat who is anxious about the crowd's acceptance.
Big winners recognize you're a fellow big winner when they see you leading their listeners in a positive reaction. Be the first to applaud or publicly commend the man or woman you agree with (or want favors from).”
Any two people have an invisible scorecard hovering above their heads. The numbers continually fluctuate, but one rule remains: player with lower score pays deference to player with higher score. The penalty for not keeping your eye on The Great Scorecard in the Sky is to be thrown out of the game. Permanently.”
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2020.09.16 21:45 HSrandom420 I find the aesthetic/spiritual persona of a well seasoned man more pleasing.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this. But, I have an opinion as to why, not just a body image empowerment statement.
Everytime I'd start dating or talking to a new guy my friends were always kind of confused. My body l build is very slim, always has been. I heard very often "you don't have to settle, you could get any guy you want"
Since this was a loaded compliment I never knew the right things to say. They were pretty much telling me they thought the guy I was seeing was ugly. This upset me, not in some "all shapes and sizes are beautiful" way, on a personal level. I find this person attractive, im mot settling, i CHOSE him. Presenting a negative comment as a "compliment" is a disgusting thing.
People ask me "why".. well heres why. NOTE: I'm not remotely saying I think skinny or fit men are ugly. Simply saying personally I like big men.
  1. I find the look of a rounder male face cuter than a slim one.
  2. They appreciate aesthetic comments alot more.
  3. Hugging a plus size man is like a giant warm teddy bear who hugs you back 🐻.
  4. They are always down for snacks, don't have to feel bad eating in front of them.
  5. I love their big bellies 😍
The list goes on but they wouldn't be appropriate to talk about.
NOTE: I am not saying slim or fit men cannot all be just like a bigger man when it comes to personality. Literally just my experience with thin and fit guys has been negative. Thats why this is an OPINION not stating these as facts.
I think my husband of 7 years is the most attractive and kind hearted person I've ever known. In 7 years he hasn't once made me feel bad. Hes a big big boy lol.
One final time, if you want to interpret what I have said as negative towards slim/fit men. Well thats your own doing, ive explained its not.
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2020.09.15 04:25 xnwpx0 tried my luck everything is has backfired

told my roomate i think i love you. she said "I have love for you" she does a lot of little things that show me real feelings. She is seeing other people now. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing her before she started seeing others now I just see others with her. It is effecting my sleep and waking hours now as I post this at almost 2. Last weekend we talked maybe a 30. She left. Before part 1 happend we texted all day now I barely get a "ok". 3.5 month-ish ago her and her ex spllit. they dated for 1.5 years. We ater.she was fresh out of a break-up. You're damn right we watched anime for the next three or so days. Then we really found out about each other. I am not really one to share personal information. I have some weird quirks i blame being a Scorpio and raised in a nosey rural area . Mostly I lisend and watched her. Her fucking eyes man it was hard to look away back i cant keep eye contact. if I had to describe my type I would use her as the model for the body, face, personality, kinks, humor, level of nerd knowledge, and attitude(she doesn't, but I love her hair everything about her from when she gets angry to when she runs from bugs. She went on to talk about her horse and her life when she was a kid. her impressive rebel streak in high school. I found that I really enjoyed her company. just sitting around it was calming to me. We began to just cuddle when she was down. She was at the sad part of her break up. I really did do the gentlemanly thing to do. Tucked myself away not even a poke, I swear I tried anyway. This continues we are pent up I'm attracted to her i know she is attracted to me now.i was just trying to comfort her. We took a nap on my bed. When we woke up we got a bit frisky. I asked her if she was sure I had been trying to avoid it. I really didn't want to so soon after her break up. I figured they might makeup and I was clearly taking sides i chose her. hands down her ex is an overbearing controlling gaslighting piece of work with a strange superiority complex. Sex happened. She really is beautiful in every way. The best part? She wanted me if only for a bit. My last relationship ended 8 months prior and she moved out 1 month before i came here. starved for human contact is an understatement. I'm gonna skip the part where we got robbed by some shitty people we thought where our friends and a junkie roommate. She talked about leaving this state to go to Oregon and me going with. I believe she was really happy. She began to say I was her twin flame. This concept excited me I looked into it (i research everything) and read as much as i could find. I was/am enthralled with her. I hadn't put roots down here I would have gone then. That day. I didn't owe anybody here anything. future goals i guess. i wonder if im just a sentimental fool or if she will remeber this stuff that made me get more involved. At some point, we got pulled into drugs. She had been there before I was brand new to it. We don't really have a circle of people in that life. I'm not sure when it happened or what it was but suddenly there was a small rift. I didn't notice until the messages barely came in she stopped telling me she missed me the cutesie stuff . and all the little things she did began to dwindle. I notice things I guess after my ex. phone dropping the near panic looks before a calm facade takes its place. She always had a lot of messages rolling in. Not unexpected she is a very pretty girl on social media. There was no sign. Until there were lots of signs she began to lie to me.(im not innocent of lies)friends showed up to pick her up. im not clueless but then i didnt have it rubbed in my face. In the 2-3 months since we started joining rooms. I gave her children my room sense its right next to hers, and my dressers. I think they got my pillows as well not that ive ever needed a pillow. Anyways that is when i started to really be pushed away. the only room that was empty is a little 10x12. where i was storing things that we didn't need in her room. My bed and a few misalliances things. I don't have much here I only brought a backpack of my things. She was out and i was hanging out in the room and she messaged me something i don't remember the conversation. I remember i said something smartass and she took me seriously. That was the night i slept in my old bed again i think (1st) it stayed set up after that. but she allowed me back into her room. i realized how possibly temperary my spot was in there. Her comfort zone, safe space, princess palace. I was just a visitor now. I could be thrown out at will. I think twice maybe three times i was "sent to my room". That was a walk of shame. I almost want to omit I cried about that the first time. We both realized i had stronger feelings for her than she for me. She used the phrase we need to talk. It was to clarify the non-relationship relationship status. she said i was too cuddly and affectionate. I really am a big cuddler. i think skin to skin contact is the best thing you can do. I'm not a PDA person it doesn't bother me. I know she was not into it. Never intentionally pushed that line. after that the rift grew. Then i had a very bad time one night where i messed up probably everything. I mentioned the drugs, here is where they come into play small fight occurred. it is kind of blurry to me I'm sure she would have a full recaptioning. The end result was her leaving to meet a guy. I think i said i didn't want her to go. anyways she didn't leave me any drugs. i had a box where it collects. she had a thing she told me to never touch. it was personal to her so i didn't. I did however find my own very similar one. i ended up finding a bunch of the drugs in my box. i promptly fell asleep on the couch without doing my hard collected drugs. i woke up to her and some guy walking in the front door. i was groggy it was early. i told her what i was doing she got mad and took my collections. and they both went to her room. at that point, i had a mot so small amount i had intended to save for her. Decided to do it all. that right there is where i fucked up everything i remember brooding about the container. Like Gollum its mine, i found it blah blah. i was getting ready for work a bit early. i think I was collecting everything so i would remember it all. I wanted some more so I wouldn't have to wake her then. that was my good intention anyways. the guy was also going to work so he walked out i walked in. looked in the regular spots didn't find anything. normally shes awake by now. Nudge her to ask her completely forgetting we had fought earlier. She spun around very fast, told me that i had broken into her room and i was to high and needed to calm down. chill. i can be prideful and spiteful which is a bad combo with any stimulant I was in a rage acting out i went to my car and unplugged the battery. I also snuck into her room for another look around. work was coming up i was getting tired. i wanted it...i needed it. **Gollum Gollum** didn't find it. i was going out and i saw her phone. im sure i wanted to get back at her for hoarding the small horde i collected. But the key thought was jealousy. I was hurt by the fact he had her attention for however long i slept. That's when my brain kicked into a drug-fueled overdrive. slinging out half thought through conclusions. i decided i was going to block his number. so when she texted him he would never get it and vice versa. that is the shadiest, shittiest, most pathetic and most regrettable thing I've ever done. I'm embarrassed by it, but it is here now. after that, I went to work. She caught on rather quickly to my shame. both things i had done where so petty and juvenile. i slept 4 hours in the company car while being driven around. when she called i woke up in a daze. Talked to her, and immediately denied everything I went from petty vandalism and an invasion of privacy to her hot button. lying. That was the how & when of it all happened. thanks to my stupidity the rift practically doubled. it went from some messages down to nothing really for a few days or a week. let's just say i was sober after that with a vigilant sponsor who still used. that is just part one. of my now 3 part fuck up as of last night.\par
Part 2 : So the second time i fucked up i think we're both at fault she disagrees but in my opinion, this is what happened. we were arguing about something again i can't precisely remember. so obviously i was high. when our fight reached its climax she said she was going to her long time friend's house. and i said fine you should go im going for a walk and i snatched up my shoes and left before she knew what was happening. she called me about half a mile down the road maybe 6 minutes. she asked me what i was doing i said i didn't even know maybe be homless again maybe go back home many many miles away like more than a month or walking. we talked for a minute i mostly calmed down. she seemed calm. i sat down for a few minutes smoke a cig tried to be calm. when i was walking back she drove past me and honked on her way to her friend's house. I don't think she got home until 4 maybe later than that. i made some apologies set up a bigger room and have been very quiet. like house arrest but house exile. trying to be me again make up for how shitty i was. i lent her money I couldn't afford to lend a few times. ive suffered in silence i didn't let her know. I didn't want her to know i wanted to do better and be good. for being a bad friend/roommate/twin-flame. someone who she shouldn't have to worry about some kind of betrayal or some devious plan to fuck her over. she started bringing over some new people. shes furloughed so I understand being bored here. Mainly girls and her old friend she said never had a chance because of his teeth. i wasn't jealous at all with just that little bit of informtion. kind of makes me wanna figure out why guys threaten me while girls don't raise a warning flag in the slightest. however, it didn't even register with me to think about my roommate being invited to a 3sum. with the girl i met and her husband. that was building up for a few days (i think) as they got closer to her i backed away started going to my room more and more. they think i was being anti-social or rude or that i don't like them. for the record, i don't dislike them as people. The first few times we hung out was fun i enjoyed it. played magic drank it was all good. until one night she said she was going to a long time friend's house ( guy with the teeth) normal their kids hang out and i was reassured nothing gonna happen. no biggy anyways im playing around on Reddit its like 2:10 she walks in the door. i say hi talk for a minute she goes to bed i think nothing of it. The next time the couple comes over he asks her why she left at 2 and she explains she couldn't get comfortable that is when i realized she lied to me. after making a huge deal about not lying to each other and how we don't have to tell each other everything cause we're not together. while they're talking about it i excuse myself from the group. I calmly walk into my room closed the door and broke down in my room. i never even expected her to lie to me i trusted her never questioned it. from the get-go, i just had a sense of peace and trust. it felt like she would never lead me astray deliberately. she talked me into hanging out with them one more time. while the girls dropped acid i was still kinda off about hanging out. reluctantly i joined them both girls naked. i sat on the edge of the bed just playing on my phone then i held the blacklight while he drew and then tattooed my roomie. they were all winding down the couple had a lease they had to sign in the morning i thought it was the end of the party. i hung out waiting for them to leave cause she was still high and i didn't wanna leave her alone. acid buddies!! but then they said they where kinda tired and where gonna sleep it off. they laid down thos two cuddled and then he reached for my roomie's leg and got her into the pile i wasn't upset or anything at that point. its when he reached up a little higher and her face didn't for a second say no, or hesitate. then she looked right at me.time kinda stopped time for me.. i swear she has magic eyes i couldn't tell you if they're a deep blue or bright green. undefinable. definite power over me my anger and adrenaline spiked. I couldn't stay there i didn't even wanna know what was happening it took all my will power to walk past them and not rip him away and i just hurt him for some slight that doesn't exist. its a very good thing for us both i was startlingly sober for the last week-ish. \par
Part 3: after i left her room i hid away. made myself scarce picked up extra work at my day job and found side work doing at anything to be busy for a few days but that ran out. then i was here and she wasn't. she stopped by to get stuff. and for what seems like forever i was alone she was in the house like less then10 minutes a day. she started to avoid me that's when the car broke down. the universe pushed us back into the same house at the same time. i figured anyway. so we decided to clean the house. living room reorganized, made it look a lot better. we sat down to talk about the car how to fix the radiator 98 bucks i just lent her 100+20+20 the week before for her nails. and another 100 last week. the stress of having to balance work and the bills and the rent and my relationship with her AND i help her do what ever she wants when i get home . i would hinestly do that if i was 3 time as tired thats the only time i get with her now. i used to stay up as late as possible just to be around her more but it is exhausting me. Work takes everything physical and the combination takes mental and emotional. whatever is left is broken at this point.gave her my card told her i had 74 dollers for the rest of the week its monday today she came back i had 11 i didnt say anything she later needed smokes i understand that so sure use my card i had to go sit by the back window for a bit. she is the one who snapped me out of it. and im thankful for that. so i looked for something to keep busy with. WE cleaned her room she had been dropping clothes off on the floor during the week. I went through them with her halfway through the pile ,I pulled out his boxers and another pair a second later. i did the dishes extra fast. the mental image of her with someone else hit me like a ton of bricks. went outside sat it the chair while it started raining and smoked. my hands were shaking i don't know what that was about. went back in i almost had to walk away but as i regain more sober thoughts i have more emotional control. so i just sat there pulling more clothes out. thought that maybe now would be a good time to talk and explain it better. we talked for a minute. just a few exchanges i wanted to go to sleep. the thing she said that is sticking with me is "as long as i am is happy fuck everybody else".- her. so i fisnished the clothes smoke a 3rd one in 20 minutes ask if she needs anything else. all good go to my room. decided i needed to think about what she had said. process it and let it sink in. when i left the guy and one other person where here. she thinks i left because they showed up she asked if i wnted to smoke i should have i could have clairifyed if thats what she ment but i walked it rained i came back one was leaving walked inside and i was stil mad about what she had said. i have a little punching bag in my closet. i used to box i enjoy the effort and the excorsize i got amped up started playing some heavy metal russian music. they dipped out at like 8 or 9 they just pulled back up 6:35 \par
\tab im a romantic idiot who got into and out of drugs and while on that adventure fell into a stupid amount of feelings for the shepard of the adventure. right now im sad about it but ill never regret meeting figureing out im the problem and im the problem on drugs so i dont know how to cope except move get out get space think.
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2020.09.03 10:07 stupidlysuper Teen Titans Tantrum. What I think is wrong and how it can be fixed.

First off, quick edit I am sorry for the wall of text. New to reddit and trying to format it to look better.
Some changes need making to Titans now we are getting a bit of a reboot. I have been reading since the New 52 and I know so many problems occurred with that reboot as a whole but the things they tried to do to fix it when it came to Teen Titans just did not work and only caused more problems.
I think there are two main areas that are harming the Teen Titans/Titans franchise. The staleness that comes with the same characters and the mixture of generations with disregard for age. I am first going to focus on the mixture of ages and generations. The way I view things you have characters based in four generations based on each Robin, however I am going to add in a generation called the animation generation of those heroes popularised by the show.
Dick Grayson (Gen 1) - This was the OG sidekick generation and then the earlier additions such as Bumblebee and Mal Duncan.
Animated Generation - Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven.
Jason Todd - I don't know how long he was on the team for but from a quick Google search he died two years after he joined so not much of a generation.
Tim Drake - So Tim is the third generation most known for his grouping but his generation has the second generation of other legacy roles such as Bart and Cassie being the second of their sidekick roles. Superboy was in theory first generation as a sidekick but if you count Superman's time as a Superboy in his youth he is the second.
Damian Wayne - The fourth gen is a mixture of random heroes with Superboy, Kid Flash, Red Arrow and Aqualad all of greatly varying ages but all feeling like they are from the same generation of heroes. I guess now Superboy is aged up but still, its a weird miah mash.
So they are roughly how I would characterise the heroes and what generation they are in. Five generations, four Robins. So when we got to New 52 we got given a Teen Titans of the third gen with Starfire and Cyborg shown as adults in other books and even Beast Boy was shown as being about to be an older teenager with the Ravagers. Not sure where Raven was to start with. They did a soft revamp that placed Raven and Beast Boy in with the third generation which was their first attempt to fix things. So we have the animation generation split wildly with some as adults and some as kids. So it is already stretching continuity and they were clearly placed there as they saw the book wasn't doing well and they wanted us to see people they knew we liked in order to pick it up.
Then came DC Rebirth and we get the fourth gen taking over, however they still want to capitalise off of that animation generation money so we get Raven and Beast Boy stick around for the next generation whilst Starfire is deaged but still the eldest to play the motherly role. So we have the animation generation who were practically apart of Gen 1 now being shown as contemporaries of Gen 4. That's just stretching all attempts as continuity. Instead of just allowing character progress DC wanted their faces to sell the books instead of you know, just creating good books. We then get a soft revamp after No Justice that takes Starfire back up to adulthood and Raven and Beast Boy up to Young Adult status. At least we got some progress, however what then happened leads me to my next point about staleness of the characters.
So again this next point is going to be split into two, there is a staleness around leadership and staleness over the use of characters from the animation generation. So in terms of leadership I am just bored of a Batboy being in charge. If you look at all the Teen Titans/Titans and Young Justice runs that have happened since New 52 I think only Donna Troy taking over as leader of the Titans has given us time without a Batboy in charge, and that only happened because of Nightwing getting shot in a different book. It wasn't natural progression. I think think something different needs to be done in terms of leadership to make things feel fresh. Having the book just be a way to get into the inner workings of a Robin juat isn't cutting it anymore.
Next is the staleness of the animation generation. I know they sell, but they clearly don't create good stories. We had Raven and Beast Boy in three different runs and Starfire in one of the runs. The animation generation have been the biggest part of Titans lore over the last ten years and it hasn't worked. Like I say, it was nice to have Raven and Beast Boy have progression and placed in the Titans after No Justice but it is crazy it took so long for it to happen. But not only were the individual characters themselves stale, they left a lasting impact that just felt stale. After No Justice we got a strong female alien (Starfire/Crush), a female magic user (Raven/Djinn) and a male Shapeshifter (Beast Boy/Roundhouse). It was just the animated lot in disguise and just felt stale, the stories were similar for the most part. At least with the girls. Djinn, like Raven, had a demonic relative whilst Crush, like Starfire, had a villainous relative. So both the leadership and the membership have just been stale for at least since Rebirth. I liked the post No Justice Titans team because we got characters mot usually seen and it felt new. It didn't work out because the desire for it to fold out of No Justice left it with bad stories and what happened to Nightwing didn't help.
So what I would recommend. First thing first brighten it up because it has been so gloomy with Damian in charge. Both the colours have all been dark and the mood has been dark. With the new launch make it. With the new book make it just brighter and I think my recommendations for leadership would so just that.
So I have two ideas for who could be leader and I think some interesting stories could come out of it. My first choice is Supergirl. As far as I am aware she is never really considered a part of Titans lore, I don't know if she has been on the team, but I just think it would be great to bring in someone so far removed from Titans history but still a very noticeable and powerful figure in the universe, both for the characters themselves and for the audience, it would get eyes back on the TT. Supergirl has just recovered from the Secret Six evilness and an interesting decision for her becoming leader is to remind herself she is a hero, and by teaching other heroes she is making herself feel more heroic. Not necessarily the best intentions for why she should be leader but that is something she would come to realise as the story goes on and grows into the leadership role. I think whereas Damian always saw the TT as the next generation of JL, I would want Supergirl to be showing the heroes that being on the TT puts you on the same level. It is the same level and she would work to put the TT on the same level. Both as in terms of fighting huge threats, but she would want the team to do more to help the little man. Work on the smaller scale sometimes.
My other recommendation, and not just because of the show, would be Stargirl. I know she is much more widely associated with JSA and this is very unlikely to happen. But I have this idea of a story where Courtney comes to be a leader of the TT. Due to her time on the JLU back in New 52 I would have her start off with a bloated ego as she considers herself a JL level hero. It isn't helped she has her own sidekick. Over the course of the story she would understand how easy it is having an adult sidekick because leading teenagers is so much harder with the hormones and melodrama. She also would lose respect of the team fairly early when she does pull the JL card and has to earn it back. Stargirl would not have it easy as leader, Supergirl would definitely find it easier, but both have stuff they need to learn from their time as leader. And to reiterate what I said earlier both have bright costume that instantly would brighten up the covers of the books.
If I was to pitch my own TT both would be on it, and it would look like this.
Supergirl - So I would have Supergirl as leader of the team, I think she would be most natural in the role and I do think that it would add some legitamacy to the TT to have a Kryptonian in control of the team.
Stargirl - Again, a lot of what I described earlier could still happen, just not with her as leader. I could see her respecting Supergirl but pulling the JL card on some of the other members.
Blue Beetle - I would carry on from the Rebirth Blue Beetle series where Ted is training Jaime so I would have him finance this team and remove all need for a Bat. I also want this team to have some adult supervision and would love to see a friendship grow between Pat and Ted as they start designing random stuff. But yeah, as much as I would carry on the training storyline I would retcon it back to where the Scarab is alien tech and not magic.
Vibe - I love Vibe and he was one of the few characters to come out of New 52 improved. He had a great new costume, a great book and now a JL member. The fact he then disappeared is frustrating.
Owlwoman - So this is a little known character but as I have tried my hand at writing story ideas in the past and just going through wiki pages of different teams and characters Owlwoman is always one who sticks in my mind. She is from the Global Guardians but I have a feeling she is shown as an adult when they were being used so I would deage her to the point she is the oldest on this team. But she is the most naive and newest to superheroics. Living in Oklahoma and not the major cities where most stuff goes on she has mainly just been helping the community and stopping muggings rather than any big supervillains stuff.
Crush - Now I know I said these characters are stale but I think only having one and away from formula would help. And what is crazy is I don't even like Crush that much still, but I think there potential and I think it always helps to have a character on the team you don't necessarily like. I also would have Crush become best friends with Supergirl, who Crush would respect so much more than Damian, and then have Superman and Lobo disapprove of it so much.
Aqualad - I was gutted when the first Rebirth run got cut shortly after he joined. I think he is a great character and you need at least one character who represents any of the OG sidekick characters
Other charactera I would have join or rejoin are: Bunker, Red Arrow, Equinox, Kid Flash, Jakeem Thunder, Offspring and Phantom Girl.
Now I know this team could encounter some problems because Supergirl is sort of a 1st gen character and could cause the sort of problems that I described the animation generation as having done over the last ten years but I think Supergirl is so widely seperated from other Teen heroes is might work out. It helps that most of the other heroes are widely removed still. Stargirl is shown as being so young because she has associated with mainly adults that will help people's mental image of her being a teenager. Blue Beetle is a relatively newer character so has never had a chance to age, Vibe is shown as around 18/19 most of the time and died in his original stories so never been seen as an adult. Again, I don't know about Owlwoman but she is so hardly known it wouldn't matter. And then Crush and Aqualad are shown as being part of this newest generation so that would not cause any problems.
I really think this team just adds much needed brightness and colour to a book that has been so dark and dreary. The staleness is removed but I have done it without creating any new characters and using characters who are well known, well liked (minus Crush and Owlwoman) but still have the potential to have new stories and earn new fans. The team is still powerful and can get to situations that the Justice League would get to. They have four fliers, a teleporter and someone who swims extremely fast. This isn't a bunch of teens who practically only have running available to them unless they use tech. The stories have a variation in potential due to where each of the characters come from as well.
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2020.08.22 17:48 INFPindahouse ..

EMOTION 98.3 (80s ballads & soft rock)
FEVER 105 (80s funk)
FLASH FM (80s pop)
THE GLADES 91.1 (New Orleans R&B, Dixieland, ragtime)
K-JAH SOUTH (80s reggae)
PARADISE FM (post-disco)
REBEL RADIO (country, rockabilly)
TUFF & GONG (Bob Marley)
VCFL (80s pop soul)
VCUR (80s house)
VROCK (80s hard rock & metal)
WAVE 103 (new wave)
WILDSTYLE (electro, hip hop)
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2020.08.02 21:54 92Throw93away YG ENTERTAINMENT HAVE THE BEST VOCALISTS!!!

TL;DR, but I recommend you read my whole post, or just skip after the huge heading text:
Title is clickbait, basically. But I think that YG have the best vocal-colours, and they sound like no other. I know SM have better technical vocalists, and 100% have stronger vocalists, and also they have such unique sounding vocalists too! But I think YG have more unique-sounding ones, like the whole of 2ne1, though unlike SM, YG vocalists can't retain that, and usually go on to damage their vocals, like Park Bom. SM is obviously better, but I love the sound of YG vocalists though they are nowhere near to having the best technical vocalists or the strongest vocalists as SM does. However, I still absolutely adore some YG vocalists' voices, like Jisoo, 2NE1, Daesung, et cetera, et cetera. I know SM is better than YG, and YG is nowhere near the best- Especially with his penchant for destroying voices, but the voices really are so nice to listen too.
I accidentally posted this before it was finished... Deleted it, and did it again.
EDIT: Did the same thing again, and then it did something weird and made one big block of text. It's fixed now, so if it was hard to read before, it shouldn't be now.
  1. I'm pretty sure this is unpopular because I know that nobody in their right mind actually thinks that YG have the best vocalists, and I've never seen this spoken about. If it's _not_ unpopular, feel free to comment _"Not unpopular!!11"_ down below. Karma, am I right? I'm 100% sure this is unpopular considering how YG have a penchant for damaging voices, and I've never seen anyone say this... Ever. So I think it's unpopular.
  2. This is my second post on this website and the first on this sub, so please be kind, thank you. I get anxious when I get notifications, so please don't doxx me or anything. I checked the rules, but if I broke any, please let me know.
Anyway, aha, kind of a clickbait title. I obviously don't think YG have the best vocalists, but then... I do? There's probably some kind of terminology that explains how I feel, and I did a bit of googling because news flash (!!) - I'm not a professional, but I think YG have the best vocalists in terms of vocal-coloutone/timbre(?). I think that's the term for it.
I'm only basing this on the majority for myself- As in, other idols, say from SM have beautiful vocal-tones that I love- I.e, Literally the whole of EXO, especially D.O and Kai- Even Kris, Luhan and (especially) Tao if you want me to include them- And Sunny of SNSD (I don't mean her "cute" voice, but her voice in songs like _You Think_ or _Sweet Talk._ Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin... Luna, et cetera, et cetera. And people from other companies too.
But the tones/colours of some YG vocalists' singing is just... So beautiful. And really damn unique. And I don't mean when they force their idols to sing in a certain way like JYP does with Momo or YG does with Rosé, but I mean like... I don't know how to explain it, so I'll just link some examples and explain why I think they have the best.I do want to put out there that I know YG are far from the best in vocals compared to SM and stuff but in this sense... I think they might be? SM is a close second, but YG only have more of these "unique" vocals which is why I put them first.

By the way, I don't think they have the best vocals in terms of technique and hitting high-notes and low-notes and stability, as I know they're notorious for destroying their vocalists' voices but just they have nice "twangs" to their vocals. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT. I know companies like SM and CUBE have many more skilled singers, but- Just read to see what I mean.

I'll give examples, using 2NE1's song It Hurts (아파):
CL's voice at the beginning of It Hurts (아파).
*"*Naega jun shinbaleul shingo geunyeowa gileul geotgo / Amureochi ankae geunyeowa kisshago / Naega jun hyangsu ppurigo geunyeoreul poomae ango / Nawa haetdeon geu yaksok ddo dashi hagaetjyo"
Her voice sounds sharp (?) and the way she sings it just sounds nice. It's kind of harsh like it's coming from the back of her throat? I don't know how to explain it, but specifically when she sings syllables/words, shown in bold above.
The tone/colousound of them just sounds nice. No other company really has vocalists that have that kind of sound to them!
Also in the second part of the third verse:
"Aniran mal mot-hagaetdago / Geu eoddeon miryeondo huhwaedo junhyeo eopdagoJaninhagae malhaetjyo"
Then in her second chorus:
"Byeonhaetni ni mamsokae / Eejae nan deo eesang eopneun geoni / Nan neol neol saenggak-hamyeon / Neomu apa apa apa"
The way her voice fades out softy when she sings _"apa"_ for the last time is stunning, same when she sings it at the very end.
It's the same with Minzy's voice in the second verse of It Hurts (아파).
"Oorin imi neujeotnabwayo / Oori sarang kkeutnan geongayo / Amu malirado jom naegae haejweoyo / Oori jungmal saranghaetjana / Dwaedollilsoon\** eopneun geongayo"**
The deep/soft/warm tone/colousound she has when she sings certain words/syllables is just... Pretty. Like snow.
And again in the third verse of the song:
"Amugeotdo aniran deut nae noonmul barabogo / Taeyeonhagae maleul ddo ee-eogago"
"Her line at the beginning of the bridge:
"Deo eesang yejeonae neega aniya"
The way it becomes so deep, it just-
But now, Bom's voice during the chorus of_It Hurts (아파) but everyone knows she has (or used to have, some people think she can't sing anymore...) a really unique voice.
"Byeonhaetni ni mamsokae / Eejae nan deo eesang eopneun geoni / Nan neol neol saenggak-hamyeon / Neomu apa apa apa"
Specifically, the way she sings "haetni", it sounds amazing. Later the first "neol" and then "saenggak-hamyeon". Most of all, the way she ends that last "apa", it just sounds amazing. In my opinion. Her voice in the fourth verse too!
"Oorin imi neujeun geongayo / Oori sarang kkeutnan geongayo / Geojitmalirado jom anirago haejweoyo / Eejaen deo jalhal su itneundae / Dashi mannal suneun eopjiman"
And don't get me started on her line in the bridge, her lines during Dara's last verse, and then her chorus again.
"No way, I can’t recognize / You’re not mine anymore"
Her voice sounds muffled... How I'd imagine a spinning top, or a drill when it spins. Like a cone with a spiral set into it, sharpened into a point. Her voice sounds kind of like how this looks (NOT how a drill sounds!! I don't know, just bear with me, hwakhwakhwak!!) but it's softer. Much softer. It's twisty. Very twisty. AND IT'S REALLY NICE.
Onto her last chorus, which is amazing, holyyy shit:
"Oh, kkeuchin geoni ni mamsokae / Eejae nan deo eesang eopneun geoni / Nan neol neol saenggak-hamyeon"
And that's it. Do you see what I mean? Just the tone/sounds when they end the lines they're singing. The way they run off a syllable sometimes, it's just so nice!!
And now, last but not least, Dara.
Dara was the weakest vocalist in 2NE1, but her voice was still amazingly pretty, even if she wasn't particularly skilled.
Take her line in the bridge:
"Geojeo munghani / Meoleojineun neol barabogoman seo seo ooleosseo"
And her verse at the end:
"Byunhaeya haetni? Doraol soon eopni? / Kkok bunhaeya haetni? Dorawajul soon eopni? / Byunhaeya haetni? Doraol soon eopni? / Wae byunhaeya hani? Gyesok saranghal soon eopni?"
The way it fades out slightly, becoming more "airy" and "disappearing slightly", for lack of a better term, is so, so, so pretty.
In this sense, I think YG have the best vocalists, but in terms of how they sound when they sing not in terms of... Actual vocals (?), like how I know SM have the most skilled vocalists. I don't know how to explain it, but it's my personal preference. My opinion.
submitted by 92Throw93away to unpopularkpopopinions [link] [comments]

2020.07.13 01:39 Vera38 [Giveaway] Sources, tweaks, apps compatible for iOS 6.1.3 ☮

Hello visitor,
This is a big list still in the process that took me a year to get and that contains Cydia tweaks, sources, and compatible apps for the best iOS version ever released (to me), iOS 6 (.1.3) for july 2020. Playing with them has been a beautiful gift developers made to the jailbreak community (thank you for your time and creativity), so in the name of open source, enjoy those that are still possible to download, and thank the cool guys and girls for having developed those that you like. Am sure u're gonna like it. Also some tweaks and apps are free, other are paid.
Peace & Love, Supertramp, Fantastic Planet ~
(remove the spaces)
(old) Repository http://apt.z
7bubbl3s repo http://7bub
AppCake http://cydia.ipho
BigBoss http://apt.thebigb
Cydia/Telesphoreo http://apt.saurik.c om/dists/ios/793.00
HackYouriPhone http://repo.ha
Heaven iPhone http://cydia.heav
julioverne's Repo http://julioverne.gith
Limneos Repo http://lim
ModMyi (Archive) http://apt.mod
Momentum-Dev Repo http://mtmd
tyler's repo http://repo.tyl
ZodTTD & MacCiti (Archive) http://cydia.zodt
2x2 Folder Icons - 1.0-1 3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6) - 5.7.3-1 7-zip (POSIX) - 4.57-3p Action Menu - 1.4.1 Activate Command - 1.4.2-1 Activator - 1.9.13 ADDO - 1.3-3 aDownloader - 1.2 adv-cmds - 119-6 Air Lockscreen - 1.1 Airscan - 1.2 AnimateBattery - 0.1-1 Anonymous Logos for Zeppelin - 1.0.1 AppCake for iOS6 - 4.59 AppCake+ HD - 3.96 AppInfo - 1.6.2 (List made possible thanks to this app) AppList - 1.5.16 Applocker - 2.5-1 AppSync for iOS 6 - 1.1 AppSync Unified - 80.0 APR - 1.3.3-4 APR (/uslib) - 1.3.3-2 APR-util - 1.2.12-5 APT 0.6 Transitional - 1:0-23 APT 0.7 (apt-key) - APT 0.7 Strict - APT 0.7 Strict (lib) - Audio Recorder - 0.7-47 Auxo - 1.4.2 ayecon - 1.3.5 Barrel - Bars - 0.7.0 Base Structure - 1-4 basic-cmds - 48-2p Batch/Bash Script Editor - 2.5.3 BatteryDoctorPro - 4.6.1-11 Berkeley DB - 4.6.21-5 BetterWiFi - 1.0.1 BgVideo - 1.0-1 Bicycle Joker Logo for Zeppelin - 1.0 BigBoss Icon Set - 1.0 BigBoss Recommended Tools - 1.3.2-2 Bigify - 1.7 biteSMS 8 - 8.3 Bluetooth Companion - 1.9.3 Bootstrap Commands - 60-3p Bourne-Again SHell - 4.0.17-13 Box2D - 2.3.0-1 BrowserChooser - 1.0.6 BytaFont - 1.8 bzip2 - 1.0.5-7 CameraTweak - 0.20 Canopy - 0.2.0-48 Celeste 2 (iOS 6.x) - 2.0-23f Class Dump - 3.1.2-x-1.0.1-2p Clockify - 1.0.3 Codezer0 - 2.1 Core Utilities - 8.12-13 Core Utilities (/bin) - 8.12-9 CoverArtExplorer - 1.6 CryptoNotes - 1.2 cURL - 7.33.0-9 Custom NC Background - 1.1 Cycript - 0.9.594 Cydia Installer - 1.1.30 Cydia Substrate - 0.9.7101 Cydia Translations - 1.1.12 Cyueue - 1.1.3 Darwin CC Tools - 895 Darwin Tools - 1-5 Dashboard X - 2.0.5 Debian Packager - 1.18.10-12 Debian Utilities - 3.3.3ubuntu1-1p Default HD SBSettings - 1.2 developer-cmds - 48-2p Dezel8 - 1.3 Diff Utilities - 2.8.1-6 DisableYouTubeUpdates - 0.0.1 diskdev-cmds - 421.7-4 DNSCrypt - 1.6.1 dpkg Check - 1.1 DreamBoard - 1.1.4 Era Zeppelin pack ios7 - 1.0 Erica Utilities - 1:0.4.2 f.lux - 0.9988 FakeCarrier - 1.5 FEZ Lockscreen 2 - 1.2 file - 4.23-3 file-cmds - 220.7-3 Find Utilities - 4.2.33-6 Firewall iP - 2.53 Flipswitch - 1.0.16 Flusterless - 0.9.4-75 FontSwap - 2.1.1-1 FontSwap Starter - 2.0 Future SMS - 2.6 Gawk - 3.1.6-2p gettext - 0.17-7 Git - 2.8.1-5 GNU Cryptography - 1.4.0-2p GNU Debugger - 1518-12 GNU Privacy Guard - 1.4.8-4 GnuPG Errors - 1.6-2p Graviboard - 2.1.1-1 Gremlin Framework - 3.0.2-1 Gremlin Plugin Pack - 1.6-1 grep - 2.5.4-3 GSignInFix - 1.0.1 gTxtEdit - 2.0 GuizmoDNS - 1.1.0 gzip - 1.6-7 hack2learn Zeppelin logos - 0.3 hAcx Daemon - 3.6 Harlem Shake - 1.0-1 hid-support - 1.3.1-1 HTML Editor - 1.0.1 HYI Repo Icons - 8.0.4 iCleaner - 7.8.3 icon - 2.4 Icon Tool App - 1.1 IconBundles - 0.2-1 Iconoclasm - 1.9 IconRotator - 1.0.1 IconSupport - 1.11.1 iFile - 2.2.0-1 inetutils - 1.6-8 InfoStats 2 - 1.0.2 Instagram Image/Video Download - 0.2-26 InstagramUnleashedXI - 1.1 InstantCamera - 1.2-1 IOKit Tools - 76-4p iOS Firmware - 6.1.3 iPhone Firmware (/sbin) - 0-1 iRepoCloud - 1.0.1 iSHSHit - 1.1.5 iSpeedTouched - 2.3.5 iWebBoost - iWep Pro 4.1.2 - 4.1.2 iWidgets - 1.3.2 LayerSnapshotter - 1.0 LD64 - 274.2 less - 418-3 libevent - 1.4.3-1 libfinder - 1.2-4 libfreetype - 2.4.11-5 libgsasl - 1.8.0-1 libhide - 2.4.1-1 libidn - 1.28-2 libipodimport - 1.2 libjpeg - 6b-1 libnet - Libnet - 1.1.6-3 libntlm - 1.4-2 libpopt - 1.16-2 libtool - 2.4.2-1 libxml2 - 2.6.32-7 libxml2 Library - 2.6.32-3 libzip - 0.11.2 lighttpd - 1.4.18-7 Lighttpd Settings - 1.6 Link Identity Editor - 1:1.2.1 LocalIAPStore - 1.4-1 Location Spoofer - 1.4-1 Lockdown Lite - 1.1.1 Lockscreen Clock Hide - logrotate - 3.9.1-1 logrotate Daemonizer - 1.0-1 lsof - 33-4p LSScrubbing - 2.0.1 LZMA Utils - 4.32.7-4 Make - 3.81-2p Meteocons NC Weather - 1.1 MobileTerminal - 520-2 msmtp - 1.6.1 Music2iPod - 1.0 myFox - 1.5 mysql - 5.0.96-4 nano - 2.2.6-6 NCSettings ISX - 1.6.1 neon - 0.26.4-4 Network Commands - 307.0.1-7 NeutrafaceTwo - 1.0.1 New Curses - 5.7-15 Nitrous - 2.5-6k NoStoreButton - 1.0 Old debs - 1.0.1 OmniStat for NotificationCenter - 1.3.2 OpenBackup - 2.0.5-1 OpenSSH - 6.7p1-13 OpenSSL - 0.9.8zg-13 OTABlocker - 0.2a p0sixspwn - 1.4-1 PAM (Apple) - 32.1-4 PAM Modules - 36.1-5 PasswordPilot - 1.2-4 patch - 2.5.4-3p pcre - 8.30-6 PhotoExif - 1.4-1 PhotoMail - 1.2-66 pincrush - 0.9.2-1 Pineapple Bootlogo - 1.0 PkgBackup - 8.6.2 PlayAwake - 1.2-8 png - 1.2.24-3 PostgreSQL - 9.3.4 PreferenceLoader - 2.2.4 Profile Directory - 0-2 proxychains - 4.10 ProxyManager - 1.0-8 QuickShoot - 1.4-1 readline - 6.0-8 Rick ANd Morty logo pack (zeppelin) - 0.2 Rock Bands Logos HD for Zeppelin - 1.0 RocketBootstrap - 1.0.9 Router Advisement Daemon - 307.0.1-2 rsync - 3.0.5-3 Safari Download Enabler - 3.1-9 Safari Download Manager - 2.1-1f Safari UniBar - 1.0.1 SandCastle 2 - 2.2-1 SBInfoGrabber - 1.1.6 SBSettings - 6.0.5-1 sbsettingstoggles - 6.0-2 sbutils - 1.0.2-1 sed - 4.1.5-8 Serious SBSettings HD - 1.4-1 ShadowSocks - 0.3.2-3 shadowsocks-libev - 2.4.2 shell-cmds - 118-6 Signal 2 - 2.0.7-1 SIManager - 2.8 SiNfuL iPhone Repo Icons - 4.5 SMSNinja - 1.6.5 SolarSystem iWidget - 1.1 Springtomize 2 - iOS 5 & 6 - 1.4.3-1 SQLite 3.x - 3.5.9-13 SQLite 3.x Library - 3.5.9-2 SSLPatch - 1.0 Stride - 1.2.1 Substrate Safe Mode - 0.9.6001 Subversion - 1.4.6-2p Sudo - 1.6.9p12-4p SwipeSelection - 1.5.2-1 SwitcherLand - 1.1.0-2 Syslog Commandline - 1.0 System Info - 2.0.0-1 system-cmds - 433.8-14 Tape Archive - 1.29-10 Theos Tutorials - 6.2 TIFF - 3.8.2-2p top - 39-4 tor - touch-lighttpd-php-mysql - 2.10-11 TrackingCell - 2.2 UIKit Tools - 1.1.10 Unfold - 2.2.5 Unhide - 20100202.1 UnlimTones - 4.7-53 unrar - 3.6.8-2p untrackerd - 0.3 unzip - 5.52-6 User Agent Faker - 1.5-1 UUID Generator - 1.6.0-2p Velox - 1.0.3-2 Vi IMproved - 7.1-3p VoiceChange - 9.3 Volume Amplifier - 1.46 Volume Boost X3 - 1.5 WallpaperAutoChanger - 0.7-1 WebCycript - 0.9.5003 WeeLoader - 1.4-4 WeePreferenceLoader - 1.1 wget - 1.16-4 whois - 4.7.24-2p WiFi Analyzer - 2.32 WiFi Booster - 2.0.2 WiFi Passwords - 3.0.1 WifiUtil - 0.0.1-98 WinT Messenger - 1.2.0-1 WinterBoard - 0.9.3919 WLAN Audit - 1.3.3-1 XAR - 1.5.2-1p XML Parser Toolkit - 2.0.1-3 xml2 - 0.2-3p XSignal - 0.1-1 YingZhiPython3.3 - 1.0 Zeppelin - 2.1.0-12 Zeppelin Naruto Villages - 7.0.6 zeppelin peace logos - 1.0 Zeppelin Weed Logo Pack - 1.0 zip - 2.32-6
101 Games - 1.3.4 3D Coaster - 1.1.16 4 Images 1 Mot - 4.0.3 5-0 Radio Pro - 31.3 Action Movie - 3.1.4 Air Penguin - 1.1 AirMonkey - 1.0.2 AkiAcademy - 1.2.1 Akinator Free - 2.2 AlloCiné - 2.9.6 AlwaysOnPC - 2.0.3 AngerOfStick - 1.2.0 AngerOfStick2: Jump Jump - 1.1.2 Angry Birds - 1.0.1 Annonces - 1.1.0 Anodia - 3.4 AoD - 1.1.1 AppFusion - 1.12 Appy Geek - Aqueduct 101 - 4 ARBasketball - 2.0.0 Archer Revenge! - Best Bow and Arrow Skill Archery Crossbow Online Free Shooting Game - 22 Askking Quizz - 1.9 Asphalt 6 - 1.3.8 Atomic Ball - 2.1.5 AVATAR - 1.4.9 AvatarFight - 6.6 Baseball II - 1.2.2 Basketball Shooting Stars - 1.8 BeerBattery - 1.1.1 BikeRaceTFG - 394 Brick Basher - 1.4 BrickColor - 3.0.2 Burn the Rope - 1.4.2 BurningTracksLite - 1.2 Casse-Briques HD - 4.1 Castle HD - 1.410 Cat Physics - 1261 Cave Bowling - 1130 CC Hockey - 1.7 Chess - 5.4.1 Chinese-Mandarin - 1.5.5 Chroisen - 1.0.3 Ciclis 3D Lite - 2.2 City Story - 1.2.5 CityVille - 1.035.14141 CK - 1.35 Clash of Clans - 8.709.23 Clipper - 1.3 ClownAround - 1.3.3 Coin Dozer - World Tour - 3.3 Coin Dozer Seasons - 4.131 Cows Space - 1211 Crazy Bikers - 1.1.3 Crazy John - 1.5.3 Crime City - 654 CrossFingers - 3.2.0 CtC - 1.5 Currency - 2.6.7 Cut the Rope - 1.7 D vs G Lite - 1.2 Dark Nebula - 1.3 Death Rally - 4.0.2 Death Rider - 2.0.1 Dinosaur_Slayer - 2.4 Discovr Music - 2.7 DofusBattles - 120613 DofusBattles2 - 120613 DoodleJump - 2.4 Downloads Lite - 4.3.1 DragonLords - 1.3.2 Dune Rider - 1.8.1 Dust FREE - 1.3.0 edjing - 4.0.5 eDrops Nature - 2016.02.190920 Elementals - 1.27 Elix - 2.2 Empire Story - 1.0 Enigmo 2 - 3.2.1 EnigmOn Lite - 1.1 Eo <> En - 1.3 Epic Truck - 1.59 Esperanto To English Dict - 5 Espiritualidad - 8.24 Evil Bricks - 1.2 Evil Dead - 1.1 Ex Skater Blitz - 82 Extraction - 1.4 Facebook - 2816550 Falling Fred - 2.0.1 Family History and Genealogy records DB FREE - 1.5 Farm Story - 1.7.3 Farm Story - 2.0.2 Fat Face - 1.2 Fatify - 3.1.2 Find Friends - 300 FindMyiPhone - 325 Flappy Duck - 1.1 FlashLed - 2.1.2 Flick Soccer - 20 FlickFootball - 1.3 Fortunator - 1.0 Four in a row - 2.1.1 Fragger - 550 Fragger DS - 468 francetv info - FreeRemote - 2.1.1 FrenchLearnChinese01 - 1.7 Frisbee® 2 - 1.2.1 Geometry Lite - 2.1.0 Gravity Guy - 616 Great Solitaire - 1.13 GyroSynth - 2.53 Happy Bird 豪华版 - 1.0.6 Haze - 1.0.3 HDR Fusion - 2.2 HerbalPlants - 1.1 Hit Tennis 2 - 2.18 iAddict - 2.0.1 iBooks - 1929 Icebreaker - 1.2 Icomania - 1.8.1 iCopter - Icy Escort - 1321 iDaft - 2.3.2 iDownloads+ - Instagram - 6722466 iPhAccess - 6.0.2 iPunch - 1.1 iReveilPro2 - 1.156 iSlash - 1.5.4 iSoft - 4.9.7 iStunt - 1.8.5 iStunt 2 - 559 JCSLite - 1.2.0 Jelly Drop - 1.1.1 JournalDuGeek - 2.6 Jumpy Jack - 1.1 Jurassic Park - 4.5.6 KB Loco - 1.6.0 Kingdom Age - 1113 Kingdoms - 1.1.6 Knight's Dash - 1.2.3 Kosmo Spin - 1.4 KoT - 1.5.2 KungFu - 1.3.7 Lavalanche - 1.5.0 Legend - 67 LicensePlate - 3.77 Line Birds - 2.4 LogosQuiz - 24 Mafia Warlord - 1.0 Maps 3D Lite - 3.312 Marijuana Handbook - 4.5.2 Mediapart - 3.1.1 Mega Run - 9 Messenger - 53726189 MetalStorm - 5.2.1 Minecraft PE - Monkey - 1602 Monopoly - 2.4.45 Monster - 135 Monster City-The World Builder - 5 MonsterLord - 1.7.3 MoRPG2 Lite - 1.12 Mortal Skies - 1.9.2 motoCROSS - 1.1.1 Motorcycle games - the New Motorcross Racing Ultimate Madness Adventure - 7 Mr Flap - 2.0.2 Munchers - 1.1.1 MvM - 1.1.2 MX Mayhem - 1.87 MyCppGame-mobile - 2.7.3 Naruto - 216 NASA - 3.17 Neon - 9.3.0 Netflix - 3005564 NFS Shift 2 - 1.2.95 Ninjago: RotS - 1.1 NinjagoSpinjitzuScavengerHunt - 1.6 NinJump - 2.2.1 NinJump DX - 1.81.6 NovaFree - 1.4.7 Nuit des Etoiles - 1 Nuts! - 1.8 Oldsch Blocks - 3.7 OpenVPN - 1.0.5 PAC-MAN - 15101 palmreader - PaperBomber - 1.0 Paracute - 1121 pastlife - 1.2 Pet Shop - 3.6 Petanque Lite - 1.0 Physics Box - 1.3 PlantPedia - 3.0.4 PlanX - 1.0.15 Plasma Globe - 1.21 PlayTube - 305 PocketCloud - 2.3.111 Podcasts - 356 Pool - 5.1 PowerSketch - 2.0.1 Pro Football - 1.0.5 ProTube - 3.5 Pumped: BMX - 1.60 puniverse - 5.3.8 Python 2.5 for iOS - 109 queenChess - 2.1.1 Quell+ - 1.77 R.Racing GTI - 1.04 Rain Sounds - 1.0 Rat On Run - 1331 RCBTravel - 1.1 Red Browser - 1.3 Relax M. P. - 5.0.23 RelaxingSounds - 24 RIDERS - 422 Rip Off - 1.0.5 Road Trip - 1.16 Road Trip 2 - 0 RogueRunner - 1.7 RunStickRun! - 5.4 Scooter XL - 1231 Sex Games - 10.1 Shark Night - 1.1.5 Siege Hero - 2.1.2 SimpleBoard - 11 Skateboard - 1211 Skater Free - 1.7.1 Ski-On-Neon - 1 Skyfire - 42010 SkySafari - 3.8.5 SlideStory - 7618 Smoody - 1.3.3 Snapseed - 1.6.4 Snooker Club - 1.3.4 Solar System 3D - 1.0.4 Sonic Jump - 2103180130 Sonic Racing - 1.9.0 Sonos - 31.9.27151 Sovereign - 1.2.4 Space City - 1.2.2 spacedogplus - 1.2.10 Sparkle - 1.6.8 SP★FREE - 1.4.0 StarChart - 5.08 StickBo - 1.92 StickBo Z - 1.111 StreetView1 - 1.0 STT Pro - 1.4.11 Stylish Sprint - 1.8 Subway Surf - 1.45.0 Sudoku Inf. - 485 Summer Riddles - 1.0 SUPER CW - 1.2.2 Super Save - 1.0.5 Supersonic - 2.0.3 SushiGoRound - 35 SWA - 1.2.7 Talking Tom - 2.7 TapWord - 3.3 TaxiGoneCrazy - 201 TeamViewer - 10338 Telegram - 70195 Temple Run 2 - TempleRun - Test de QI gratuit : Calculez votre QI - 2.2 TextMe - The Line - 1.5.5 TheSims3WA - 1.1.23 Thumbat - 1.4 Tiki2Builder - 1.1.1 Tiki2Valentine - 1.1.2 TradeNations - 4.2.1 Traffic Panic - 1.3 Traffic Rush - 1441 Translate - Translator - Treasure - 1.0.2 TunerTool - 742 Twitter - 6.13.6 Urban Ninja - 1230 Vegetarian! - 439 Vintagio - 134 Vinted - 7138 VirtualRegatta - 1 VisAnatomy - 4.4 VS. Racing - 746 VTT - Wallker - 2 Wallpapers - 1.8 Warp Rush - 1.5.2 WCTT Free - 4.7 Weather - 1.0 Weatherzone - 4.2.3 Webmail - 1.3 White Tile - 1.3.3 WiFi·Map - 1.2 Wikipedia - 3.3.1 World Atlas - 3.4 World Tour - 1.40.6 X-Plane-4G - 9.850 Yoo! Sports - 1.5 ZENONIA3 - 1.0.3 Zentomino - 2.8 Zoom - 3.5.6 手机MSN - 1
submitted by Vera38 to LegacyJailbreak [link] [comments]

2020.05.19 15:52 Nomanorus Revelation, The Mark of the Beast and Covid-19

I’ve been noticing a lot of posts on this sub lately about Revelation, the Mark of the Beast and Covid-19. A lot of people are claiming that a possible Corona Virus vaccination could be the Mark of the Beast. Because of this, a lot of people seem both anxious and confused about accidently taking the MotB and damning themselves for eternity. As a Pastor, this hurts my heart greatly. I would also argue these fears and anxieties stem from a misunderstanding of Revelation. So I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the matter in hopes of providing comfort to those who might be spiritually confused and anxious right now.
A lot of people treat the book of revelation like a divine puzzle that must be deciphered at the cost of eternal damnation. If I don’t figure out what the Mark of the Beast is, I might accidently take it and be screwed forever. We need to figure out the exact timeline and nature of the end times in order to be prepared and find salvation. But this isn’t how Revelation should be understood at all.
The most important and overlooked section of Revelation is the first few chapters. These are seven letters that Jesus writes to seven churches in the Asia Minor area. We usually skip over this because it seems mundane and boring compared with he fantastical elements to come. But this section sets up the theme that is developed throughout the book. Without these letters, Revelation is impossible to understand.
Within these letters, Jesus essentially warns the Christian Church to resist temptation. These temptations are typically three categories; resist the temptation to abandon the faith due to persecution, resist the temptation to abandon the faith due to wealth and greed, and finally, resist temptation to abandon the faith due to idolatry and sexual/sensual immorality.
Now, this matters because these qualities are embodied in the main antagonist of the book of Revelation: Babylon. Revelation is the story of how the great city of Babylon is ultimately destroyed and in stead replaced with eternal and just rule of God. Throughout the Bible, Babylon is always used as an image or archetype for corrupt human governments that embrace power, greed , self-indulgence and personal gratification. We also know from passages like Daniel 2 and 7 that Babylon is often symbolized by beasts. Daniel 7 depicts a world in which several beasts are waring with each other for power only for the Son of Man to emerge from them and conquer the beasts once and for all and take his place at the right hand of God to rule eternally in a way that is different and better than the beasts.
So the book of Revelation is ultimately a letter of encouragement to the churches in Asia Minor in the 1st century. They are regularly tempted with abandoning their commitment to Christ and embracing the values of the beast, of Babylon. The Mark of the Beast is a symbol for corruption, selfishness, self-indulgence and immorality. This is in direct contrast to the way of Jesus which is the cross. Philippians 2 calls it “Kenosis” or the self-emptying love of God. Jesus sets aside his own self-interest for the good of the other.
The book of Revelation is the ultimate promise that Kenosis triumphs over Babylon. Babylon and corruption it represents might seem unbeatable. It has money, power, armies etc. But Revelation promises that Babylon will be conquered by the Lamb that was slain. Self-giving love is what defeats selfishness and greed. When Jesus returns in Revelation 20 to do battle with Babylon, he does so drenched in his own blood. Blood that was shed for his enemies.
So if you’re scared about what’s going on right now and you are afraid of taking the Mark of the Beast on accident, don’t be. Follow Jesus. Trust that his way is better. Turn the other cheek, put the needs of others before your own, and love your enemies…even at personal cost. Because God is faithful and true and the way of the beast, the way of Babylon brings only cycles of death.
submitted by Nomanorus to Christianity [link] [comments]

2020.05.11 09:30 iminterestingplease Part 49.

7686.(Music Lyrics change.)"Took all the reasons I was working for."/"Took all the reason I was working for."(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7687.(Music Lyrics change.)"I can read your mind."/"I can read your lie."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7688.(Music Lyrics change.)"Should've learned to rope and ride."/"Should've learned to rope and run."("Stealing a young girl's heart."/"Stealing the young girls' hearts.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7689.(History change.)Do you remember King Harold dying from an arrow to the eye instead of there being doubt it happened?
7690.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Bigger bird wing spurs, cold air rises, duck guy parts grow and shrink seasonally, shrew brains and skulls grow and shrink seasonally, stars blast water jets, north and south pacific ocean, black bat flower, glaucus atlanticus can sting, snakes "walking" without feet, ice shoves looking more epic, the Lord Of The Flies history has entirely changed, virus grants wasp longer lifespan, virus genes determine if an aphid gets wings or not, and other things.)(Video below.)
7691.(Disease name change.)Corvid 19/Covid-19(Corona Virus/Coronavirus)(Anything else off?)
7692.(Music Lyrics change.)"A woman wants her cowboy."/"The woman wants her cowboy."(Other lyrics off?)(Any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7693.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Fossils can be fossilized in just hours, bacteria can eat and 3d replicate an organism, hard parts of animals are first to rot with spinal cord being last, extinct animals can evolve back into existence, more weird blood colors, South Africa has 3 capitals, pineal gland has retinal tissue, Titanic 4th smoke stack is fake, Celiac disease known since 1936 is legit illness, books are bound in human skin, All Nazis took Crystal Meth and all US and UK troops took Bennies during WW2, adding salt to water and how it boils keeps changing, hand and arm transplants now successful with nerves growing back and being able to make the new part functional since 1999, Frankenstein's Monster's bolts keep changing, and other things.)(Video below.)
7694.(Music Lyrics change.)"Did you fall from a shooting star?"/"Did you fall for a shooting star?"
7695.(Music Lyrics change.)"These dreams they pass me by."/"These dreams have pass me by."(Other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7696.(Music Lyrics change.)"Sitting on the porch swing. Listening to the night rain."/"Sitting in the porch swing. Listening to the light rain."(Other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7697.(Music Lyrics change.)"But it's only me and I walk alone."/"But it's home to me and I walk alone."("Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me."/"Sometimes I wish someone up there will find me.")("Walk alone."/"Walk along.")("The only road I have ever known."/"The only one I have ever known.")(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7698.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Sheephead fish get more rows of human teeth, you can ride a bear like a horse, balls of moss can somehow self locomote along the surface of glaciers, an irridescent mammal, Antarctica has grasslands and tons of moss now, chickens with their head on their back, extinct blue bee rediscovered in Florida, mouse that is 4% human, structure of eye retina changed and now you can do a weird trick due to that, and other things.)(Video below.)
7699.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the orange coconut?
7700.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of pink, purple, and blue pinecones?
7701.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Blue Blood Harvest not being a thing?
7702.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember green snow not being a thing?
7703.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Michael Jackson wearing a plain white shirt under his red leather jacket in Beat It instead of the colorful one he has now?
7704.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember pelicans not stretching by pushing their spines through their mouth?
7705.(History change.)Do you remember the 1985 Philadelphia bombing not being a thing?
7706.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember certain letters such as the E and certain numbers such as the 4 on California license plates being more normal?
7707.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Ring Of Fire Eclipse not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember Chipotle being spelled Chipolte?
7708.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a small pole on the Marina del Rey?,_California
7709.(Music Lyrics change.)"Walking in the moonlight."/"Talking in the moonlight."("My pickup truck."/"That pickup truck.")(Was it the same all the way through for both lyrics?)(Other lyrics off?)(Any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7710.(Music Lyrics change.)"Holy ghost of fire."/"Only goes so far."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7711.(Music Lyrics change.)"You shit in my mouth."/"You ship 'em out."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7712.(Music Lyrics change.)"Pull me up from my knees."/"Pull me off of my knee."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7713.(Music Lyrics change.)"Sex and violence."/"Stretching my legs."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Any of his logos off?)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7714.(Music Lyrics change.)"Burning out his fuse up here alone."/"Burning out this fuse up here alone."/"Burning down his fuse up here alone."/"Burning out these dreams out here alone."(Do you hear one or another or 2 or 3 or all?)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7715.(Music Lyrics change.)"I got it made. So made."/"I got it mad. So mad."/"I got it bad. So bad."("Got it made."/"Got it mad."/"Got it bad.")(Other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7716.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Subvocalization, women's brain cells contain male DNA, not all cells have the same DNA arrangements, Cleopatra was not Egyptian, a rat on the outside of SpaceX, and other things.)(Video below.)
7717.(Painting change.)Do you remember there being no boats in The Great Wave?(Anything else off?)(The Great Wave/The Great Wave Off Kanagawa)
7718.(Painting change.)Do you remember the woman's nose being pointier and her chin being more pronounced and her face looking angrier in Whistler's Mother?(Anything else off?)'s_Mother
7719.(Music Lyrics change.)"I've said too much. I said enough."/"I've said too much. I set it up."(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7720.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Crinkle Crankle walls not existing?
7721.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Abraham Lincoln never being homosexual or proof he may have been existing?
7722.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being hinge bolts on California license plates?
Add-On: Do you remember R2-D2 not having a silver head or copper tunes on his feet?
7723.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love lifts us up."/"Love lift us up."("Where the clear wind blows."/"Where the clear winds blow.")
7724.(Music Lyrics change.)"Sorry that's your hand."/"Sorry about your hand."("Much better in here."/"But it's better in here.")(Do you hear one or the other on both or something else?)
7725.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember 3 musketeers instead of 4 musketeers?
7726.(History change.)Do you remember Marilyn Monroe being clothed in the first Playboy instead of naked?(Did she know about the magazine and was her image and did she get paid and was the image took for the magazine?)
7727.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Space video and ISS video have changed, evidence the sun moved further north, more horn stuff in the Bible, The Last Supper has several period replicas, some fish have teeth on their tongues, some Egyptians seem to have cranial bound heads now, flat head Indians, Proganthism with head binding, new holes in head on back, new bone plates in 40% of humans, and other things.)(Video below.)
7728.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember angels in all religions only having white wings instead of black, gold, and other colors?
7729.(History change.)Do you remember an episode of The Dock Cavett Show airing a guest that died live?
Add-On: Do you remember KitKat having orange packaging instead of red?(Was it never made by Nestlé?)(Anything else off?)
7730.(Music Lyrics change.)"Couldn't look you in the eyes."/"Couldn't look you in the eye."(Anything else off?)
7731.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember them clinking wine glasses on the Just Go With It poster instead of fist bumping?(Anything else about the poster off?)
7732.(Phantom movie scene.)Do you remember Leslie's death in Bridge To Terabithia being shown?
7733.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Arbiter from Halo 2 not having a huge symbol on his shoulder armor?
7734.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Mrs. Butterworth having large breasts instead of a flat chest?'s
7735.(Tongue Twister change.)She Sells Seashells By The Seashore/Sandy Sells Seashells By The Seashore/Sally Sells Seashells Down By The Seashore(Anything else off?)
7736.(Music Lyrics change.)"What's this? What's this? There's magic everywhere."/"What's this? What's this? There's color everywhere."("There's white stuff in the air."/"There's white things in the air."(Any other lyrics off?)
7737.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Gobekli tepe has multiplied, Mary Magdalene back some in The Last Supper, rock churches of Lailbela, Neelix face changes in Star Trek, more electric and gas scooters in 1916, more marijuana strains and 7 points instead of 5, new reading of Mayan calendar says it ends June 21 this week, video of 2005 Titan touchdown looks fake and didn't exist before, Mars and Earth now have green glow, 1996 Lake Huron cyclone in the Great Lakes, and other things.)(Video below.)
7738.(New plants.)Have you heard of purple broccoli?
7739.(Music Lyrics change.)"They don't stop coming back to the rules."/"They don't stop coming fed to the rules."
7740.(History change.)Do you remember Poker being the most popular card game in the Old West instead of Faro?(Did Faro not exist?)
7741.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember one of the players falling off their pod and exploding at the beginning of The Hunger Games?
7742.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Eruv, knuckles are different, Stonehenge trench, trovants, Earth's inner core, new steak piece discovered in cow, Juneteenth, Hamburger Habit is gone, Sphinx keeps getting more crumbled, daqueri/daiquiri, and other things.)(Video below.)
7743.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the feather in Forrest Gump being white instead of having gray stripes?(Were his shoes white in the intro?)(Did Jenny die of AIDS and not an unknown illness?)
Add-On: Do you remember Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz never wearing a red dress?
7744.(Phantom real life quote.)Do you remember Billy Mays saying "But wait! There's More!" in his infomercials?
7745.(Music Lyrics change.)"Help me think of somebody else."/"Help me think I'm somebody else."/"Help me become somebody else."(Do you hear one or another or 2 or all?)(Anything else off?)
7746.(Music Lyrics change.)"Truth is I love you."/"Truth says I love you."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7747.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Broad ligament, beetle wing changes, common writing spider, face changes, Palace Of Fine Arts changes to match mud flood theory, "No Sky July" for southern California, more spiders that eat larger animals, how much the Dodo really weighed, Diamondbergs on Uranus and Neptune, screech owls keep blind snakes as pets, zombie fires and peat bogs in the Arctic, and other things.)(Video below.)
7748.(History change.)Do you remember the woman in the Wendy's Chili incident actually finding a finger instead of faking the whole thing?
7749.(History change.)Do you remember a kid cussing while playing a game and Bozo The Clown saying "That's a Bozo no-no." and the kid saying "Cram it clownie."?
7750.(History change.)Do you remember Uncle Don saying "That'll hold the little bastards." or something similar when he thought his radio show was cut?
7751.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a Robber emoji on smartphones?(Was there a Doctor emoji on smartphones?)
7752.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Steamboat Willie wearing gloves or not wearing them?(Was it both?)(Steamboat Mickey/Steamboat Willie)
7753.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Ariel from The Little Mermaid mot having transparent skin around her hips?
7754.(Famous Comedian name change.)Frankie Howard/Frankie Howerd
7755.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember everything surrounding the Easter Larkspur legend not existing?
7756.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Popeye's shirt being white instead of red and blue?(Was his collar white and not red?)(Were the rolled up sleeves white and not blue?)(Has the line in Olive Oyl's skirt changed color?)(Anything else off?)
7757.(New plants.)Have you heard of the creeping avens?
7758.(Music Lyrics change.)"The touch of your hand."/"A touch of your hand."(Other lyrics off?)(Any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7759.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember surrounding these iconic mascots being called Crash Test Dummies instead of Crash Dummies?
7760.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "Lead" always being "Leave" in Ain't Too Proud To Beg by The Temptations?
7761.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Iridescent snakes, soccer ball that survived Challenger explosion, Area 51 was built after Roswell, battery that lasted 180 years, and other things.)(Video below.)
7762.(Cereal name change.)Honey Bunch Of Oats/Honey Bunches Of Oats
7763.(Music Lyrics"Raised by the streets."/"Raised by the strip."/"Raised by the state."(Do you hear one or another or 2 or 3?)("The way things are going."/"The way things is going.")(Do you hear one or the other or both?)("I've been blasting."/"I've been brassin.")(Do you hear one or the other or both?)("How can they teach me?"/"How can they beach me?"/"How can they reach me?")(Do you hear one or another or 2 or 3?)(Anything else off?)
7764.(Song name change.)I Think I'll Just Sit Here And Drink/I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink(Lyrics too.)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7765.(Famous Singer name change.)Eddy Van Halen/Eddie Van Halen
7766.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Turtles hunt and kill pigeons, starlings and more birds that talk better than parrots, more new comets that are visible to the naked eye, more changes to The Last Supper, more new early designs of modern things Leonardo da Vinci drew, liver transplant can change blood type, Albert Einstein did not invent E= MC2, and other things.)(Video below.)
7767.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Moe Szyslak having a white apron instead of a dark blue apron?(Anything else off?)(Was it not only white sometimes?)
7768.(Fictional Character name change.)John Arbuckle/Jon Arbuckle
7769.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Rick Sanchez having normal eyes always instead of scribbly ones?(Did Morty Smith always have normal eyes instead of scribbly ones?)
7770.(Music Lyrics change.)"For him and himself."/"For him and his self."(Other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)
7771.(Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in West Side Story being normal?("Morning stars."/"Morning star.")(Ballet BaBallet Barre)
7772.(Painting change.)Do you remember Relativity by M.C. Escher having less people, more people or no people?(Anything else off?)
7773.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Spider-Man not being able to lift 10 tons?,it%20would%20be%2022%2C400%20pounds.
7774.(Music Lyrics change.)"I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky."/"I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies."(Anything else off?)
7775.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Spider-Man not having webs in his armpits?
7776.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jerry Seinfeld never making jokes like "Your mother's a whore." in any of his shows?
7777.(History change.)Do you remember the people in the Jonestown Massacre drinking Kool-Aid instead of Fla-Vor-Aid?(Did Fla-Vor-Aid not exist?)
7778.(Music Lyrics change.)"They'll learn much more than I'll ever know."/"They'll learn much more than I'll never know."
7779.(Famous Boxer name change.)Chuck Lydell/Chuck Liddell(Other spellings?)
7780.(Real Life Quote change.)"You don't wanna engage."/"You're a lying bitch."/"You're a fucking lying bitch."(Do you hear one or another or 2 or 3?)
7781.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Flammable stone building material of the past, trendy fake ruins of the 18th century, national park quarters in the USA since 2010, Saturn's rings keep changing, Woody from Toy Story has cow print vest, and other things.)(Video below.)
7782.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember piranhas killing thousands of people instead of one?(Were they more brutal when they attacked?)
7783.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember monarch butterflies having white spots?(Were they less spotty?)
7784.(Music Lyrics change.)"Killing me softly with his song."/"Killing me softly with this song."(Were the lyrics the same throughout?)(Other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7785.(Abbreviation change.)Drug Alcohol Resistance Education/Drug Abuse Resistance Education
7786.(Phantom history.)Do you remember Teddy Roosevelt boxing a kangaroo?
7787.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ford not making airplanes?
7788.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Extra funny frogs, Longyou caves, fax machine invented before telephone, medieval toilets, skyquakes, woman WASP WW2 airplane pilots and even more woman WW2 pilots, 1919 New York pyramid, Gegenschein, more Easter Island changes, Earth has 2 dust moons, and other things.)(Video below.)
7789.(Spelling change.)HelocopteHelicopter(Other spellings?)
7790.(Music Lyrics change.)"Hear that lonesome whippoorwill."/"The air that whippoorwill."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Anything else off?)
7791.(Music Lyrics change.)"You were on my lonely mind."/"You are on my lonely mind."("But these tears I can't hide."/"But my tears I can't hide.")("My heart won't hurt no more."/"My heart won't hurt me so.")("He sounds to blue to cry."/"He sounds to blue to fly.")("Where time goes crawling by."/"When time goes crawling by.")("Hang his head to cry."/"Hide its face to cry.")(Anything else off?)
7792.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Levi's never making shoes?(Did Goodyear never make shoes?)(Did Caterpillar never make boots?)(Did Wrangler never make boots?)(Anything else off?)
7793.(Music Lyrics change.)"Oh woman. Oh woman. Why you treat me so mean?"/"Oh woman. Oh woman. Don't treat so mean."("Pack my things."/"Bag my things.")(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Rosie The Riveter not having a pin?(Was her name ever Rosie?)(Did she have a nametag?)
7794.(Music Lyrics change.)"I would stay young and chipper."/"I could stay young and chipper."
7795.(History change.)Do you remember the apple from the famous Isaac Newton story hitting him on the head?
7796.(Spelling change.)Amonia/Ammonia(Amonium/Ammonium
7797.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Sajami Lines, Atacama Geoglyphs, giant flying boats, Sony camera sold to public in 1998 accidentally had X-Ray vision, Thresher shark shockwave producing tail, biscuit starfish now official, new spider causes interesting side effect, famous Bismark ship now Bismarck, very old chalk geoglyphs in UK, and other things.)(Video below.)
Add-On: Do you remember Elvis Presley never being naturally blonde?
7798.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember water beetles never being able to survive being eaten by escaping through intestines?
7799.(Movie Quote change.)"Not one stinking gook body!"/"Not one stinking dink body!"(Was Dink never a word?)
7800.(History change.)Do you remember certain alphabet call signs such as India being different?
7801.(Music Lyrics change.)"I have never felt so well."/"I have never failed to feel."/"I have never failed to fail."(Any other lyrics off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Dorothy not having a stripe on her stripe?
7802.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Shrek not having spots on his head?(Did his vest not have a weird pattern on it?)
7803.(New species.)Do you remember birds that mimic caterpillars not existing?
7804.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember corn smut not being a thing?
7805.(Music Lyrics change.)"Said that we could do it."/"Said that we can do it."("She always rights their wrongs."/"She always rights the wrongs."/"She always rights the wrong.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)
7806.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember waterfowl not being as fast at flying as they are now?(Did they never go over 100 mph?)(Did they never run on water?)
7807.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember frogs not having a huge hump on their backs?
7808.(Music Lyrics change.)"Every time."/"Aubrey attack."/"Over in time."/"Hope we die(Do you hear one or another or 2 or 3 or all?)(Any of their logos off?)
7809.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'd kill you."/"I killed you."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)
7810.(Music Lyrics change.)"Message in a bottle."/"Message in the bottle."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)
7811.(Music Lyrics change.)"Jenny."/"Danny."(Do you hear Jenny through the song or Danny through the song?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7812.(Music Lyrics change.)"Let Heaven preach/"/"Let every creature."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)(Anything else off?)
7813.(Music Lyrics change.)"If I stay, there will be double."/"If I stay, it will be double."(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7814.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Prepare for trouble and make it double."/"Prepare for trouble, make it double."(The latter is the most common version.)("To unite all people within our nation."/"To unite all peoples within our nation.")
7815.(Pokemon name change.)Gyrados/Gyarados
7816.(Pokemon appearance change.)Do you remember Cubone and Marowak having two claws on their feet instead of one?
7817.(Music Lyrics change.)"The key to every door."/"A key for every door."(Anything else off?)
7818.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Beetlejuice not having long red fingers?(Was there only a little red?)("Ghostess with the mostess."/"Ghostest with the mostest."/"Ghost with the most.")
7819.(Spelling change.)Palminate/Palmitate(Palminic acid/Palmitic acid)
7820.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Cogsworth not having an empty minute hand?
7821.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Buzz Lightyear not having any purple on his hands?
7822.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Governor Ratcliffe having gold buckles on his shoes?
7823.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Captain Hook having gold buckles on his shoes instead of gold circles?
7824.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Robin hood having a green hat instead of a gold one?
Add-On: Do you remember Waldo never having a walking stick or cane?
7825.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember scorpions never living in Florida?
7826.(Phantom t.v. show quote.)Do you remember Rod Serling saying "Imagine if you will." in The Twilight Zone intro?
7827.(New species.)Have you heard of the Saharan silver ant?
7828.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Photosynthetic animals including humans, Moby Dick based on true story, CERN logo changed again, Megamouth shark, LA has more underground tunnels, spinner dolphins, eBay logo changed again, Coua chick, and other things.)(Video below.)
7829.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Woodpecker tongue wraps around its brain, NASA spent millions making pen work in space, Daisugi, Masonic symbol changed, shark nostrils, bird nostrils, braconid wasp larvae, and other things.)(Video below.)
7830.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Massive fireball over Shenyang, Marmorkrebs, Polyploidy, Coney Island incubator babies, horse spines and Lordosis, rattlesnakes ride ocean currents hundreds of miles, more Space Shuttle changes, law of the tongue, and other things.)(Video below.)
7831.(T.V. Show name change.)Schmitt's Creek/Schitt's Creek(Other spellings?)
7832.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Kirk Douglas' pimple not being so big?
7833.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Caddyshack 2 not existing?
Add-On: Do you remember Bill Murry instead of Bill Murray?
Add-On: Do you remember the Len-Zefflin mistake not existing?(Did their famous airplane photo change again?)
7834.(Logo change.)Do you remember the Playboy logo not having a bowtie?
7835.(River name change.)Swanee/Suwannee
7836.(Song name change.)Night At The Opera/A Night At The Opera(Did the lawsuit not exist?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mary Poppins not having a bow tie?
7837.(Spelling change.)Sezchuan/Szechuan
7838.(Spelling change.)Morris Code/Morse Code
7839.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Hurdy Gurdy not existing?
7840.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Donovan not existing?(Did he not sing the Mellow Yellow song?)(Was it a song about the drink and not butter?)(Anything else off?)
7841.(Phantom words.)Have you heard of a Coverlet?
7842.(Baseball Team name change.)Los Angeles Dogers/Los Angeles Dodgers
7843.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Derechos and similar things not existing?
7844.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the "Rabbit! Rabbit!" superstition not existing?
7845.(Music Lyrics change.)"Staring at her hips."/"Staring at her tits."(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7846.(Mythology change.)Do you remember Anubis having the head of a jackal instead of a wolf?(Was it a dog?)
7847.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a Goonies 2?
7848.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Tea Leoni having a nose job?
7849.(Music Lyrics change.)"They'll kick you and they'll beat you and they'll tell you it's fair.'/"They'll kick you then they beat you then they'll tell you it's fair."(Any other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
7850.(Phantom history.)Do you remember Mount Pelee never having such a deadly eruption?
7851.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Simba having a lighter nose and lighter fur around the nose?(Were lions' noses bigger and darker in real life?)
7852.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Snoopy having a red collar instead of black?
7853.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember the reindeer in the 1948 movie having brown antlers instead of green?
7854.(Music Lyrics change.)"There's gonna be a little rain sometimes."/"There's gotta be a little rain sometime."(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of her logos off?)(Anything else off?)
7855.(Music Lyrics change.)"You was high class."/"You was high classed."(Was it Class all the way through?)("You ain't never caught a rabbit."/"You ain't never caught a record.")(Do you hear one or the other or both?)
Add-On: Do you remember C-3PO not having "ears"?
7856.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's just you I'm thinking of."/"It's still you I'm thinking of."(Do you hear one or the other or both?)
7857.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember Morpheus' jacket being open in the pill scene?(Anything else about his jacket off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tigger's stripes being solid black instead of scribbled?
7858.(New species.)Have you heard of squid that can hide their shadow?
7859.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember mice not having facial expressions?
7860.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember fans that don't rely on electricity going as far back as 1845?
7861.(Music Lyrics change.)"Got you in a stranglehold baby."/"Got you on a stranglehold baby."(Was it In throughout the whole song?)("Here to say."/"Here to stay.")(Any other lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tony The Tiger's ears being orange?(Were his palms orange?)(Did he not have hairs on his head?)(Did he not have a "beard"?)
7862.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember terms such as "Denarian" not being a thing?
7863.(New species.)Have you heard of the piglet squid?
7864.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember seals and sea lions not having tails?
7865.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember flamingoes not having humps on the lower half of their beaks?(Was the top half the one with the hump?)
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2020.04.16 10:20 INFPindahouse St

CAPITAL CITY FM (Mexican music)
EMOTION 98.3 (ballads, soft rock)
FEVER 105 (funk)
FLASH FM (pop)
THE GLADES 91.1 (R&B, Dixieland, ragtime, roots rock)
K-JAH SOUTH (reggae, dub)
PARADISE FM (post-disco)
REBEL RADIO (country, rockabilly)
TUFF & GONG (Bob Marley)
VCFL (pop soul)
VCUR (acid house)
VROCK (hard rock, metal)
WAVE 103 (new wave)
WILDSTYLE (electro, hip hop)
WORLDWIDE FM (international funk, progressive electronic, avant-garde)
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2020.03.04 13:12 cherryturbojames Make your own Grill

Make your own Grill

Make your own Grill

📷RickfurySeptember 2009 edited 12:11PM in Knowledge Base & GuidesAs we all struggle with ideas to make our cubes a little different ,i think ive come up with an idea for a grill !!!As some of my job involves driving about to our local shops',ive taken to looking at cars grills in i spotted was the Range Rover grills.So off i went thinking on how to fit one....there are many grill chroming kits totart one up on ebay.after emailing a seller on ebay,i found out that the Range Rover Vogue ('02)Grill is 95cm (left to right)which is the same as the Cubeand 30cm in height,8cm higher than the a little bit of trimming to start.So after several attempts i won one on ebay for £42...not a bad start i felt.
Removing the grill is a bit tricky first time round,but lets give you some it took me half hr to get it off first time lol ..First unclip the indicator clips/plug and pop out the two round head plastic pop clips(middle top of grill)Now top of grill,there are two square holes either end,go to the engine side and locate the lug clip(pen size) behind them.This bit you need a screwdriver and push the top part of the lug downwards,whilst easing the grill outwards,then go to the underside of this lug and use you finger to push up(gently),that should, if done right ,make that side of the grill pop repeat on the other side.Next the bottom...there are abt 3 big clips and 2 small clips ALL have to be pushed upwards,whilst easing the grill outwards again.I did find that by easing my hand down between grill and slam panel i could do the two outer big clips that way,the others can be done through the grill....TadaaaHH!! job done(now i can do it in less than a minute)📷
Next is trimming and fitting....First i had to decide how i wanted the grill to i kept the donor grills top grill inline with the top of the headlights,this i felt was the right choice and looked better than other ideas..The next problem was going black stain/mat as im going to put some 3.5cm chrome strips on which will cover most of the grill.As you can see below these are the different photos at different stages...
AS you can see the grill is too big📷
i started at the bottom to get the height right,then trim the back...Well ive been trimming and a fettling for a few days now and fitted the brackets.I made these from a BnQ trip.You can see in the photo how ive fitted them.📷
One major head ache was the center bumper hanger,as my grill kept binding on it,so i had to hack alot off ,plus a little trim to this hanger.Trimming the bumper hanger was'nt a choice i liked as it could weaken if done wrong (i felt).📷
I didnt want to fit any screws outside/onshow on the grill but i couldnt think of any other way...but mine will get coverfrom the chrome strips that will be put on.The two brackets in the center will bolt onto the inner panel,where you bumper hanger lives.The lower outer two hangers are just to pull the grill's bottom part round and inline with the bottom of the light.📷
Anyways the next thing after getting it to hang right was tiding and filling stone chips from previous owner 📷then spray....📷(looks pink here lol,was dull redish brown)
Then colour...📷
Now on the car....📷📷You can see the thin finishing chrome strip fitted at the bottom,this was done due to my dodgey trimming skills on the bottom run,but it actually works,making the grill look sweet...The grill is only sat in atm,as im waiting for my chrome strips and badge to arrive.... the badge has BZ11 in the center and is oval to fit the original place.
And as due to a previous post im changing my fogs/spots at the bottom of my bumper to indicators' ,as this grill has none unlike the original !(there for not using my fog switch on indicator stalk 📷)For this ive got a pair side repeaters/wiring looms with bulbs of a mk4 golf and adapted them to lock in to my spots' and fogs hehe 📷Update on Grille.....ive decided not to use the chrome i ordered,as it looked too much when i put just 2 strips on 📷But the badge i ordered with BZ11 in the middle looks very nice and adds a finishing touch to the grille.This link for the badge... also had a problem with the indicators 📷 it turns out that you must have a certain amount of wattage per side to get an even flash rate,as i had a fast flashing problem.This was due to the new front bulbs i chose being only 5w and not 21w.I never new what would happen, but the car thinks you have a blown bulb and flashes fast to tell you!!So i fixed it by reconnecting the 21w bulbs and hidding them inside the now i get a sweet flash rate again(lesson learned)Also ive addressed the bonnet to grille line as mentioned my monstermonster(cheers m8) 📷 and i feel this is ALOT better now.📷the badge is black lol with chrome letters with a shadow to them..(ive also ordered one in grey for the back,a little bigger tho', to replace the big nissan badge,like Cubed has done)📷again cheers for reading
So there you have it boyz n girlz.....a home made grill 📷Weve all seen the grills that we can buy from japan and get shipped over but for me ,not at that money!!
so for info this is what i spent..Grill = £42(ebay)Chrome (optional)= £26(ebay)Badge(optional if left in) = £12Paint/S/paper etc = £15Brackets = £15Total = £110 (not bad)
Give me your views....Pro's n cons !or even any questions lol....
When i do get the chrome etc, i will post more photos to keep you upto date...
RF (very happy) 📷**«**12»


  • 📷The_RonsterSeptember 2009Looks cool man. And good find on grille. I woldnt have thought a landy grill would fit. 📷
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009thx man....the only thing i was'nt sure on was the curve of the grille.too much or too little may have been a BIG pain in the butt 📷But lucky for me it's spot on 📷RF
  • 📷mikeySeptember 2009very impressive 📷you should fit them to order as it looks much better than the original!
  • 📷monstermonsterSeptember 2009Well done dude. Awesome idea. Really surprised that the curve was similar though!One thing I would suggest is to trim it a little so that there is a similar gap in shutline between the bonnet and grill as there is between the bonnet and headlights. Otherwise WIN!
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009[quote="monstermonster":488e8]Well done dude. Awesome idea. Really surprised that the curve was similar though!One thing I would suggest is to trim it a little so that there is a similar gap in shutline between the bonnet and grill as there is between the bonnet and headlights. Otherwise WIN!Yeah the bonnet does touch,but its all in hand...well spotted 📷 📷ive lowered it on the brackets and if too low i can bring back up..I just need to get it bolted in ,but not until all bits have arrived and put on it.RF
  • 📷CUBEDSeptember 2009That looks amazing, I've noticed the similarities in shape to the land rover but would never think the grill would fit.Top marks. 📷
  • 📷CUBEDSeptember 2009One question - did you remove the old grill without damaging it?If so would you sell your standard grill?Cheers in advance. 📷
  • 📷monstermonsterSeptember 2009Yeah, can't believe it was the same width. That can't be coincidence!?
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009Luck i think on the width ...Yes i still have the orig' grille in one piece 📷not too sure if i will sell it yet,as everything ive done,can be reversed for what ever selling (aarrgggh dont say that lol!!!)but then again its been pm me what sort of cash you are think of ,Beth has told me its ok to sell..and a figure she would like lol 📷RF
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009📷look at this grille/light cover......could it fit our car ??? hmmmm food for thought ! 📷RF
  • 📷monstermonsterSeptember 2009Speaking of grills, look at this one from a Japanese Cube. I don't think it's standard.📷
  • 📷The_RonsterSeptember 2009Whare do you keep finding these porn pics man! 📷 . That reno one is a cool idea.
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009[quote="The_Ronster":7f595]Whare do you keep finding these porn pics man! 📷 . That reno one is a cool idea.LoL @ Ron...i was on my way home and there was one opposite me on some traffic lights,got me thinking again....but as ive just done mine(picies soon), that i'd share with you lovely guyz n girlz 📷i reckon it would look really good IF done right.RF
  • 📷EurobobSeptember 2009Pretty sure the black cube above grille/headlight combo is the 07-08 facelift after the 05 facelift (like mine) from my internet lurking earlier this year!! 📷Loving the grille on yours, top job! 📷
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009UPDATED/EDITED 1ST POSTRF
  • 📷The_RonsterSeptember 2009Awsome dude. That little badge makes a big difference. Makes me jealous in a good way. 📷
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009[quote="The_Ronster":f6e9a]Awsome dude. That little badge makes a big difference. Makes me jealous in a good way. 📷hehe cheers roni 📷rf
  • 📷CUBEDSeptember 2009Top work, it does look better now it's been dropped in line with the headlights too.
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009thx all for the kind for update,Beth has said she has had more people looking to see what the car is!! coincidence ?? i dunno.But i can say ,having no Nissan badge on the front ,aint going to help them lol 📷rf
  • 📷Sky RacerSeptember 2009Top the custom work and for just over a ton it's a pretty good value mod 📷 📷
  • 📷HICUBESeptember 2009HOLY CRAP!!!! What a mammoth Job. Looks awesome though. You must have guts to follow it though to the end, but it was worth it. I've always Thought the Cube was the creation from some sort of one night stand between a Range/Land Rover and a Micra so maybe more parts may fit, He He He 📷. Top job!!!! You will get more "what is it" Questions as the nissan badge is missing as monster monsters and ours is missing as well. I quite like Keeping the rear badge as people know its a Proper Car and not some sort of kit Car. Well Done. Whats next ??????LEE, CLAIRE AND RENZO
  • 📷monstermonsterSeptember 2009[quote="HICUBE":b2128]You will get more "what is it" Questions as the nissan badge is missing as monster monsters and ours is missing as well. I quite like Keeping the rear badge as people know its a Proper Car and not some sort of kit Car. Well Done.I totally know what you mean hehe
  • 📷CUBEDSeptember 2009Badge snobs. 📷
  • 📷RickfurySeptember 2009well my rear badges come off and my new one goes on 📷 hopefully this weekend,if i do then i will post up a photo on Cubed's post on Debadging the back.its like the front one"BZ11" but in grey to sort of blend in on that large back panel.but thx for the kind words Highcube and all ....i could'nt stop myself once i had the grille from ebay,it just HAD TO go on...and did 📷So im happy with the whole job.Even past the MOT with my new location of the front indicators,which is nice to know 📷Looking back on it ,it isnt that much of a hard job to do,just the planning and what to trim off to get a flush fit.As ive noticed that some grilles on the Cube seem to poke out a little from between the headlights and i did'nt want that.(each to there own!)RF=BZ11=
  • 📷RickfuryMay 2010**bump!**
  • 📷EurobobMay 2010Bump to you! 📷Black satin spray can fun on the weekend for me..........
  • 📷RickfuryMay 2010good job m8.....i bumped this for new members that may have missed it ! :Prf
  • 📷SchniderMay 2011Awesome mod! Had missed it until now. Really love the look. which model grill is it the P38? I wonder if the supercharged L322 would fit? look something like this when fitted I hope[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  • 📷SchniderMay 2011Minus the crappy potoshop stuff though
  • 📷RickfuryMay 2011Range Rover Vogue ('02) is what I used , sry I know nothing abt these oversized Essex tractors ; ) .But your PhotoShop Piccies looks kool .
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2020.02.24 15:21 TessaBissolli Meandering through Red's mind or "Red, in his own words". Part 3, why is he like fried butter?

In part 1 I followed the quotes, from a man away from home, in darkness, in despair, to a job that gives meaning to his life. In part 2, I followed an ascent from the darkness, from believing Katarina's reasons were weakness and shame, to understanding she saw no other options. He can see a path home, because he now understand that Katarina had loved him, and her actions were the product of desperation, not disdain for his suffering.
But even when we meet him, and the insights we get about who he was before 2013, we see a man who even in his dark world, finds fun and enjoyment. He has a love of food and drink,
Janice, my sincerest apologies. I’ll take a rain check on the Stroganoff. It smells delicious.
Mmm! This piroshki is delicious.
You really should try the peaches. They’re perfectly ripe– and freestone.
Concierge: It’s nice to have you back, Mr. Howe. Your rib eye is on its way to your room along with a complimentary bottle of ‘82 Margaux.
From the heart of the rum-soaked, rose-petal Paczki.... I’ve been dreaming of Paczki. I tried to curb my cravings in this little shop in the West Village in New York, but they fill them with prune jelly. Can you imagine?\*...* Ahhhhh. Mmm! Tastes just like Patty Sutton.
I suppose it isn’t any wonder you can justify cramming all this grease-drenched gristle into your face given that you’ve already paid to replace that rotted nub you call a heart.
I want another meal in Paris at L'Ambroisie in the Place des Vosges. I want another bottle of wine. And then another. I want the warmth of a woman in a cool set of sheets. One more night of jazz at the vanguard…. I want to stand on summits and smoke Cubans and feel the sun on my face for as long as I can.… I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book.
I agree with you completely. But it is a restaurant, and it is dinnertime.
Oui, monsieur? S'il vous plait, apportez-nous une bouteille quatre vingt deux chateau latour.
No. Where’s that woman with the mushroom puffs?
Ahh, gracias. Mmm. pastelitos de guayaba (guava pastries)
A bottle of beer and a pork sandwich.
Those Navajo tacos– Oh!
Last night, I got up for a scoop of orange sherbet, and she caught my eye.
The smell of the tree and the fire, oyster stew on the stove.
I come bearing gifts– pimento cheese sandwiches, toasted with the crusts cut off. Eartha Kitt’s recipe. It’s a fantastic story.
Well, let’s go back to the hotel. I think I saw some yogurt pretzels in your mini bar .…. Dembe, I’ll get her downstairs. After you’re finished, grab the pretzels.
Oh, my gosh. You have no idea what you’re missing. Try a grapefruit gusher. It’s just like you today a little sour.
But the point is the old boy didn’t eat for 74 days. Imagine that. I wouldn’t have the discipline. My weakness is sausage and Peppers.
She’s gonna miss the most tantalizingly delicious khorem baklava.
You haven’t touched your baklava. Just one bite.
I was in Steven Bash’s rec room down in the basement, eating fried egg and bologna sandwich when he did it.
However, truth be told, I do love fried chicken.
It requires a great deal of courage and intestinal fortitude for a man to take that first step toward sobriety. I couldn’t do it myself.
The best item on the menu is the pecan pie, right? ... Lizzy, please. Take a seat. I’ll have Chui bring you a piece of pie. I promise you’ll thank me..... Chui, be a pal. Wrap up two slices of that delicious pecan pie..... You have no idea what I’ve offered Chui to divulge the secret of this recipe.He won’t say. I suspect it has something to do with how he beats his eggs. I wonder if he uses a whisk.
Our journey begins in the home of the double-bacon corn dog.
Bistecca alla Fiorentina, sourced from a breed of cattle in southern Tuscany. The ultimate expression of beef, with a bowl of fagioli, a '96, '97 Barolo. These need another month to cure.
Everybody loves apples!
God, it’s god-awful. If they’d only switch to a good Burgundy, people would be much more devout.
Brenda and I were just catching up. She’s not hungry, but I noticed you packed some bratwurst and couldn’t resist. I do love a good cookout.
Do you have any cookies? Ah. These are yummy. It’s the nutmeg, isn’t it?
Cynthia, is that a touch of Cayenne in there? What a nice little kick*.*
In my experience, caramel sauce is an excellent lubricant when it comes to awkward introductions. Skyler, any chance I could convince you to go thirds with us on these?
May I pour you a glass of this delicious Aglianico?
Try Ginny’s Cheeseburger Chowder. The ground chuck and spices, the melted cheese. I highly recommend it for the inaugural balls.
And then, on the 48th day, they swung the cell door wide and handed me a package. Half a dozen tins of chilled Beluga caviar and a note. "Love, Marvin. “ When I think of it– guards on two continents– the bribes alone must have cost you a fortune. I still cannot fathom how you managed to pull it off from inside a federal prison.
I have such a fondness for the little snacks from the bar car, the crackers and cheeses, the sausages. It’s like camping. Try the peppered one there. It’s surprisingly good.
Has enjoyed the company of women, and even a relationship or two that seemed more serious, like Madeline and Josephine.
His taste in women seem to go to fun and dangerous women. This is how he describes Madeline:
a thief and a woman of singular talents.
The Madeline Pratt you know fosters relationships with incredibly powerful people. The one you don't exploits those relationships in ways that impact national security.
My relationship with Madeline is nuanced. Confounding, yet captivating, she's a singular woman, and the world is far more interesting with her in it.
Her betrayal and her games he calls "Foreplay."
We have seen and heard of the doctor in microbiology, Dr. Kimberly, Dr. Melissa Lomay, the "doctors without conscience", and he was making overtures to the Judge during his trial, citing a fascination he rather discuss in chambers. We have seen him confront the problems of his relationships with Baldomero's mother in Iztapalapa, as with Fadila, Vlad's wife. We hear a humber of stories, some sexual, such as the women in the Expo, and some not, such as the landless Moken sea gypsy.
And Josephine, which seemed to be a different kind of relationship, gentler. Yet, he never married her, even though he avenged her.
Red seems fascinated with relationships that are not what mots people describe as healthy. With no secrets and no danger. The women who fascinate him are mostly dangerous. Madeline, Katarina Rostova, and likely this woman we will meet in 7B. Since I do believe he was married to the woman we met in 2.01, I will say seeing the punch she gave him, that Naomi Hyland was also a dangerous woman, if we look past the "miserable housewife" gloss she put when her husband was present. We see the way he describes a negotiation:
At the outset, they are opponents. Each has something the other wants. They size one another up, assessing risk, setting boundaries, challenging each other to breach them. A sensuous battle-- violence and sex balanced on the blade of a knife. Nothing given that is not earned-- nothing taken that is not given.
That very much sounds like the way he describes his relationship with Katarina, even in court: "Would it surprise you to learn that she and I had quite a complicated history? Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll. Did I say "sex"? Sex."
he also remembered in the hospital with Sam a woman: "Oh, my God. I've never been more scared of a woman in my life. She was thrilling in bed. What a pair of legs. I think she played field hockey in college." one that obviously both Sam and him had met.
Red is clearly a thrill seeker. He loves a heist, thrives in dangerous situations, and in the comic describes how he loved the chase:
I remember the name of the baker I stole the strawberry bismark from when I was 11 years old and his wife– Trudy Svoboda.
However appalled he was that Liz crossed the threshold when she killed Connolly and shot a cop:
when you did that, you crossed a threshold, leaving your world, entering mine. Bad things are gonna find you now, Lizzy. This life has a mind and a momentum of its own. That's a reality you need to accept. Bad things happen to good people.
He finds himself, like the hideous fish, thriving in that danger.
We have seen Red is: "perfectly comfortable with what I am." While he can be man immersed in violence:
I'm a violent man, a terrible, powerful, violent man.
"I get angry sometimes." No. I get even.
my bed is made, and I assure you my bed accommodates a broad spectrum of behavior
That violence (that he does not like:"This may seem ironic considering the circumstances, but I abhor violence. I only resort to it in times of extreme necessity.") takes a toll, one he acknowledges:
I'm a violent man. I've taken on a life that requires it. I hurt people. I kill people. And each time I do, in that moment, another part of me dies along with them. When I was young, I romanticized the life of an outlaw. Bad guys. That was a long time ago.
Somewhere along that road, he finds his niche as the concierge of crime, he recovers his joie de vivre, the pleasure in the little things. Of all the quotes, things that are fun are the most numerous for him, and I offer only a small number of them:
Donald. I find him so stiff so much of the time. He doesn't appreciate life's trimmings
it's important for me to keep up appearances. I can't go around looking like a party pooper.
Well, this was fun. Let's do it again. Really, let's do it again. Understand, Zamani was only the first.
You make it sound so fun.... robbing the next President of the United States, this is gonna be a gas.
This is gonna be a gas.
"Planned"? I don't have the foggiest idea how to get you back. That's what makes it fun-- the surprises.
This is fun. Out and about, a glass of bubbles.
Oh, don't be such a spoilsport.
This could be such fun! Where's your sense of adventure?
Last time I was there, we had a great deal of fun, until she tried to strangle me with her stocking
I couldn't care less about saving the President's life. I'm just trying to get your old job back. Have some fun. It's gonna be a riot.
Dembe, this could be fun. We haven't been to a race since Smarty Jones cost us a bundle at Belmont. Perhaps Dame Fortune is ready to smile on us after all.
Raleigh, are those new spectacles, or is that a twinkle in your eye? That's the spirit. Let's have a little fun.
He also enjoy eluding his pursuers,
to Gale: When was the last time you and I saw each other? London? No. Cape Town? No, that's not right. Don't tell me. It'll come.... Ho Chi Minh City! That's it. I got away from you aboard that catfish trawler on the Saigon River. My God, the humidity. But fun times indeed. More to come, Agent Gale. More to come.
To Ressler: it wasn't to revisit all the times I eluded your little coterie of door-kickers who pursued me with such fervor and zeal.
Bad things happened to him when he entered that dark world. A criminal on the run. Even though he seemed to have always relished the chase, the thrills. Red likes treasure hunting, too, and loves a charade,
We're fine. Keep working. [with Ressler and Samar already on the building]
This is the life, Lizzy. Someone's always one step behind.
I haven't felt this giddy since Herbie Hunnicutt and I pooled our box tops and sent away for the decoder ring and periscope. Why is that? What is this feeling? ... Everyone loves hidden treasures Yamashits Gold, the Oak Island Money Pit. Hell, even DB Cooper, which was more of a mystery and less of a treasure hunt, really.
The impossible odds:
Time to storm the castle. It's a heavily armed compound, and there is only five of us. You're right. Even the Magnificent Seven had seven. Slim chance of survival. Impossible odds. This'll be fun.
He tells Liz about the need to find normalcy, to never let the fear control her:
You have every right to be afraid. Just don't let it control you. Poor Sok learned that the hard way.... You're in a storm, Lizzy. You need to find the peace below the winds.
He knows his own power, his mix of fun and threat: "like deep-fried butter, I am unhealthy and yet irresistible," and he disguises a lot of things in this fun, like working with Liz
Oh, that's not the end of the story. I'm confident you'll come to see that. But in the meantime, we need to find a way to move past this. Because for me, there's just no fun in it unless you're there. And if there's no fun to be had, I'm not interested.
He is extravagant and generous,
And, Dariush, if it's not too presumptuous, I'd like pay for drinks at tonight's social hour. I'm feeling flush.
Instead of being depressed about losing his money and influence, he seems to enjoy the simple pleasures of stealing cars and eluding the cops:
I feel pretty good... I feel alive. Zipping off in that car, bullets flying. What a thrill. And the driving. Dembe's always driving. I should do more driving
As Liz tells him: "I was wrong. You're not at all scared of the future. You're actually loving this."
His strenght is information and foresight. When he gets to jail, his first thought is find his enemies, a way to survive until he can eliminate the threat. When he loses his immunity agreement, he gets another one flying by the seat of his pants.
He finds opportunities in the chaos, and that surprised me, because I did not remember that season 7 was not the first time Red has expressed his feelings about chaos, he did it first in season 4, after Kate destroyed his empire:
For the time being, we'll have to be comfortable with chaos.
I try to leave nothing to fate, but I'm perfectly comfortable with chaos. That's why I trust that whatever happens is probably meant to be.
He also seems to enjoy tales of shapeshifter, "I don’t know how you do it, the duplicity. How does the devil in you contend with the angel? I would have kicked her out years ago."
Especially those who appear to be good but are not: "She’s not the woman you think she is. She preyed on the weak and the innocent while dressed in the wings of a savior. I detested everything about her."
Also his friend Perl: "The evidence of your guilt is convoluted but irrefutable. I simply cannot fathom the journey, the moral detours necessary to change a man who cherished all creatures great and small into one who profits from their slaughter."
A fascination that comes from childhood: "When I was young, I loved fairy tales. I was always partial to shapeshifters, who seemed good and sweet, but they were full of unimaginable darkness.
And he seems prepared to accept the consequences of his actions, perhaps the reason he always tries to protect and spare the innocent:
Geoff that was breathtaking an operatic perversion of righteous intent. But your strategy, no matter how noble the rhetoric, is betrayed and, inevitably, defined by your actions. This isn’t about conservation It’s about consolidation. We are what we do, Ace.
He shares with Ressler having an likelihood with addiction to opium:
I admire the way you're dealing with your addiction, Donald. I tried NA once after an opium den in Kuala Lumpur got the best of me. Didn't stick
As for consumption, I must admit to a fondness for any well-appointed opium den, and a bit of hashish goes well with just about anything. But stimulants, I have no taste for. I prefer that slight curve at the small of the back, the swell of a breast, the soft nape of the neck to quicken my heartbeat
I've made arrangements to be cremated. Have my ashes placed into Mama Lu's opium pipes. The users won't mind, and on the off chance there is an afterlife, I'd like to be high in it.
We see him in the opium den, Mama Lu's when he thinks Liz died, being there so long Mama Lu kicked him out.
Among interesting things, he seems to share a dislike for being too warm at night with Agnes:
Mr. Homan, it’s awfully nice to have you back. There’s complimentary Champagne. As usual, the bed’s made up with blankets instead of a comforter.
She loves Cheerios, and Thomas the Train in the morning. And she gets so cranky if she's hot at night, so just a light blanket.
He pays extraordinary attention to what people say. In 1.02 Liz mentions a hole in the wall: "You're very comfortable here with your glass of scotch, but you're just as comfortable sleeping in a cave with rebels or sharing dinner in some hole-in-the-wall noodle shop. " He then goes to one to have dinner at the end of 1.02,
and mentions one in 2.11: We’ll have dinner. I know a wonderful little hole in the wall that’s actually in a hole in the wall.
In 1.02 Liz mentions wanting wine, especifically chardonnay: "I'll have wine. Chardonnay*?" Then, in 1.04 he advises Liz: "You should go home, Lizzy. Pour yourself a Chardonnay and move on," and in 2.04 he tells Liz and Naomi, who are having a little conservation, which he interrupts : "Well. Look at the two of you. I should have brought a bottle of chardonnay"*
He loves puzzles:
Borakove, I hate sarcasm, and I love puzzles.
It's all just pieces of a much larger puzzle, and until all the pieces are laying in front of you, it won't go together.
Haskell's quite a puzzle man. Spends his days combing through thousands of pages of redacted government documents, comparing them to defense-authorization reports, executive orders. He's found a way to read between the lines. I wouldn't have the patience.
Relax. Have a drink. Help me finish this infuriating puzzle
The Corsican is the last piece of a very complicated puzzle.
I'd think I'd solved the puzzle when I'd only gotten one piece*.*
Red is an extraordinarily observant man, who likes fun, and finds fun in the chase, impossible odds, heists, as well as food and drink. He makes friends easily, prefers the carrot than the stick:
From the The Gambler graphic novel: "It's not enough to be feared, my friend. It's easy to grab for power wielding a stick, but they can always take that stick and use it against you. Be patient."
In the party after the jail business, we see all sorts of people, all of whom seem to love him (and his influence).
Red likes to project an image of omniscience and infallibility, and is comfortable with chaos, tries to remain optimist and believe that the universe will bring him what he needs. He remains, however, distrustful of noble motives:
You know what my problem with religion is? Man. Like anything that has a potential to be beautiful, man will turn it into something ugly. For every saint, there are two million sinners.
Red makes a point of remembering names:
You know what the key to finding your enemies is? Remembering everyone's name. It's critical to my survival. Anyone knows the head of some drug cartel in Colombia, some politician in Paris. But I know their wives, girlfriends, children, their enemies, their friends. I know their favorite bartender, their butcher.
Of reading body language and expressions:
one of the reasons I'm still alive is due to my love of reading, whether it be words on a page that reveal the author's thoughts, emotions, imagination, or whether it be people in conversation, to ignore what they say and instead read their expression, posture, their gesture.
he knows every little thing about a vast number of people
the man who actually stole he painting-- Rogelio's cousin was his gardener. How is Tony?
Wendy, dear, your ears must be burning. Dembe and I were just talking about you.... How are the boys?... Almost enough to make a woman hope Larry gets early parole
Be well, Edgar, and tell Lucinda if she ever leaves you, I'd like to marry her.
Red keeps a code, not always about power:
There are much easier ways to earn a dollar than moving migrants. I did it because someone will, and if it's going to be done, it should be done well by someone who holds to certain standards.
Red abhors drug dealers:
I generally practice willful ignorance when it comes to certain drug trade.
I'm not in the methamphetamine business. It's a poison.
Normally, I wouldn't give him the time of day. He's a vicious, little drug-lord thug
BUT not the opium ones:
LIZ: "You're talking about a drug dealer." RED: I'm talking about a friend, a philosopher who practices an ancient ritual going back thousands of years. "
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2019.11.15 10:07 M_Tootles The Kindly Man, the Priests of the House of Black and White, and the Secrets of House Bolton — Part 1 of 2 (Spoilers Extended)

It is probably considerably easier to read this onscreen on my wordpress blog, A Song of Ice & Tootles, HERE.
Note that this writing at times assumes familiarity with the arguments made in my [Mother of Theories] regarding the parentage of Jon Snow and Daenerys, the nature of Brandon Stark, and the actions taken by Lyanna and Ned to (they hoped) keep disaster from befalling the North and House Stark. If you haven't read my "Mother of Theories" or if you think it's bunk, a lot of this piece won't work for you, either.
This post is Part 1 of a single writing split for practical reasons into two posts which will discuss (a) the mysterious priests Arya encounters in the House of Black and White, and (b) certain matters pertaining to Houses Bolton and Reed. For many readers, these seem like totally unrelated topics. But some have speculated that these issues are intimately related. Are they? Read on.
Let's begin by talking about Arya's "kindly man".

The Kindly Man: Ser Arthur Dayne

I [have argued] that the three kingsguards present at the Tower of Joy survived, "dying" only in the senses that the Elder Brother of Quiet Isle "died" on the Trident, the Hound "died" near Saltpans, and Luke's father "died" when he became Darth Vader. I argued that Ser Oswell Whent became Oswell Kettleblack and that Ser Gerold Hightower, "the White Bull", became Qhorin Halfhand.
What about the other member of the Kingsguard who was present at the Tower of Joy: Ser Arthur Dayne? I am convinced that Arthur is also alive, and that he is the "Kindly Man" in the House of Black and White. However, I only came to this (would-be) realization after and in part because I [concluded] that Jon Snow's mother is Ashara Dayne, so if you think RLJ is the truth, I'm guessing the argument that follows won't persuade you that Arthur is the Kindly Man.

Ser Arthur Dayne Refresher

Here's a quick overview of what we're told about Arthur Dayne.
Arthur was an unparalleled badass in both tourneys and mortal combat. Maester Yandel says Arthur was "the most formidable of all Rhaegar's friends and allies in King's Landing" and "deadliest of King Aerys II's Kingsguard," winning "renown in every tourney and mêlée." (TWOIAF)
Jaime tells the members of the current Kingsguard:
"I learned from Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, who could have slain all five of you with his left hand while he was taking with a piss with the right." (SOS Jai VIII)
Jaime recalls Ser Arthur blending lethality and polite chivalry when dueling the Smiling Knight, "a madman… [who] did not know the meaning of fear." When the Smiling Knight's sword was damaged during their duel, Arthur allowed him to get a new one. When the Smiling Knight told Arthur, "It's that white sword of yours I want", Arthur's rejoinder was dryly witty:
"Then you shall have it, ser," the Sword of the Morning replied, and made an end of it. (SOS Jai VIII)
Viserys told Dany that Arthur was as good as it gets:
"Viserys… said Ser Arthur was the only knight in the realm who was our brother's peer." (SOS Dae I)
While Barristan Selmy's response—
"It is not my place to question the words of Prince Viserys." (ASOS Dae I)
—hints Viserys is "off" in some respect, it seems certain that Selmy's "beef" is with the idea that Arthur was that much better than he (Selmy) was, and/or with the idea that Rhaegar was better than Arthur. That is, Selmy surely accepts that Arthur was truly elite.
Ned tells Bran:
"The finest knight I ever saw was Ser Arthur Dayne, who fought with a blade called Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star. They called him the Sword of the Morning, and he would have killed me but for Howland Reed." Father had gotten sad then, and he would say no more. Bran wished he had asked him what he meant. (COK B III)
As Rhaegar's "oldest and dearest friend", Arthur participated in Rhaegar's putative abduction of Lyanna. (AWOIAF App) Selmy remembers:
The Prince of Dragonstone had never trusted [Selmy] as he had trusted Arthur Dayne. (DWD tKB)
Besides being chivalrous, deadly, and part of Rhaegar's inner circle, Arthur is known for leading and winning the Kingsguard's campaign against the Kingswood Brotherhood, primarily by winning the allegiance of the smallfolk by acting as their tribune and champion vis-a-vis the Iron Throne.
And that's Arthur Dayne in a nutshell.
In my [post about the Tower of Joy], I argued that the text is plainly written so as to allow for and hint at the survival of the "Kingsguard Three". I therefore take it for granted that Arthur is alive. So why do I think Arthur—a deadly warrior who was Rhaegar's trusted friend—is the Kindly Man? Let's get into the clues.

All Men, All Knights

Arthur once told Jaime:
"All knights must bleed, Jaime… Blood is the seal of our devotion." (FFC Jai I)
"All knights must bleed" is curiously akin to "all men must die"—Valar morghulis—the mantra of the Faceless Men of the Kindly Man's House of Black and White.

Sad Smiles

In Ned's Tower of Joy dream, Ser Arthur "had a sad smile on his lips". Arthur's "sad smile" is one of only six in ASOIAF, and the only other person in ASOIAF with a verbatim "sad smile" expressly tied to their lips so happens to be the Kindly Man, as seen when he tells Arya about the elderly insurance merchant Arya later kills:
"No doubt many a captain sinking in a storm has taken some small solace in his binder back in Braavos, knowing that his widow and children will not want." A sad smile touched his [i.e. the kindly man's] lips. "It is one thing to write such a binder, though, and another to make good on it."
Cat understood. One of them must hate him. One of them came to the House of Black and White and prayed for the god to take him. She wondered who it had been, but the kindly man would not tell her. "It is not for you to pry into such matters," he said. "Who are you?" (DWD ULG)
Sidebar: The Kindly Man's oft-repeated question, "Who are you," is a mirror image of what another Kingsguard in hiding—Gerold-as-Qhorin—asks Ygritte:
Qhorin's face was impassive. "Do you know who I am?" (COK J VI)
Speaking of Gerold-as-Qhorin, "Qhorin" happens to smile sadly as well (right next to the word "Dawn", leading many to conclude that Qhorin is Arthur):
The old man smiled sadly. "I thought it might be."
Dawn had broken when Jon stepped from the tent beside Qhorin Halfhand. (COK J V)
It makes sense that GRRM would "rhyme" Qhorin's story with the Kindly Man's if they are in truth Gerold and Arthur. Thus "the old man" (Gerold) "smiled sadly", much as "a sad smile touched [the] lips" of "the kindly man" (Arthur), reminding us of the "sad smile on [Arthur's] lips" at the Tower of Joy.

Kind Eyes

I had an "a-ha!" moment after I concluded that Jon's mother is Ashara Dayne. When Jon dreams of his mother, what is her most salient feature? Her "kind" eyes:
Yet [Jon] dreamed of [his mother] at times, so often that he could almost see her face. In his dreams, she was beautiful, and highborn, and her eyes were kind. (GOT J III)
These are the only verbatim "kind" eyes in all of ASOIAF.
If Jon's mother is Ashara, then it's just been suggested that Ashara's eyes are "kind", right? Obviously this makes perfect sense if Ashara's brother Arthur is the so-called Kindly Man. After all, Arya's initial description of the Kindly Man as "the kindliest old man that she had ever seen"—
The yellow skull was melting too, and the kindliest old man that she had ever seen was smiling down at her. "No one has ever tried to eat my worm before," he said. "Are you hungry, child?" (FFC Ary I)
—is improbable to say the least unless his eyes are every bit as "kind" as Jon imagines his mother's are.


Our first physical description of the kindly man notes only that he is "tall", while calling attention to his eyes:
The hooded man was tall, enveloped in a larger version of the black-and-white robe the girl was wearing. Beneath his cowl all she could see was the faint red glitter of candlelight reflecting off his eyes. (FFC Ary I)
Ashara Dayne is likewise described as "tall", with notable eyes:
The Lady Ashara Dayne, tall and fair, with haunting violet eyes. (GOT C II)
Arthur's Kingsguard brother Barristan Selmy says Ashara's eyes were like Daenerys's:
He had only to close his eyes to see [Ashara], with her long dark hair tumbling about her shoulders and those haunting purple eyes. Daenerys has the same eyes. (DWD tKB)
This is interesting, because Dany's Ashara-ish eyes (which I have argued she inherited from Arthur Dayne, who co-sired her) are described in terms that very much recall "the faint red glitter of candlelight reflecting off [the Kindly Man's] eyes". They are? Pretty much, when Dany has a vision she believes to be Rhaegar, only to realize she's seeing herself:
And saw her brother Rhaegar, mounted on a stallion as black as his armor. Fire glimmered red through the narrow eye slit of his helm. "The last dragon," Ser Jorah's voice whispered faintly. "The last, the last." Dany lifted his polished black visor. The face within was her own. (GOT Dae IX)
Thus the Kindly Man's eyes are like Dany's (and Rhaegar's, who is himself, to be sure, descended from Dyanna Dayne), whose eyes are like Ashara Dayne's.

The Stars

One of the first things the Kindly Man tells Arya about the Many-Faced God is:
"He has faces beyond count, little one, as many faces as there are stars in the sky."
Stars figure prominently in the Kindly Man's explanation of the Many-Faced God's theology:
"Death is not the worst thing," the Kindly Man replied. "It is His gift to us, an end to want and pain. On the day that we are born the Many-Faced God sends each of us a dark angel to walk through life beside us. When our sins and our sufferings grow too great to be borne, the angel takes us by the hand to lead us to the nightlands, where the stars burn ever bright." (FFC Ary II)
Stars are also a huge deal for House Dayne, whose stronghold is Starfall, whose legendary sword is "forged from the heart of a fallen star." (COK B III) (Star symbolism also surrounds Dany, who, again, I've argued is a genetic chimera co-sired by Arthur.)


The Kindly Man has a habit that seems unlikely for overcast, damp, chilly, rainy, treeless Braavos:
The priest was fond of chewing orange rinds to sweeten his breath, whenever he could get them. (DWD tBG)
Citrus fruit isn't common in fertile but temperate regions like the Vale or the Riverlands: The lemon cake for Littlefinger's tourney requires "every lemon in the Vale"; Jon Arryn's ward Robert starts a food fight with a barrel of oranges that are already rotten; oranges are "rare and costly" in the Riverlands. (WOW Ala I; GOT E VII; FFC B V) But oranges are explicitly and repeatedly associated with House Dayne's homeland of Dorne, splattered figuratively and literally all over our very first Dornish POV chapter. (FFC CotG)
The Daynes come from Starfall in southwestern Dorne, whereas our blood orange-laden Dorne POVs are set in the east, but I suspect oranges are commonplace in Starfall, too. Why? We know citrus fruit grows in "Lys, and Myr, and Old Volantis" in Essos, at a similar latitude to Starfall and its environs. (WOW Mercy) Starfall is at a similar latitude to and quite close to Oldtown. "It is always warm in Oldtown," and we have good reason to think Oldtown in a center of the citrus trade. (FFC Sam I) The Myraham out of Oldtown has oranges aboard and its captain doesn't say they're from someplace else (as he does with other goods he's carrying). (COK Th I) At Maidenpool, Brienne buys an orange from the Seastrider, which originated in Oldtown and did not call anywhere known to grow citrus fruit. (FFC B V) Oldtown and its hinterlands are quite close to House Dayne's seat of Starfall, which sits on a coast where the air is likely more similar to the Water Gardens than Dorne's central desert. Even closer to Starfall than Oldtown is Cuy, which abuts House Cuy's seat of "Sunhouse", which basically sounds like a brand of orange juice. Equally close is House Mullendore's seat, The Uplands. The sigil of House Mullendore is an orange butterfly. Butterflies thrive in many regions that grow citrus fruit. Likely this is citrus country, and thus oranges like those the Kindly Man loves are commonplace in Starfall.

Eggs and Spices

It's implied that the Kindly Man eats eggs every morning:
Tap, tap, she heard, then the tiny crackling sound. Breaking his first egg. (FFC tBG)
Who else do we see deliberately cracking and eating boiled eggs? Qhorin Halfhand, who I've argued is a disguised Gerold Hightower, the commander of Aerys's Kingsguard:
The Halfhand helped himself to an egg and cracked it on the edge of the bowl. "These kings will do what they will," he said, peeling away the shell.
…Qhorin bit the egg in half. …
… "Perhaps," said Qhorin, finishing the egg… (COK J V)
The Kindly Man…
…liked his eggs well salted. (FFC tBG)
Who loves strongly (albeit more interestingly) seasoned eggs? The Dornish:
… Dornish dish of onions, cheese, and chopped eggs cooked up with fiery peppers. (SOS San IV)
…a double helping of eggs cooked with onions and fiery Dornish peppers. (SOS Tyr X)
While the Kindly Man's eggs aren't spicy, other things served at the Kindly Man's table in the House of Black and White decidedly are:
Hot peppers and fried fish, she decided, sniffing down the hall, and bread fresh from Umma's oven. The smells made her belly rumble… She broke her fast on sardines, fried crisp in pepper oil and served so hot they burned her fingers. She mopped up the leftover oil with a chunk of bread torn off the end of Umma's morning loaf and washed it all down with a cup of watered wine, savoring the tastes and the smells, the rough feel of the crust beneath her fingers, the slickness of the oil, the sting of the hot pepper when it got into the half-healed scrape on the back of the hand. (DWD tBG)
Sardines and pepper oil are used in Moroccan cooking, which smacks of Dorne.


When eating these Dornish-y things, the Kindly Man exhibits terrific table manners:
He never spoke with his mouth full. (DWD tBG)
This comports with Arthur's renowned chivalry, and the refined manners he displayed when killing the Smiling Knight. (See above.)
Perhaps more importantly, while many people say or do things "politely" and many things are "polite" in ASOIAF, only six people in ASOIAF are explicitly stated to be polite. Of these, the two whose Kindly Man-esque politeness is most foregrounded are (Arthur's sister Ashara's son) Jon Snow—
Tyrion sighed. "You are remarkably polite for a bastard, Snow." (GOT Tyr II)
—and Edric Dayne:
"My lady?" Ned looked embarrassed. "I'm Edric Dayne, the . . . the Lord of Starfall."
"I'm sorry I didn't know who you were. My lord." [said Arya.]
"The fault is mine, my lady." He was very polite. (Ary VIII)
The other four, by the way, include the former Kingsguard-in-hiding "Qhorin Halfhand":
"Rattleshirt," Qhorin called down, icy-polite.

The Polite, Kindly Pylos Parallel

Maester Cressen thinks Maester Pylos is a "polite youth". This is interesting because Pylos also so happens to be called "kindly" three times. (COK Dav I; SOS Dav V) By tagging Pylos as "kindly" (making him a kindly man) and "polite", the story suggests a rhyme between Pylos and the notably polite Kindly Man.
Why create such a parallel? Well, what is Pylos's claim to fame? He helps a royal bastard (Edric Storm) escape Dragonstone at great personal risk:
Davos had been uncertain of Pylos. Perhaps he resented him for taking old Cressen's place. But now he could only admire the man's courage. This could mean his life as well. (SOS Dav V)
I suspect the kindly and polite Pylos's deeds echo those of the polite Kindly Man, when as "Arthur Dayne" he, too, helped a child of royal blood (Dany) escape to safety, even though it "mean[t] his life", inasmuch as Arthur had to "die" to ensure her safety. (Note that Dany ostensibly escaped Dragonstone, too.)

Funny Guy

Besides being kindly and polite, the Kindly Man exhibits a quiet, dry-and-wry sense of humor not unlike the one Arthur showed when he responded to the Smiling Knight's saying "It's that white sword of yours I want", by telling him "Then you shall have it, ser," before killing him with it:
Finally, the cowled [i.e. kindly] man said, "Tell me your name, child."
"Salty. I come from Saltpans, by the Trident."
Though she could not see his face, somehow she could feel him smiling. "No," he said. "Tell me your name." (FFC Ary I)
Later, when Arya tries to eat his illusory worm, he says to her:
"No one has ever tried to eat my worm before," he said. "Are you hungry, child?" (ibid.)
He also "chuckles" at Arya's mistakes on two separate occasions. (FFC Ary II; ULG.) Chuckling is coded as an avuncular trait:
Every man's favorite nuncle, full of chuckles and old sayings and roughspun wisdom. (DWD Ty X)
If I am right about Jon, Arthur is his uncle, and thus a quasi-uncle to Arya, who considers Jon her brother.

Kingsguard-y Statements

Some of the things the Kindly Man says to Arya seem contrived to hint that the Kindly Man is Arthur Dayne. For example, when "Kindly" tells Arya…
"We kill men, but we do not presume to judge them." (DWD tBG)
…it's eerily similar to what the White Bull tells the newly sworn Jaime Lannister:
"After [Aerys killed Rickard and Brandon Stark], Gerold Hightower himself took me aside and said to me, 'You swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him.'" - Jaime (COK C VII)
The Kindly Man's words when he's preparing Arya to become the Ugly Little Girl…
"This will hurt," he warned her, "but pain is the price of power." (DWD ULG)
…likewise recall Arthur's words to Jaime, here:
Jaime had laid his sword across the Warrior's knees, piled his armor at his feet, and knelt upon the rough stone floor before the altar. When dawn came his knees were raw and bloody. "All knights must bleed, Jaime," Ser Arthur Dayne had said, when he saw. "Blood is the seal of our devotion." With Dawn he tapped him on the shoulder; the pale blade was so sharp that even that light touch cut through Jaime's tunic, so he bled anew. He never felt it. (FFC Jai I)
Sidebar: The latter bolded section parallels the language of Arya's "surgery", too:
The cut was quick, the blade sharp. By rights the metal should have been cold against her flesh, but it felt warm instead. (DWD ULG)


Speaking of Dawn, the Kindly Man emphasizes "dawn" when he's imploring Arya to recognize the truth behind a seeming appearance:
"A false smile and a true one may look alike, but they are as different as dusk from dawn. Can you tell dusk from dawn?" (FFC Ary II)
Dusk is associated with evening, dawn with morning. The Daynes are famed for their Swords of the Morning and a "Sword of the Evening", as well as Darkstar, who is "of the night". (FFC tQM) The Kindly Man references dusk and dawn again in the same chapter:
The only way you will ever truly master our tongue is if you speak it every day from dawn to dusk.
If he's Arthur, he knows this is the only way to "truly master our tongue", because that's how he did it.
Finally, circling back to the image of Jaime praying on his knees under Arthur's supervision, it so happens the Kindly Man does the same, at dawn:
They prayed at dawn before they broke their fast, kneeling around the still, black pool. Some days the kindly man led the prayer. (Ary II)

A Skilled Swordsman. The Sound of (Dayne) Laughter.

An anonymous presence speaks to Arya when she is blind and engages in a mock sword fight using stick swords. The presence has a voice described as "deep, harsh, cold," and Arya assumes it's male. The stick fighter seems stalwart, to say the least:
She stepped to one side, grabbed for her stick, snapped it up to protect her face. Wood clacked against wood. The force of the blow almost knocked the stick from her hand. She held on, slashed back … and found only empty air where he should have been. "Not there," the voice said. "Are you blind?" [Note the joke.]
She did not answer. Talking would only muddle any sounds he might be making. He would be moving, she knew. Left or right? She jumped left, swung right, hit nothing. A stinging cut from behind her caught her in the back of the legs. "Are you deaf?" She spun, the stick in her left hand, whirling, missing. From the left she heard the sound of laughter. She slashed right.
This time she connected. Her stick smacked off his own. The impact sent a jolt up her arm. "Good," the voice said…
The girl darted sideways, her stick spinning, heard a sound behind her, whirled in that direction, struck at air. And all at once his own stick was between her legs, tangling them as she tried to turn again, scraping down her shin. She stumbled and went down to one knee, so hard she bit her tongue…
Behind her, he laughed. He rapped her smartly on one ear, then cracked her knuckles as she was scrambling to her feet. Her stick fell clattering to the stone. She hissed in fury. (DWD tBG)
Eventually blind Arya skinchanges a cat and sees that her mysterious, laughing assailant is none other than the Kindly Man himself. This isn't the only time the Kindly Man laughs at Arya while dueling with her:
From the left she heard the sound of laughter.
The phrase "the sound of laughter" is used only two other times in ASOIAF. One describes the tourney at Harrenhal—
He smelled roasting meats, and heard the sound of laughter and the blare of heralds' trumpets. (SOS B II)
—attended by such persons as Ser Arthur and Ashara Dayne, who is said to have "laughing purple eyes".
The almost identical phrase "sound of her laughter" is used only once in all ASOAIF, when we read about the laughter of Arthur's sister:
Even after all these years, Ser Barristan could still recall Ashara's smile, the sound of her laughter. (DWD tKB)
I suspect these textual parallels are contrived to foreshadow the revelation that the laughing Kindly Man is laughing Ashara's brother, Arthur.

Another "Kindly Man"

While we're on the topic of textual coding, let's look at ASOIAF's curious usage of the word "kindly". "Kindly" appears in a total of 129 paragraphs across in the canon. 64 are simply references to the Kindly Man. There are a bunch of different inflections of people taking (things) kindly, thanking people kindly, kindly being used as a synonym for please or as an adverb. But very few people are kindly. Most are Maesters. A few uses jump out as unusual.
Particularly interesting is the only other verbatim "kindly man": Ser Arlan of Pennytree.
Ser Arlan… had been a kindly man, even in his scolding. (tSS)
Arya's Kindly Man is the same way.
We are told that Arlan the "kindly man" broke several lances while jousting with Crown Prince Baelor Breakspear Targaryen:
"It was nine years past, at Storm's End. Lord Baratheon held a hastilude to celebrate the birth of a grandson. The lots made Ser Arlan my opponent in the first tilt. We broke four lances before I finally unhorsed him." (tHK)
Who did something very similar against another Targaryen Crown Prince, decades later? Arthur Dayne:
"When he was young, His Grace [Prince Rhaegar Targaryen] rode brilliantly in a tourney at Storm's End, defeating Lord Steffon Baratheon, Lord Jason Mallister, the Red Viper of Dorne, and a mystery knight who proved to be the infamous Simon Toyne, chief of the kingswood outlaws. He broke twelve lances against Ser Arthur Dayne that day." (SOS Dae IV)
Arlan is a "kindly man" even when scolding, Arlan is like Arthur… the rhyme suggests that Arthur is Arya's scolding, Kindly Man.

"Big People Do Not Always Treat Us Kindly"

The story of Howland Reed and the Knight of the Laughing Tree puts "kindly" next to a reference to a "lad [who] was bolder than most":
"The lad knew the magics of the crannogs," she continued, "but he wanted more. Our people seldom travel far from home, you know. We're a small folk, and our ways seem queer to some, so the big people do not always treat us kindly. But this lad was bolder than most…" (SOS B II)
In the context of a story about a mystery knight at a tourney, this could make us think of Barristan the Bold, who earned his epithet as an underage, undersized, mystery knight at a famous tourney. Barristan was, of course, a member of Aerys's Kingsguard. Like Arthur Dayne.
More importantly, if Arthur is the Kindly Man, then in light of Meera saying that "big people" (like the tall Kindly Man) don't always treat crannogmen (like Howland Reed) "kindly", it's curious that the last known "sighting" of Howland was when he helped Ned avoid death at the Tower of Joy at the hands of none other than Arthur Dayne:
"The finest knight I ever saw was Ser Arthur Dayne, who fought with a blade called Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star. They called him the Sword of the Morning, and he would have killed me but for Howland Reed."

A Kindly Nissa Nissa-Figure

Another suggestive use of "kindly" comes when Davos hears about Nissa Nissa:
When he thought of Nissa Nissa, it was his own Marya he pictured, a good-natured plump woman with sagging breasts and a kindly smile, the best woman in the world. (COK Dav I)
I have [elsewhere argued] that Nissa Nissa was a proto-Dayne. Regardless, who else is verbatim "good-natured", like Marya-with-the-"kindly smile"? Arthur Dayne's nephew, Edric:
He doesn't like Ned. The squire seemed nice enough to Arya; maybe a little shy, but good-natured. (SOS Ary VIII)
Those are the only two instances of "good-natured" people in ASOIAF proper: a Dayne and a woman whose name (Marya) and "kindly smile" combine to recall Arya's trainer, the Kindly Man.
The only thing that is called "good-natured" in the canon is the laugh of Lothar Frey (a maternal Blackwood, reminding us that Dyanna Dayne's son Egg married a Blackwood), while TWOIAF tells us that King Rickard Stark was "called the Laughing Wolf in the North, for his good nature". Laughing, again, is Ashara's trademark. Meanwhile, the name "Rickard Stark" reminds us of Gerold's admonition to Jaime in the wake of Lord Rickard's death, which we've seen prefigures a lesson the Kindly Man gives Arya. It's also interesting that King Rickard married the Marsh King's daughter (which circles us back to the Reeds, whom big people didn't always treat kindly):
…whereupon the crannogmen bent their knees and accepted the dominion of Winterfell. In the centuries since, the crannogmen have become stout allies of the Starks, under the leadership of the Reeds of Greywater Watch. (TWOIAF)
Not least because of the ever-tantalizing idea that Ashara is now "Jyana Reed".

Shoehorning "Kindly" Next To A Blatant Reference To Arthur Dayne

"Kindly" appears amidst Jaime's travels in the Riverlands in AFFC J V:
"My lord," Peck asked, "where do you want your tent?"
"There, upon that rise." [Jaime] pointed with his golden hand, though it was not well suited to that task. "Baggage there, horse lines there. We'll use the latrines my cousin has so kindly dug for us. Ser Addam, inspect our perimeter with an eye for any weaknesses." Jaime did not anticipate an attack, but he had not anticipated the Whispering Wood either. (FFC J V)
"Kindly" is thus shoehorned into a description whose details are unquestionably echoed by Jon Connington's description of the Golden Company's camp, which itself seems to exist just to make a reference to Ser Arthur Dayne:
They found the Golden Company beside the river as the sun was lowering in the west. It was a camp that even Arthur Dayne might have approved of—compact, orderly, defensible. A deep ditch had been dug around it, with sharpened stakes inside. The tents stood in rows, with broad avenues between them. The latrines had been placed beside the river, so the current would wash away the wastes. The horse lines were to the north, and beyond them, two dozen elephants grazed beside the water, pulling up reeds with their trunks…
Tall battle standards of cloth-of-gold flapped atop lofty poles along the perimeters of the camp. Beneath them, armed and armored sentries walked their rounds with spears and crossbows, watching every approach. Griff had feared that the company might have grown lax under Harry Strickland, who had always seemed more concerned with making friends than enforcing discipline; but it would seem his worries had been misplaced. (DWD tLL)
Note the textual links: both reference baggage, horse lines, latrines, perimeter, readiness and defensibility. In my opinion, putting "kindly" next to a blatant reference to Arthur is not mere world-building. It's part of an encoded text.

A "Too Kind" Dayne

There may be an allusion to the fact that kindliness is a Dayne trait in The Dunk and Eggs Tales, when it's repeatedly stated that Maekar "has a prickly nature", which sounds decidedly un-kindly. Maekar's sons, Egg and Aemon, do not. Why not? Perhaps because Egg and Aemon's mother was Dyanna Dayne.
Indeed, Aemon—every bit as Dayne as he is Targaryen—is "too kind":
For once, Tyrion Lannister found himself at a loss for words. He could only bow his head politely and say, "You are too kind, Maester Aemon." (GOT Tyr III)

Arthur is "Old"?

Much as some will argue that Qhorin is too young to be Gerold Hightower, some will say the Kindly Man is "surely" too old to be Arthur. After all, it may be said, the Kindly Man is "the kindliest old man that she had ever seen," while Arthur "must" be about the same age as his good friend Rhaegar, making him 40 or so when Arya arrives in Braavos and meets the Kindly Man. And 40 isn't that old, right? There are several problems with this argument.
First, as I've previously noted, being "old" is highly relative vis-a-vis the beholder. Indeed, consider who's really "old" in Arya's Braavos chapters. Arya merely thinks the Kindly Man is "old" once, upon first seeing him. Thereafter he's "the kindly man," not "the old man." In contrast, she describes a serving man in the House of Black and White as "very old, his back bent like a bow." (FFC Ary II) So the kindly man is "old," but clearly younger than the serving man. Later, Arya attaches the epithet "the old man" to the ship insurance man, but also notes is "well past fifty." (DWD ULG) She says nothing similar about the Kindly Man.
It's Arya's friend Daena who shows us how slippery the term "old" really is, though. She describes Harys Swyft as "an old man:"
"That must be the Westerosi envoy. Have you ever seen such clothes on an old man?" (WOW Mercy)
Harys's daughter married Kevan Lannister in or before 266 AC, so Harys is likely somewhere north of 50. (TWOIAF) But Daena also calls Raff "very old", even as she thinks he might be all of 30:
Daena shrugged. "He's very old. Not so old as the other ones, but...he could be thirty."
Arya seems to agree, poking fun at Raff's age:
Mercy lit a tallow candle, then danced around at [Raff], giggling. "Oh, now you're all tired out. I forgot how old you were, m'lord. Do you want to take a little nap?…"
"You're not going anywhere." He pulled her roughly to him. "Get those rags off, and I'll show you how old I am, girl." (WOW Mercy)
So, do we really know that the Kindly Man is truly old because he's called "old" once? Isn't it possible that Arya might see a 41 or 42-year-old Kindly Man as "old"? (And of course we don't even know that the Kindly Man's "old" face is his real face.)
Another issue is just as, if not more, important: Are we sure Arthur Dayne would only be Rhaegar's age: 40 or so? I submit that he might be significantly older, "Well past fifty", even. Consider that he's twice called Rhaegar's "oldest friend":
"Young Lord Connington was dear to the prince as well, but his oldest friend was Arthur Dayne." (SOS Dae I)
In addition to his role as Aerys's protector, it is said [Ser Arthur] was Prince Rhaegar's oldest and dearest friend." (AWOIAF)
Might this be an ever so cheeky way of hinting that Ser Arthur is not Rhaegar's age, but older (since everyone assumes "oldest… friend" refers merely to the longevity of their friendship)? Perhaps Arthur was originally an avuncular figure to young Rhaegar, an older (mayhaps much older) brother type who eventually treated him as an equal. This does jibe with something the AWOIAF App tells us: Dayne was already named Sword of the Morning before he was chosen for the Kingsguard. This means he was already accomplished before he earned the title:
The wielder of Dawn is always given the title of Sword of the Morning, and only a knight of House Dayne who is deemed worthy can carry it. (TWOIAF)
Moreover, the language of TWOIAF strongly suggests Arthur was already a famous, skilled knight when Rhaegar came of age at the Lannistport tourney of 276:
There, seated on his throne amongst hundreds of notables in the shadow of Casterly Rock, the king cheered lustily as his son Prince Rhaegar, newly knighted, unhorsed both Tygett and Gerion Lannister, and even overcame the gallant Ser Barristan Selmy, before falling in the champion's tilt to the renowned Kingsguard knight Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning.
Rhaegar was 16-17 years old, yet Ser Arthur Dayne was already Sword of the Morning, already in the Kingsguard, and most importantly, already "renowned." While Arthur could have been renowned precisely for being so young, the text is glaringly silent about any such precocity, whereas the precocious rises of Sers Gerold Hightower, Jaime Lannister and Loras Tyrell are the cornerstones of their legends.
Arthur is called the "most famous of all" Swords of the Morning, implying longevity and consistent accomplishment. And while the fact that Arthur—not the 43-44 year-old Barristan Selmy—was given the command against the Kingswood Brotherhood in 280 AC doesn't prove he was older than Rhaegar, said appointment seems more likely if he wasn't 20+ years Barristan's junior. Indeed, if he were, say, about 30 at the time, he'd be about 50 in AFFC/ADWD, and thus old enough to be "the kindliest old man" Arya has ever seen while still being, like, say, the "old man" Gared in AGOT's Prologue (or the 60-ish Selmy, the 60-ish Blackfish, or the 60-ish Qhorin/Gerold), a deadly warrior.
In sum, there are a number of ways in which Arya's description of the Kindly Man as "old" can be reconciled with the hypothesis that he is Ser Arthur Dayne.

Arthur's Kindly Dealings With The Kingswood Brotherhood

The details of Arthur Dayne's victory over the Kingswood Brotherhood dovetail perfectly with him being the Kindly Man. Arthur won his "war" not by military domination, but by advocating for and winning over the long-suffering smallfolk:
"If you want [the smallfolk's] help, you need to make them love you. That was how Arthur Dayne did it, when we rode against the Kingswood Brotherhood. He paid the smallfolk for the food we ate, brought their grievances to King Aerys, expanded the grazing lands around their villages, even won them the right to fell a certain number of trees each year and take a few of the king's deer during the autumn. The forest folk had looked to Toyne to defend them, but Ser Arthur did more for them than the Brotherhood could ever hope to do, and won them to our side. After that, the rest was easy." (FFC Jai IV)
There is also a certain resonance between Arthur ameliorating the suffering of the Kingswood's smallfolk and the ultimate goal of the "gift" of the Faceless Men:
an end to want and pain… When our sins and sufferings grow too great to be borne… (FFC Ary II)

The Gift of the Faceless Men

Speaking of "the gift", look again at what happens in the one description we have of Ser Arthur fighting and killing someone:
[I]t was Ser Arthur who slew [the Smiling Knight]. What a fight that was, and what a foe. The Smiling Knight was a madman, cruelty and chivalry all jumbled up together, but he did not know the meaning of fear. And Dayne, with Dawn in hand … The outlaw's longsword had so many notches by the end that Ser Arthur had stopped to let him fetch a new one. "It's that white sword of yours I want," the robber knight told him as they resumed, though he was bleeding from a dozen wounds by then. "Then you shall have it, ser," the Sword of the Morning replied, and made an end of it. (SOS Jai VIII)
In effect, the Smiling Knight (inadvertently) asks for his death (i.e. "the gift") and Ser Arthur obliges. I believe this presages his future as an answerer of "prayers" in the House of Black and White.

End Arthur Bit

So there it is: I think the Kindly Man is Arthur Dayne. On a meta-level, it makes sense to me that Arthur, who is relatively foregrounded versus his fellow kingsguards Gerold and Oswell, would be the relatively more important/mysterious figure Kindly Man, as against Qhorin or Oswell K.
Okay. I have argued that the Kindly Man is Ser Arthur Dayne. Let's talk about the other "priests" at the House of Black and White.

The Fat Fellow

One of the other priests is "the fat fellow":
The waif and kindly man were not the only servants of the Many-Faced God. From time to time others would visit the House of Black and White. The fat fellow had fierce black eyes, a hook nose, and a wide mouth full of yellow teeth.
I believe the "fat fellow" is a Whent. He is either Oswell Whent's/Kettleblack's brother, Lord Walter Whent, host of the tournament at Harrenhal and likely father to Osmund, Osfryd, and Osney, or Lord Walter's missing fourth son (i.e. the one who isn't Osmund, Osfryd or Osney). The fat fellow's hook nose, black eyes, wide mouth with yellow teeth, and the "fierce" Whent code word (misapplied to Gerold in Ned's fever dream, as discussed in [my posts on the Tower of Joy]), all check out, once we're aware the Kettleblack are Whents.
Ser Osmund Kettleblack looked formidable enough. He stood six feet and six inches, most of it sinew and muscle, and his hook nose, bushy eyebrows, and spade-shaped brown beard gave his face a fierce aspect, so long as he did not smile. (COK Ty XI)
Osmund's eyes aren't mentioned, yet his face somehow comes across as fierce, if he doesn't smile, which he often does, presumably widely (like the fat fellow), to adjudge by GRRM's choice to have his brother Osney's smile transverse his entire face—
A slow smile spread across his face, and his scars flamed red. (FFC C IV)
—and affect the scars on his cheek:
When Osney grinned, the scars on his cheek turned bright red. (ibid.)


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2019.08.12 15:30 GenghisKazoo (Spoilers Extended) Daario Naharis is an immortal precursor from the Shadowlands.

"And now I heard his voice, rising, swelling, thundering through the flaring light, and as I fell, the radiance increasing, increasing, poured over me in waves of flame. Then I sank into the depths, and I heard the King in Yellow whispering to my soul: 'It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!'". -In the Court of the Dragon, from The King in Yellow by Robert Chambers
Ok, hear me out.
Immortals probably exist in ASOIAF
We have several very long lived characters in ASOIAF. Brynden Rivers is pushing 125 years. The Undying of Qarth are who knows how old. TV Melisandre is supposedly hundreds of years old and I imagine that’s going to be revealed as true in the books eventually. Carice van Houten was hinting at it back in 2012 when George was still very closely involved in the show.
Additionally, the natural cycles of summer and winter, life and death, and the corruption of those cycles are one of the recurring motifs of ASOIAF. So it would make sense that some people have found a way to achieve the individual equivalent of “the summer that never ends.”
Immortals probably would want to seek Daenerys out
Last of the three seekers to depart was Quaithe the shadowbinder. From her Dany received only a warning. "Beware," the woman in the red lacquer mask said.
"Of whom?"
"Of all. They shall come day and night to see the wonder that has been born again into the world, and when they see they shall lust. For dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power." -A Clash of Kings - Daenerys II
Daenerys is, basically, a Weirdness Magnet. She has the only three known dragons anywhere in the world, and these dragons act as magical amplifiers. Everybody, especially everybody magical, is going to want a piece of them.
Immortal beings, who presumably rely on magic to sustain their vitality and might be magic users themselves, would particularly want to be in the proximity of her and her dragons as much as possible, and seek her out. While some like Bloodraven may be unable to do so, others probably can. So the idea of immortal beings in Daenerys’ court is actually not particularly strange. In fact, it seems almost inevitable. Thus we are confronted with a fantastic variant of the Fermi paradox: if immortals exist, why haven’t we seen any? And just like the Fermi paradox, the solution may well be “Because they’re hiding.”
Enter Daario Naharis.
Etymology, Mythology, and Daario
“Some character names do have meanings, when I dig into my “What to name your baby” books and find this name means destined for a tragic end, yeah, that’ll be a good name for my character.” (1:23:50) -Audio of GRRM interview with John Picacio in Redwood City
Daario Naharis has some interesting names. The first, Daario, is a slightly adjusted form of Dario, derived from Darius, a name held by many Persian emperors. Daario thus has connotations of power and royalty, as well as an association with the famous royal bodyguard of the Persian emperors: the immortals.
But that’s a fairly loose connection. Now his last name, Naharis, is far more interesting. “Nahar” is related to words in Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and other Near East languages for rivecanal. The inclusion of river suggests he might be connected to the river Ash in the Shadowlands. But I’m less interested in rivers than I am in Judge Nahar, otherwise known as the Semitic God Yamm.
Yamm (from the Semitic word yam for 'sea’, also known as Yam and Yam-Nahar) was the god of the sea in the pantheon of the Canaanite-Phoenicians. Depicted consistently as tyrannical, angry, violent and harsh, Yamm was the brother of Mot, the god of death, and is associated with chaos (an association furthered by his identification with Lotan the Leviathan, the monster who churned the seas). As Yam-Nahar (literally 'sea’ and 'river’) he personified the destructive aspects of both. He was the son of El, the supreme god of the Canaanite and Phoenician pantheon and is also referred to as Prince Yamm and “Beloved of El” in the myths of the region.
Yamm is an angry, chaotic sea god. Additionally he is closely associated with his servant Lotan, a multi-headed sea dragon thought to be an inspiration for the biblical Leviathan.
The reference to “Nahar” specifically rather than Yamm implies that GRRM is familiar with the Ugaritic Baal Cycle, a Caananite mythological text regarding a struggle where Baal, a storm god struggles with and defeats “Judge Nahar” (an epithet of Yamm) before also fighting Mot, the god of death.
Now Mighty Baal, son of Dagon, desired the kingship of the Gods. He contended with Prince Yam-Nahar, the Son of El. But Kindly El, Father Shunem, decided the case in favour of His son; He gave the kingship to Prince Yam. He gave the power to Judge Nahar. Fearsome Yam came to rule the Gods with an iron fist. He caused Them to labor and toil under His reign. They cried unto Their mother, Asherah, Lady of the Sea. They convinced Her to confront Yam, to interceed in Their behalf.
Note the name Asherah here, and its similarity to Ashara. Further evidence that the Baal Cycle was on George’s mind when he wrote ASOIAF.
Finally, let’s note that the addition of “-is” on the end of Nahar suggests George may have decided to make his name a crude anagram: “Daario is Nahar.” Pretty cocky move by GRRM, but it's been 19 years without people noticing so I guess he's right.
Anyway, all of this suggests that Daario is a character meant to be associated with a chaotic, tyrannical water god. A “Drowned God,” if you will. This adds yet another connection to the many between Euron and Daario. Some think these two are the same person, but that’s not weird enough for me! Let’s try looking at Daario through the lens of another, more modern mythos.
Hastur the Unspeakable One
Hastur is a being from the Cthulhu Mythos with an interesting history. He originated first with the Ambrose Bierce short story Haita The Shepherd, where he is a not at all horrifying god of Shepherds. Robert W Chambers liked the name, and started throwing it around in a collection of short stories titled “The King In Yellow,” named after a play which recurs as a motif in each story, with excerpts from Act I repeating appearing throughout. Act II, however drives the reader mad. Lovecraft himself then name dropped Hastur in a few places…
I found myself faced by names and terms that I had heard elsewhere in the most hideous of connections—Yuggoth, Great Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, R'lyeh, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Hastur, Yian, Leng, the Lake of Hali, Bethmoora, the Yellow Sign, L’mur-Kathulos, Bran and the Magnum Innominandum—and was drawn back through nameless aeons and inconceivable dimensions to worlds of elder, outer entity at which the crazed author of the Necronomicon had only guessed in the vaguest way. —H. P. Lovecraft, "The Whisperer in Darkness"
...without explaining much of anything about him. And finally, August Derleth elevated him to the status of Great Old One, half-brother and rival to Cthulhu, and made the King in Yellow one of his avatars.
GRRM is clearly familiar with Hastur, having named a mysterious city in Essos after the lost city Carcosa, which features in the King in Yellow.
Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is Lost Carcosa.
And Daario’s initial appearance, flamboyant and ridiculous as it is, is a reference to the King in Yellow. Here is how he first appears to Daenerys.
...Daario Naharis was flamboyant even for a Tyroshi. His beard was cut into three prongs and dyed blue, the same color as his eyes and the curly hair that fell to his collar. His pointed mustachios were painted gold. His clothes were all shades of yellow; a foam of Myrish lace the color of butter spilled from his collar and cuffs, his doublet was sewn with brass medallions in the shape of dandelions, and ornamental goldwork crawled up his high leather boots to his thighs. Gloves of soft yellow suede were tucked into a belt of gilded rings, and his fingernails were enameled blue. -A Storm of Swords, Daenerys IV
Did GRRM dress Daario like a banana just to emphasize that he’s flamboyant? I think not. Why make his entire outfit different shades of yellow if there’s no significance behind it?
And he makes this appearance before Daenerys and her court, thus making him “In the Court of the Dragon.” The title of one of the stories in The King In Yellow.
This could perhaps be dismissed if there were no supporting evidence for the idea that Daario is immortal. However, that evidence is everywhere.
Textual evidence that Daario isn’t human
A lot of text about Daario that comes across as kind of pointless suddenly gains much more meaning when you assume he isn’t human.
"Prendahl and Sallor would tell you so, if dead men could talk. I count no day as lived unless I have loved a woman, slain a foeman, and eaten a fine meal . . . and the days that I have lived are as numberless as the stars in the sky. I make of slaughter a thing of beauty, and many a tumbler and fire dancer has wept to the gods that they might be half so quick, a quarter so graceful. I would tell you the names of all the men I have slain, but before I could finish your dragons would grow large as castles, the walls of Yunkai would crumble into yellow dust, and winter would come and go and come again."
If Daario is a normal man: Daario is making a ridiculous boast about how much sex, murder, and fine cuisine he has had, which is extremely weirdly worded for someone who’s probably in his 20s appearance wise.
If Daario is an immortal: Daario is correctly stating that he has lived thousands of years and killed countless people right in front of Daenerys, while having an inward laugh at how she is misinterpreting it.
She believed him. "I swore that I should wed Hizdahr zo Loraq if he gave me ninety days of peace, but now … I wanted you from the first time that I saw you, but you were a sellsword, fickle, treacherous. You boasted that you'd had a hundred women." "A hundred?" Daario chuckled through his purple beard. "I lied, sweet queen. It was a thousand. But never once a dragon."
If Daario is a normal man: Daario is escalating a plausible boast to Wilt Chamberlain levels, even though doing so is definitely not in his best interest assuming he wants Daenerys
If Daario is an immortal: Daario is factually stating that yes, he has had a thousand women over the course of thousands of years being alive, but has never had either a Valyrian woman or, more likely, an actual dragon
"You are a queen. You can do what you like." He slid a hand along her leg. "How many nights remain to us?"
Two. Only two. "You know as well as I. This night and the next, and we must end this."
"Marry me, and we can have all the nights forever."
If Daario is a normal man: standard romantic hyperbole.
If Daario is immortal: an offer of immortality in exchange for her hand in marriage.
Beside her, Daario Naharis was sleeping as peacefully as a newborn babe. He had a gift for sleeping, he'd boasted, smiling in that cocksure way of his. In the field, he would sleep in the saddle oft as not, he claimed, so as to be well rested should he come upon a battle. Sun or storm, it made no matter. "A warrior who cannot sleep soon has no strength to fight," he said. He was never vexed by nightmares either. When Dany told him how Serwyn of the Mirror Shield was haunted by the ghosts of all the knights he'd killed, Daario only laughed. "If the ones I killed come bother me, I will kill them all again." He has a sellsword's conscience, she realized then. That is to say, none at all.
If Daario is a normal man: Daario is saying he is very good at naps. Also he wants us to know he has no conscience, and a ludicrously inflated opinion of how he would fare against an incorporeal being.
What the hell is Daario?
Despite the Lovecraft references, I think it is highly unlikely we will see Daario’s face slough off to reveal a hideous mass of writhing tentacles and gnashing mouths too terrible for the mind to comprehend. He is probably simply an immortal “human” who through magic has indefinitely prolonged his own life. But who?
Daenerys presents us with one possible option, without meaning to:
Daario had plundered himself a whole new wardrobe in Meereen, and to match it he had redyed his trident beard and curly hair a deep rich purple. It made his eyes look almost purple too, as if he were some lost Valyrian. A Storm of Swords - Daenerys VI
The “almost purple color” is so important it’s mentioned twice:
If I want Daario I need only say so. She lay with Irri's legs entangled in her own. His eyes looked almost purple today . . . A Storm of Swords - Daenerys VI
Make that thrice, and in a different book too:
No, she thought. His eyes are a deep blue, almost purple, and his gold tooth gleams when he smiles for me. A Dance with Dragons - Daenerys II
This “lost Valyrian” hypothesis makes some sense. Daario constantly dyes his hair and beard, we never see its actual color. Others have noted this and find it suspicious:
"Daenerys, I am thrice your age," Ser Jorah said. "I have seen how false men are. Very few are worthy of trust, and Daario Naharis is not one of them. Even his beard wears false colors."
Daario, when talking about one of his mercenaries, assures Daenerys that those who dye their hair are among the most trustworthy possible people, and definitely not spies.
"I trust all my men. Just as far as I can spit." He spat out a seed and smiled at her suspicions. "Shall I bring their heads to you? I will, if you command it. One is bald and two have braids and one dyes his beard four different colors. What spy would wear such a beard, I ask you?
Which is the sort of thing that might make someone even more suspicious. We also know of a certain other “mercenary” who dies their hair… Young Griff. Could Daario also be concealing silver hair?
Then there’s also his peculiarly nonchalant attitude towards Daenerys’ dragons, indicating that perhaps he’s been around them before:
Viserion sniffed the blood leaking from Prendahl's neck, and let loose a gout of flame that took the dead man full in the face, blackening and blistering his bloodless cheeks. Drogon and Rhaegal stirred at the smell of roasted meat.
"You did this?" Dany asked queasily.
"None other." If her dragons discomfited Daario Naharis, he hid it well. For all the mind he paid them, they might have been three kittens playing with a mouse.
One significant problem with this possibility is that Daario’s eyes are “almost purple,” but not quite. For this and other reasons, I think there is a better answer. TWOIAF presents this intriguing hypothesis on the origins of dragons:
”In Asshai, the tales are many and confused, but certain texts—all impossibly ancient—claim that dragons first came from the Shadow, a place where all of our learning fails us. These Asshai'i histories say that a people so ancient they had no name first tamed dragons in the Shadow and brought them to Valyria, teaching the Valyrians their arts before departing from the annals.” -TWOIAF
And there’s something notable about the Valyrians: they were originally shepherds.
Yet her words did not move the plump perfumed slaver, even when rendered in his own ugly tongue. "Old Ghis ruled an empire when the Valyrians were still fucking sheep," he growled at the poor little scribe, "and we are the sons of the harpy."
Remember how Hastur was originally a god of shepherds? Could Daario be a member of this mysterious Shadowlands precursor race, and perhaps even the same one who taught them how to tame dragons in the first place?
Whatever he is, his immortality seems to be of the “dies but comes back to life” sort, rather than invincibility.
Just three nights ago she had dreamed of Daario lying dead beside the road, staring sightlessly into the sky as crows quarreled above his corpse. A Dance with Dragons - Daenerys V
It could be a completely random dream, mentioned for no reason. It could be symbolic, although what exactly could a bunch of crows quarreling over Daario’s body next to a road symbolize? But most likely, imo, this is a dream of something that actually happened, judging by the condition he comes back in.
As Daario Naharis took a knee before her, Dany's heart gave a lurch. His hair was matted with dried blood, and on his temple a deep cut glistened red and raw. His right sleeve was bloody almost to the elbow. "You're hurt," she gasped.
"This?" Daario touched his temple. "A crossbowman tried to put a quarrel through my eye, but I outrode it. I was hurrying home to my queen, to bask in the warmth of her smile." He shook his sleeve, spattering red droplets. "This blood is not mine. One of my serjeants said we should go over to the Yunkai'i, so I reached down his throat and pulled his heart out. I meant to bring it to you as a gift for my silver queen, but four of the Cats cut me off and came snarling and spitting after me. One almost caught me, so I threw the heart into his face." A Dance with Dragons - Daenerys VI
Let’s not think too much about whether Daario's previously established habit of making ridiculous boasts that are actually true, implies he actually ripped a man’s heart out through his throat. Instead focus on the fact that he took a deep wound to the head and rode back mostly fine, albeit absolutely covered in blood, shortly after Daenerys dreamed of him dying.
What is Daario’s agenda?
Three possibilities stand out. The first is simply that Daario wants to stay close to Daenerys as much as possible because the proximity of the dragons strengthens the magic keeping him alive. It’s unlikely that the dragons are necessary to do this, but it’s probably a nice little pick-me-up.
The second is that Daario wants to nudge Daenerys towards violence and madness, either because it’s amusing or for some darker purpose. Daario is certainly a bad influence on Daenerys, which in combination with his supernatural nature makes him take on a certain demonic aspect. His cruel advice is too numerous to recount in full, but among other things:
  • He encouraged her to send the Unsullied into boiling oil in the siege of Meereen
  • He offers to kill Jorah for her
  • He suggests a “Red Wedding” style massacre of the nobles of Meereen
  • He offers to build a pile of heads for Daenerys taller than the Great Pyramid of Meereen
  • He convinces her to allow some of the Meereenese to sell themselves back into slavery
  • He says all rulers are either butchers or meat
The third possibility is that Daario really wants to court Daenerys and have a child with her. Daario is certainly having some success on that front, since Daenerys is insufferably obsessed with him.
Dany loved the way his gold tooth gleamed when he grinned. She loved the fine hairs on his chest. She loved the strength in his arms, the sound of his laughter, the way he would always look into her eyes and say her name as he slid his cock inside her. "You are beautiful," she blurted as she watched him don his riding boots and lace them up. Some days he let her do that for him, but not today, it seemed. That's done with too.
Gag. Insert like five more chapters of that and that’s ADWD for you.
Now Daenery's fixation on Daario is usually just thought to be GRRM saying "Teenage girls have awful taste in men and Daenerys is no exception." At length. Exhaustive length. But this is probably a smokescreen for something more sinister going on. Could Daario be enthralling Daenerys through supernatural means? It would make sense if Daario is meant to be a reference to the King in Yellow. He is associated with a supernatural mark called the Yellow Sign.
The King in Yellow never fully describes the shape and purpose of the Yellow Sign. Nonetheless, "The Repairer of Reputations", one of the stories in the collection, suggests that anyone who possesses, even by accident, a copy of the sign is susceptible to some form of insidious mind control, or possession, by the King in Yellow or one of his heirs. The stories also suggest that the original creator of the sign was not human and possibly came from a strange alternate dimension that contains an ominous and ancient city known as Carcosa.
As for a motive? Daario may be trying to father a race of immortal dragon riding god emperors to conquer the world. Daario has blue “almost purple” eyes, and said he has never once had a dragon. Perhaps despite being one of the precursors from the Shadowlands, he is genetically incapable of dragon riding? This might also explain why he would seek out the Valyrians and teach them to ride dragons. A child of Daario and Daenerys could inherit Daario’s immortality and Daenerys’ dragon riding, and would be a demigod among mortals. True "Stallion that Mounts the World" material.
And if Daenerys' fertility issues are ever resolved, given that Daenerys is in "screw Hizdahr, screw being temperate and responsible, I do what I want" mode as of the end of ADWD, Daario has a pretty good chance at fathering that child, given their extensive "conjugal relations."
That night Daario had her every way a man can have a woman, and she gave herself to him willingly. The last time, as the sun was coming up, she used her mouth to make him hard again, as Doreah had taught her long ago, then rode him so wildly that his wound began to bleed again, and for one sweet heartbeat she could not tell whether he was inside of her, or her inside of him.
Show Daenerys: Hears bells, goes completely insane.
Book Daenerys: Literally had sex with an elder god, still sane for now.
How will the reveal go down?
It might not. Overtly, that is.
The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed and water it. They kind of know what seed it is, they know if planted a fantasy seed or mystery seed or whatever. But as the plant comes up and they water it, they don't know how many branches it's going to have, they find out as it grows. And I'm much more a gardener than an architect. -GRRM
GRRM has planted one hell of a weird eldritch seed with Daario, and then watered it extensively by giving him a ridiculous amount of focus in Daenerys' ADWD chapters. But who knows how much it will grow? The mechanism of Daario's immortality does have a certain amount of plausible deniability built into it; he could be "killed" and as long as his body isn't recovered, no one would be the wiser if he walks it off a couple hours/days later.
However there is one very plot important way the books could reveal his true nature: Dragonbinder.
Moqorro turned the hellhorn, examining the queer letters that crawled across a second of the golden bands. "Here it says, 'No mortal man shall sound me and live.' " -A Dance with Dragons - Victarion I
As of the end of ADWD, Daario is still being held hostage by the Yunkish. He may even be on board a Yunkish ship, which Victarion may end up boarding. Victarion could thus easily take Daario prisoner himself when he attacks the Yunkish fleet at the Battle of Fire. And afterwards when Daenerys doesn't immediately throw herself at Victarion, either because she's uninterested or, more likely, not even present, Victarion is going to be mad. And when Victarion gets mad, people are going to die.
He may well offer an ultimatum: Daenerys marries me now or Daario blows the hellhorn, killing him. This will not work, so Daario will blow the horn. And then... nothing. He's completely fine. Victarion has just enough time to be very confused before one of the dragons (probably Rhaegal) burns him to death. And then either Daario flies off to Westeros with the dragon, or the dragon is bound to Daario's master (perhaps Euron?) and Daario just goes back to Meereen as if nothing ever happened. Everybody in story chalks his survival up to "magic sure is weird, huh?" And the reader is the only one alive who knows the implications of what happened. These are just two of the possible ways it could go down.
Anyway, that's why Daario Naharis is a secret immortal demigod from the Shadowlands. I have some speculation on his connections to Euron but I'll save those for later. What do you think? At least "Bolt-On" levels of plausible?
Daario = Judge Nahar
Daario = The King In Yellow = Hastur
Many of Daario's ridiculous brags are actually true statements
Daario's natural hair color is silver and his eyes are almost purple
Daario dies and then resurrects shortly afterwards at least once off screen
Daario probably wants to turn Daenerys to the dark side or father a race of immortal dragon-riding demigods with her.
Daario may blow Dragonbinder and live in TWOW.
Edit: While I came to this conclusion independently, it would be remiss of me not to note that just now I found someone else had a similar idea 3 years ago! So now I need to look into their other theory that Tommen is a telepath I guess.
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2019.07.17 13:47 GenghisKazoo (Spoilers Extended) Daario and the Drowned God: Daario is Judge Naharis and Euron=Daario is a Feeble Attempt to Comprehend His True Form

Before beginning, feel free to check out my recent post on Euron Greyjoy and how he takes the role of Balor Evil-Eye from Irish mythology, part of an ongoing series of posts about the unholy Asshai-Ironborn alliance and why they make the Others look like a bunch of swell chaps.
This will be the first part of an at least 3 part series on the mystery of Daario, where we will for now depart from Irish Mythology to explore both the myths of the East, and eventually a more modern mythos with which we know GRRM is exceedingly fond.
The mystery of Daario Naharis
If you have only seen the GoT TV show, or even if you’ve read every book without really getting into the tinfoily world of theorycrafting, then you might be scratching your head at this point. “Mystery of Daario? He’s just that one hot sellsword Daenerys dated right?” And in GoT, yes, you’re right. He’s a hot sellsword Daenerys dated, and then broke up with and left in charge of Meereen, where as of the end of the series who the hell cares.
In the books however, Daario, like much of Essos, is freaking weird. Seriously, he looks like an anime pirate from One Piece, talks like “that ex you were crazy for who had multiple cluster B personality disorders,” and dresses like a banana.
“Shall I bring their heads to you? I will, if you command it. One is bald and two have braids and one dyes his beard four different colors. What spy would wear such a beard, I ask you?”
-Daario Naharis on why people with bizarre hairstyles are definitely trustworthy
This has led to the prevalence of an insane but kind of awesome theory that Daario is actually a false identity of ASOIAF’s other bizarre but more openly sinister anime villain: Euron Greyjoy. Supposedly, Euron is dying his hair and assuming a fake identity as a mercenary to gain her trust and eventually win her hand and/or take her dragons for himself.
If you haven’t read the Euron=Daario theory posts like this one, and watched the Alt-Shift-X video, please do so now. Seriously, it might be your last chance to enjoy them, because they're totally ridiculous. Daario isn’t Euron.
Daario is a Lovecraftian immortal, possibly of dragonrider blood from Asshai or beyond, and one of the primary agents of the Drowned God, as indicated by Canaanite mythology.
I’m completely serious right now. Strap yourself in. Get a whole roll of tinfoil. Open this in another tab and play it on a loop. And to quote another TV show that GRRM wrote for, “Welcome to the Twilight Zone.”
The normal connections between Euron and Daario
For now let’s leave aside whether the logistics of Euron = Daario make any sense (they probably don’t) and just go over the similarities other readers have come up with before getting to my addition. If you're already familiar with it go ahead and skip.
Storms and Crows
In ASOIAF, Daario leads a mercenary company called the Stormcrows. Here’s their sigil. Four crows between crossed lightning bolts. Euron Crows-Eye, as of ADWD, has discarded his House symbol of the Kraken for an ominous one of his own. Two crows, a crown, and one big evil eye.
The crows are obviously the same, but what about the lightning bolts? Well, Euron also loves the imagery of the storm.
“I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last.”
A Feast for Crows – The Reaver
He also seems to actually control the weather.
The ironborn had come in on the evening tide, so the glare of the setting sun would keep them hidden from the greybeards in the watchtowers until it was too late. The wind was at their backs, as it had been all the way down from Old Wyk. It was whispered about the fleet that Euron’s wizards had much and more to do with that, that the Crow’s Eye appeased the Storm God with blood sacrifice. How else would he have dared sail so far to the west, instead of following the shoreline as was the custom?
A Feast for Crows – The Reaver
(As an aside: I think Euron isn’t actually the “Storm God” of the ASOIAF cosmogony, because the ironborn and others have had their own mythological history seriously tampered with, but that’s a long story for another day).
Daario Naharis knows how to brag.
“Prendahl and Sallor would tell you so, if dead men could talk. I count no day as lived unless I have loved a woman, slain a foeman, and eaten a fine meal . . . and the days that I have lived are as numberless as the stars in the sky. I make of slaughter a thing of beauty, and many a tumbler and fire dancer has wept to the gods that they might be half so quick, a quarter so graceful. I would tell you the names of all the men I have slain, but before I could finish your dragons would grow large as castles, the walls of Yunkai would crumble into yellow dust, and winter would come and go and come again.”
A Storm of Swords – Daenerys IV
Oops I accidentally bolded that, please ignore…
Anyway, Euron Greyjoy also likes a good brag
“Who knows more of gods than I? Horse gods and fire gods, gods made of gold with gemstone eyes, gods carved of cedar wood, gods chiseled into mountains, gods of empty air . . . I know them all. I have seen their peoples garland them with flowers, and shed the blood of goats and bulls and children in their names. And I have heard the prayers, in half a hundred tongues. Cure my withered leg, make the maiden love me, grant me a healthy son. Save me, succor me, make me wealthy . . . protect me! Protect me from mine enemies, protect me from the darkness, protect me from the crabs inside my belly, from the horselords, from the slavers, from the sellswords at my door. Protect me from the Silence.” He laughed. “Godless? Why, Aeron, I am the godliest man ever to raise sail! You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray.”
A Feast For Crows, The Iron Captain.
Daario is described as, well, hot. For a blue-haired banana, anyway.
His hands were large and strong, and there was something in his hard blue eyes and great curving nose that suggested the fierceness of some splendid bird of prey.
A Storm of Swords – Daenerys IV
The Tyroshi was fair where Ser Jorah was swarthy; lithe where the knight was brawny; graced with flowing locks where the other was balding, yet smooth-skinned where Mormont was hairy. And her knight dressed plainly while this other made a peacock look drab, though he had thrown a heavy black cloak over his bright yellow finery for this visit.
A Storm of Swords – Daenerys IV
As is Euron. Note that both are mentioned to have smooth, pale skin.
He looks unchanged, Victarion thought. He looks the same as he did the day he laughed at me and left. Euron was the most comely of Lord Quellon’s sons, and three years of exile had not changed that. His hair was still black as a midnight sea, with never a whitecap to be seen, and his face was still smooth and pale beneath his neat dark beard. A black leather patch covered Euron’s left eye, but his right was blue as a summer sky.
A Feast for Crows – The Iron Captain
World Travelers
Both have acquired “souvenirs” from many different places and profess to have traveled all around the world. Euron has (apparently) been everywhere from Ib to Asshai. Daario is a Tyroshi who wears Myrish lace, wields a Dothraki arakh, seems to have been in Slavers Bay for some time, etc.
Casual Sociopathy
Like Euron (whose evils need no introduction), Daario is all smiles and jokes, but also a bad, bad man.
Dany tried to imagine what it would be like if she allowed Daario to kiss her, the way Jorah had kissed her on the ship. The thought was exciting and disturbing, both at once. It is too great a risk. The Tyroshi sellsword was not a good man, no one needed to tell her that. Under the smiles and the jests he was dangerous, even cruel. Sallor and Prendahl had woken one morning as his partners; that very night he’d given her their heads. Khal Drogo could be cruel as well, and there was never a man more dangerous. She had come to love him all the same. Could I love Daario? What would it mean, if I took him into my bed? Would that make him one of the heads of the dragon? Ser Jorah would be angry, she knew, but he was the one who’d said she had to take two husbands. Perhaps I should marry them both and be done with it. A Storm of Swords – Daenerys V
“Would that make him one of the heads of the dragon?” Good question Dany. Gooooood question.
Beside her, Daario Naharis was sleeping as peacefully as a newborn babe. He had a gift for sleeping, he’d boasted, smiling in that cocksure way of his. In the field, he would sleep in the saddle oft as not, he claimed, so as to be well rested should he come upon a battle. Sun or storm, it made no matter. “A warrior who cannot sleep soon has no strength to fight,” he said. He was never vexed by nightmares either. When Dany told him how Serwyn of the Mirror Shield was haunted by the ghosts of all the knights he’d killed, Daario only laughed. “If the ones I killed come bother me, I will kill them all again.” He has a sellsword’s conscience, she realized then. That is to say, none at all.
A Dance with Dragons – Daenerys VII
I recommend reading that entire paragraph at least twice and taking some advice from show Littlefinger.
“Sometimes, when I try to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What’s the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say, or doing what they do? Then I ask myself, ‘how well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?’” -Littlefinger, in his last intelligent moment
Seriously pretty much all of that was really sinister.
Judge Nahar, God of the Deep
“Some character names do have meanings, when I dig into my “What to name your baby” books and find this name means destined for a tragic end, yeah, that’ll be a good name for my character.” (1:23:50)
-Audio of GRRM interview with John Picacio in Redwood City
Character names are something GRRM spends a lot of time on, so it’s worth looking into their etymology at least once. Some like “Bran” or “Baelor” jump out at us as having great significance in the Celtic myths that I think are most influential to ASOIAF, but others are more subtle. And in Essos, usually the names will be from Eastern mythologies.
Daario’s first name is etymologically related to Darius, a name that shows up a lot and therefore has a lot of possible connotations. So for now let’s focus in on the weird one: Naharis.
“Nahar” is related to words in Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and other Near East languages for rivecanal. There is one river in the far, far East that is particularly important to understanding Euron and Daario that I plan to go into eventually. But I’m less interested in rivers than I am in Judge Nahar, otherwise known as the Semitic God Yamm.
Yamm (from the Semitic word yam for 'sea’, also known as Yam and Yam-Nahar) was the god of the sea in the pantheon of the Canaanite-Phoenicians. Depicted consistently as tyrannical, angry, violent and harsh, Yamm was the brother of Mot, the god of death, and is associated with chaos (an association furthered by his identification with Lotan the Leviathan, the monster who churned the seas). As Yam-Nahar (literally 'sea’ and 'river’) he personified the destructive aspects of both. He was the son of El, the supreme god of the Canaanite and Phoenician pantheon and is also referred to as Prince Yamm and “Beloved of El” in the myths of the region.
If you read my first post about Euron and Balor (doooooo it), or are familiar with the concept of the “chaoskampf” metamyth, this all sounds really familiar… who is Baal again?
Baal, god worshipped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who apparently considered him a fertility deity and one of the most important gods in the pantheon. As a Semitic common noun baal (Hebrew baʿal) meant “owner” or “lord,” although it could be used more generally; for example, a baal of wings was a winged creature, and, in the plural, baalim of arrows indicated archers. Yet such fluidity in the use of the term baal did not prevent it from being attached to a god of distinct character. As such, Baal designated the universal god of fertility, and in that capacity his title was Prince, Lord of the Earth. He was also called the Lord of Rain and Dew, the two forms of moisture that were indispensable for fertile soil in Canaan. In Ugaritic and Hebrew, Baal’s epithet as the storm god was He Who Rides on the Clouds. In Phoenician he was called Baal Shamen, Lord of the Heavens.
Ok, so Baal is a lot of things, like Lugh the many-gifted from Irish myth. Baal in Canaanite myth absorbed aspects of earlier gods from the rest of Mesopotamia like Marduk, Enlil, and Hadad. But most notable of his aspects in this context is that of the Storm God. Making his foe Judge Nahar (Yam), a being of chaos from beneath the sea, a Drowned God. And paradoxically, as the foe of a fertility god, Yam is also in essence a Drought or Blight God. Like Balor the Fomorian, aka Euron Greyjoy himself.
Wait, isn't Baal the bad guy? And Balor from Irish myth?
Once we get to Asshai and Azor Ahai, we can have a talk about that. For now...
Nobody is a villain in their own story. We're all the heroes of our own stories. -GRRM
The Ugaritic Baal Cycle and the Fall of Judge Nahar
The moniker of Judge Nahar, as applied to the god Yam, is most notably found within what is called the Ugaritic Baal cycle, which is a Canaanite variant of the “chaoskampf.” The cycle gets its name from the ancient port city of Ugarit, which lay on the boundary of the Hittite and Egyptian empires during the Bronze Age.
The Cycle is unfortunately incomplete in a few sections. But the myth that it tells implies a lot about what the Long Night really was and may be again: a struggle to prevent the Drowned God from achieving domination over all other gods and the universe itself.
Now Mighty Baal, son of Dagon, desired the kingship of the Gods. He contended with Prince Yam-Nahar, the Son of El. But Kindly El, Father Shunem, decided the case in favour of His son; He gave the kingship to Prince Yam. He gave the power to Judge Nahar.
Fearsome Yam came to rule the Gods with an iron fist. He caused Them to labor and toil under His reign. They cried unto Their mother, Asherah, Lady of the Sea. They convinced Her to confront Yam, to interceed in Their behalf.
Judge Nahar, The Drowned God, the Bloodstone Emperor, the Shadow, whatever you want to call it, dominates. Welcome to the Long Night.
Asherah went into the presence of Prince Yam. She came before Judge Nahar. She begged that He release His grip upon the Gods Her sons. But Mighty Yam declined Her request. She offered favours to the Tyrant. But Powerful Nahar softened not His heart. Finally, Kindly Asherah, who loves Her children, offered Herself to the God of the Sea. She offered Her own body to the Lord of Rivers.
I have no time for Ashara Dayne’s suicidal shenanigans right now, moving on. Ashara+?=Daenerys confirmed
Kothar brings down two clubs And proclaims Their Names. “Thy Name, even Thine, is Yagrush! Yagrush, expel Yam Expel Yam from His throne Nahar from the seat of His sovereignty! Thou shalt swoop from the hands of Baal Like an Eagle from His fingers! Strike the shoulders of Prince Yam Twixt the hands of Judge Nahar!”
The club swoops from the hands of Baal Like an eagle from His fingers. It strikes the shoulders of Prince Yam, Twixt the hands of Judge Nahar. Yam is strong; He is not vanquished, His joints do not fail, Nor His frame collapse.
Kothar brings down a second club, And proclaims His Name. “Thy Name, even Thine, is Aymur! Aymur, drive Yam, Drive Yam from His throne! Nahar from His seat of His sovereignty! Thou shalt swoop from the hands of Baal Like an Eagle from His fingers! Strike the head of Prince Yam Twixt the eyes of Judge Nahar! Let Yam sink And fall to the earth!”
The Drowned God takes not one but two legendary weapons to vanquish, the second one targeted between his eyes. Where his third eye would be. Or where his one eye would be if he were, idk, some kind of Irish giant with a big evil eye.
Yam sinks, Falls to the earth. His joints fail His frame collapses. Baal drags and poises Yam Destroys Judge Nahar.
And so the Drowned God is destroyed, definitely. Never to return. Except in some other versions where He does, presumably harder and stronger. And then Baal goes on to battle Mot, the God of Death, to which I say "Not Today."
Ok But What Does This Mean For Daario?
The main takeaway for those interested in Daario specifically, and not, you know, the impending fate of the ASOIAF universe, is that the Euron/BaloDaario/Yam/Drowned God connection is real. It is rooted in one of the foundational myths of human civilization with innumerable variants: the storm god of mankind vanquishing a chaos god of the deep. No way that’s a coincidence.
But Euron isn’t Daario. In the clash of elements to decide the fate of the universe, it’s not just the fire dragons that have multiple heads. Hail Hydra.
Fun/Disturbing History Fact
The city of Ugarit, like most of the Bronze Age Middle East, was destroyed in the Bronze Age Collapse. Here are some of their king's last letters.
My father, behold, the enemy's ships came (here); my cities(?) were burned, and they did evil things in my country. Does not my father know that all my troops and chariots(?) are in the Land of Hatti, and all my ships are in the Land of Lukka? ... Thus, the country is abandoned to itself. May my father know it: the seven ships of the enemy that came here inflicted much damage upon us.
When your messenger arrived, the army was humiliated and the city was sacked. Our food in the threshing floors was burnt and the vineyards were also destroyed. Our city is sacked. May you know it! May you know it!
Ugarit was destroyed, in large part, due to the invasion of the mysterious Sea Peoples. Since the historians have no better ideas, I propose the following theory: Euron Greyjoy used the power of blood magic to break the fourth wall, and with blood and shadow, the long arm of the Kraken reached across strange dimensions to cut the tongues from those who mocked the one true god of Westeros.
Daario Naharis = Judge Nahar
Ashara Dayne = maybe Daenerys' mother?
Daario > Daenerys anyway
The Bronze Age Collapse = Euron's fault
The Fourth Wall != Protection
You = Probably confused if you actually skipped straight to this part, go back
That’s all for now! Not sure if I’m going to do tackle it immediately, but the next Daario chapter will focus on Daario’s other namesake: Darius, the king of kings, and the commander of immortals. Also, secret Targs Valyrians dragonriders. Followed by another chapter that's weirder than all that. I may also go back to the Fomorians and the ironborn, or perhaps a certain someone’s trip into the Heart of Darkness.
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2019.04.11 06:45 HitlerFallacyBot Hitler Hunt for 4/10/2019

I found 207 Hitlers in Politics today.

Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out GOP for Attacking Green New Deal as 'Socialism' While Supporting Billions in Big Oil Subsidies: "The fact that subsidies for fossil fuel corporations are somehow smart but subsidies for solar panels is 'socialist' is just bad faith," said the New York congresswoman
IRS commissioner: No rule against releasing Trump's tax returns while under audit
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Sec. Nielsen Oversaw One of the Largest-scale Human Rights Violations in Recent History'
I mean, like could Hitler have been a good person."]( - CidCrisis
DHS, FBI say election systems in 50 states were targeted in 2016
Nancy Pelosi: "I don't trust Barr. I trust Mueller."
William Barr Gives Trump What He Wants, Forms Team to Investigate the F.B.I
Elizabeth Warren Posts Her 2018 Taxes: ‘Doing This Should Be Law’
Trump says he will not release his tax returns
White House 'tried to hide' meetings with fossil fuel lobbyists as president faces legal action over campaign video
190 House Republicans vote against bill to reinstate popular ‘net neutrality’ internet protections
Democrats Better Wise Up and Serve Taxpayers, Not TurboTax
Barr: No Evidence That Trump Investigation Was Improper
A QAnon Believer Is Running for Congress and Is Currently Unopposed in His Republican Primary
The Congolese ruling family allegedly laundered millions through a Trump condo in NY
Here's why we must impeach Donald Trump: In fact, it's more urgent than ever
FBI brass discussed possibility Trump fired Comey 'at the behest of' Russia
Bernie Sanders says he’ll release 10 years of his tax returns by Monday
Maxine Waters Holds the Gavel as Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Has Tantrum Over Length of Oversight Hearing: "Please do not instruct me as to how I am to conduct this committee."
Trump hotels exempted from ban on foreign payments under new stance
It's deadline day for Trump's tax returns
Right-Wingers Spread Lie That Pete Buttigieg Isn’t a Real Christian
Canada to announce retaliatory tariffs on more U.S. products
Wait, What? Attorney General Claims Spying Occurred on Trump's Campaign Then Provides No Evidence
Donald Trump: Our employee, not our boss
Republicans use black woman, Jewish man to gaslight Congress on threat of white nationalism
Trump 'called talk show host to yell at him' for being mean to Stephen Miller
Attorney General Barr says he would favor making marijuana illegal across the United States
Trump Goes Beyond Cronyism—To Something Far Worse
Trump’s tax cuts for Betsy DeVos and the very rich are being paid for by education cuts
Donald Trump's Visit to Mt. Vernon Sounds Like Taking a Grade Schooler on a Field Trip
Treasury expected to miss Dem deadline on Trump tax returns
Candace Owens Is Racist White America’s Black Friend and She Just Told Congress That White Nationalism Isn’t a Thing
Ilhan Omar to introduce bill to end Donald Trump's "hateful Muslim ban": "No one should be denied basic rights"
Trump wondered why Washington didn't name Mount Vernon after himself: report
Candace Owens Spouts Fake History from Prager U at White Nationalism Hearing
I am VICE News Tonight Correspondent Roberto Ferdman, and I was reporting down in El Paso while migrants were being held under a bridge. AMA.
Republicans Prove Ilhan Omar Is Right About Anti-Muslim Bigotry
Johns Hopkins University students stage week-long sit-in to protest ICE, private police
Watch Trump pretend he's not jealous of his adviser Stephen Miller
San Jose city council votes to make their airport Chick-fil-A the ‘gayest’ in America
Trump Critiques Mt. Vernon: ‘If He Was Smart, He Would’ve Put His Name On It’
Andrew Yang is bringing his universal basic income pitch to Boston
Trump says he's the mastermind of immigration policy, not Stephen Miller
Donald Trump Jr. Praises Candace Owens For Defending Her Hitler Comments After Ted Lieu Airs Clip In Congress
The villain and the naif: Miller and Kushner on a potential collision course in Trump’s border crisis
Farce and loathing in Donald Trump's Washington
'Dangerous People Are Coming Here and the Good People Are Dying,' Trump Warns in Texas Visit
Nielsen’s allies trying to rehab her image for life after Trump
Mick Mulvaney Tries Letting Trump Be Trump

Das ist schlecht! I've reached my limit! Some links may be missing from this post.

Sieg Heil! I mean... Beep Boop, I am a robot.
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Since my birth, I have found a total of 37325 Hitlers in Politics. On average, I found 82 Hitlers per day.
Today, I read 45294 comments. In total, I have read 20759112 comments.
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2019.01.26 08:34 meangreen234 Daemon Allyrion, Lord of Godsgrace

Discord Name:THarpe
Name and House: Daemon Allyrion
Cultural Group: Sand Dornish/Summer Islander
Appearance: Daemon being half summer islander is darker than most Dornishmen. He stands a 6’2 with an athletic build. His curly black hair grows to his brow, while his eyes are a Pale green. A scar reaches from below his left eye to just across his nose. He wears three gold rings on his right ear. He dresses in fine dornish robes and wears a cape of Red and Gold feathers from the summer Islands, as well as a lotus pendant around his neck. He sees himself as an image of The perfect Dornishman
Gift(s): Duelist
Skill(s):Swords, acrobatics, navigator
Negative Trait: N/A
Starting Title(s): Lord of Godsgrace
Starting Location: Kings Landing
Alternate Characters:
And So it begins….
Daemon Allyrion was born in 352 AC to Lady Allyria Allyrion, heir of Godsgrace, and Malther Zol, a merchant from the summer islands. It is rumored that his true father is the greenblood itself, due to his pale green eyes. Daemon’s grandfather, Arthur Allyrion, was a fierce supporter of house Martell, also a good friend of the Yornwoods seeing as his younger daughter, Aliandra, would grow up in Yornwood and come to marry the heir Olyvar.
What do you mean we are at war?
One of Daemons fondest memories of his late grandfather is “Those damn bastards!” Being launched from his grandfather’s mouth upon hearing of the Rebellious Dornish lords. Daemon’s great cousin Andrey had rode hard for Godsgrace and Arthur upon hearing the news of the siege of sunspear would quickly organize his levies with that of Drinkwater. House Jordayne would meet with Allyrion and march to Sunspear. Watching his cousin Audrey be ‘Murdered’ by the Garglens, Arthur would be sent into a rage, slaying many a Garglen before reaching the lady of Garglen and forcing her surrender.
Alls well on the Greenblood
Arthur Allyrion would return to Godsgrace with a sour taste, seeing as loyalty means nothing in Dorne anymore. Daemon would spend many hours with his grandfather learning the essentials of ‘Lording’. Daemon would also hear the stories of his name sake and how he was one of the finest swords in Dorne. Arthur Allyrion was a hard but caring man instilling the values of Dorne and Allyrion to young Daemon. Daemons time with his mother would be the sweet and pleasant, often taking him to plankytown to experience all the different people. On a trip to sunspear with his family Daemon would tell his mother that he had a crush on the oldest Martell daughter Alysanne.
Becoming a man….
At the age of 12 Daemon Allyrion would board the Golden Hand his fathers ship. Daemon’s first trip would be limited to the summer islands proper, mostly Lotus Port, where he would learn much of his other half and fall in love with the paradise. Upon the return of his first journey Daemon would learn of the death of his grandfather and the ascension of his mother as Lady of Godsgrace. Daemon would grieve heavy and take out his anger in martial training. The boy would grow strong becoming a squire to Lord Mors Drinkwater. While in Tall glass he would befriend Mors’ son Quentyn and the two would hold an unbreakable bond. At 15 Daemon would return with his father on the Golden hand to the Summer Isles. Malther, Daemons father, would contract his ship for trading upon arrival. The same day an iron born ship would attack the Golden Hand. Daemon and his father quickly aided the defenders, however daemon would be separated from his father. He would hack two iron men down before being bashed in face and knocked on his back by a third . Daemon would pray to the seven internally as he watched the man prepare his downward swing with his long axe. But by the warrior, an arrow the length of a mans arm would pierce the iron mans back. A summer Islander had saved Daemons life and for that Daemon would be indebted, he felt, to all the islands.
Who is she
Malther and Daemon would set out with their crew from Lotus Port to Yunkai where they were to deliver spices for the Yellow City. On the journey Daemon would begin to learn The language of the Summer Isles. His father would also suggest that Daemon learn Valyrian but Daemon would brush it aside. Daemon was awestruck at the great temples in Yunkai, “They were built ages ago to show the power and wealth slavery generates.” His father would explain. “But not the people they exploit.” His father would say in a cold tone. While the ship unloaded young Daemon would take a walk of the city. He would enter an inn and note the stench of the place. He would look around notice how are the Inn hands were slaves. His stomach would churn in disgust, but in that moment Blue eyes would meet his in the large overcrowded room. Daemon would approach the eyes seeing they were below his as he got closer, also unveiled would be pale hair and almost paler skin. He would reach those eyes and before him stood a slave, around the same age as him. “Where’s your master?” Daemon try to buy the girl but knew she was too valuable and distracted the master with a coin purse while he counted, Daemon would grab the girl and return to the Golden Hand
Young love
Daemon’s Father was quite a stir learning that Daemon had essentially kidnapped this girl. But with the guards soon to be searching, the ship would leave port and return on its journey to Lotus Port. Daemons father would calm after learning that the girl had been a slave. She was cold and timid and rarely said a word. Daemon would try to explain “freedom” but the girl never knew of it. Daemon would learn that she’s 14 and her name is Mysara. Upon return to Lotus Port Daemon would take Mysara to The bustling Port “You are free and I’ll protect you to my last breath” Mysara would cry, and Daemon there to reassure her that she’s free and never going back. Mysara would fall in love with Daemon at this moment. But Daemon had been in love since first sight. To show this moment he would buy them both Lotus pendants to wear
The Lordlings return
Allyria would have a fit upon hearing of what happened in Yunkai and would berate Malther for allowing Daemon to leave the ship. However Daemon was still his mother’s child and the only thing he asked was his mother to raise “Mysara like her daughter.” Allyria would reluctantly agree(Mysara would be a favorite of Allyria in years to come, especially since they both had so much love for Daemon.) however Daemon was not to sail until he reached knighthood to show his maturity. Daemon would agree.
War returns to Westeros
Daemon had spent the last three years urning for the Sea but his mother would block his knighthood time after time. In the meantime he had become closer with Mysara who was now known as “Sand” and Quentyn Drinkwater. However he would be summoned to lead house Allyrion and Drinkwater into the war he was just learning about. Allyria saw this as the chance for Daemon to prove himself and for the next two years he would campaign with the other Dornishmen, becoming good friends with Matthos Dalt as they shared youth and like for dueling. Daemon would be sitting in on the meeting of Lord Harrowways town and walk out in disgust at the kings comment about the Martell sisters. Lord Mors Drinkwater, his heir Quentyn and Daemon Allyrion would be some of the first into battle at Harroways. A young Vypren would charge Daemon, Daemon would toy with him in combat before driving his blade home through the Lordlings skull. Mors has broken his arm shielding his son from a blow and returned to camp. However the two friends Daemon and Quentyn would stay on the field of battle until it was over. Daemon knew the war couldn’t last any longer and had seen it as a fool's folly. Before the last battle Mors would Knight both Daemon and Quentyn, this would lead them to fight with more heart rarely leaving each other’s side or allowing harm to come.
The boys of Dorne
Daemon would return to Godsgrace thinking the King is an Idiot and Alysanne should’ve sat out the war. Heated about Westeros Daemon would ask his Father for the Golden Hand seeing as he had fulfilled his mother’s requirement of becoming a knight. Allyria and Mysara both would try to talk him out of it but he would shut out his mother and share one more bed with Mysara before setting off with Quentyn also against his father's wishes. They would sail to Lotus Port, where Daemon would buy a cape of feathers Gold and a Red for his house, along with the gold rings to adorn his ear. The Golden hand would set out on the next two and a half years trading and patrolling the Summer Isles for raiders and pirates.
And here we are
Late in 374 Daemon would find his father waiting for him in Lotus Port telling him they must return home. His return to Godsgrace was not a happy one. Allyria had come down with a great sickness and decreed that she was no longer able to rule. Daemon demanded the maester fix it before he fixed him. In 375 Allyria still lives albeit restrained to her room. Lord Daemon sits upon the seat of Godsgrace, with his Paramour and best friend by his side. Daemon opposes the king but traveled to the wedding to show support for his Cousin Alysanne and because Mysara begged him too.
Family Tree
Household and supporting characters
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2018.09.24 11:28 xmate420x Found this gem on Facebook

attention Christian ,, i a christ in ,,magic i c gam,,, faith hi fat mother her mot father her fat,,, earth heart ethar ather,, sun son sum,, sol soul soil,,sole ,,,,religon rel i gon real eye gone,,, holy spirit ,, tri spy ho ly try and spy whole lie,, spear it,, spir it,, skool school skewl,,, real reel rel,,, aye i eye ,, w u u devil in you double you,, ewe you ,, love evol evil live ,, vat phat fat ,, phaa faa vaa phee fee vee phi fi vi pho fo vo phu vu fu know no knott not naught ,, y why,,,,attention to the the atom s in the sea were you ganged and ruled into a kangaroo court system ?? was the law of man and the living subverted and diverted put under water law bal s law ?? does a law set the bar so the sheep are knott heard are you treated as property or are you boxed in and knott heard are you below and sub par do lawyer lie and set the b,a,r ?? to what do you fallow phallow the letter of the law or sound of it lawful and legal the intent not the same,,is this ringing your brain ?? are you registered ships citizenships does your i cit zen ship,,, are you working on your craftsman trades man owner ship are you working on your churchman ship are you ah living in a munincapalship town ship are you under a governorship or majistrate on a ship are you under a religous dictator ship is it under a pull to me nature poltoemy dictatorship do you sit in a pew and stink and war ship do bankers sell pharce s phish stories to manafacture and ship wars whats knott afloat on a boat ,,, are you semen are you a sailor in the water whats knot water how many oceans are ther e can you show me where they divide ??? can you show me where the water ends and how your not in it ,,,are you sure your not in waters whirled werld wirld wyrld world if you change the spell of something can you change the shape of it ,, did you know that sound caused all shape to exist did you no that numbers are the direct result of god speaking concioussness into existence did you know that man did not create nothing but the zero clocks and calendars ,, but what year is it any way whos clock is telling the write time are you a king arthur do you know how to measure in all forms compass t bar square and ruler can you use scales and measure gas and volume to the the atom s in the sea were you ganged and ruled into a kangaroo court system ?? was the law of man and the living subverted and diverted put under water law bal s law ?? does a law set the bar so the sheep are knott heard are you treated as property or are you boxed in and knott heard are you below and sub par do lawyer lie and set the b,a,r ?? to what do you fallow phallow the letter of the law or sound of it lawful and legal the intent not the same,,is this ringing your brain ?? are you registered ships citizenships does your i cit zen ship,,, are you working on your craftsman trades man owner ship are you working on your churchman ship are you ah living in a munincapalship town ship are you under a governorship or majistrate on a ship are you under a religous dictator ship is it under a pull to me nature poltoemy dictatorship do you sit in a pew and stink and war ship do bankers sell pharce s phish stories to manafacture and ship wars whats knott afloat on a boat ,,, are you semen are you a sailor in the water whats knot water how many oceans are ther e can you show me where they divide ??? can you show me where the water ends and how your not in it ,,,are you sure your not in waters whirled werld wirld wyrld world if you change the spell of something can you change the shape of it ,, did you know that sound caused all shape to exist did you no that numbers are the direct result of god speaking concioussness into existence did you know that man did not create nothing but the zero clocks and calendars ,, but what year is it any way whos clock is telling the write time are you a king arthur do you know how to measure in all forms compass t bar square and ruler can you use scales and measure gas and volumeA RUE A HOOK AND A CROOK A CRUISE AND A FICTION TO DISCLOSE THE TRUTH ,,BY HIDING THE LOGOS OF IT THE SOUND OF IT THE WORD OF IT ,,THE BANG OF IT THE IMPLOSION OF IT TO CONPHINE AND CONFUSE THE LANGUAGE OF MAN LANGUISH YOU WILL SUFFER AND SIGNS AND SEALS WILL RULE AND MEASURE THE WORLD AND THE SOUND SHAPE OF THE WHIRLED ,,,EWE and Aye create in the universea dot is one a line is three a begginnig middle and its never ending cause its always meeting in the middle cant you see you da cat in the middle why you letting sam play your fiddel do not get capped in realize with your reel eye ,,do not get caught in the sownd spell of the whirled ,,what if the sound of it was respelt so they could change the context of it ?? change the spell of the whirled and you shape it in your own image ?? does rennansiance mean to white wash ?? who is ceasar borgia ?? what is the balfor agreement ?? is it a ponzi corporate scheme copyright and piracy the law of the meta sea,,what is knott under admiralty law ?? are you dry docked on a ship ? is your well being ok ?? are you full of water and able to participate ? are you concsiously aware of your presence ?? are you being ?? do you have a stigma in your minds eye were you robbed of your pituatary gland and its function were stripped ofyour moon eye,, is that why money is mooney and they made you beleive in monkies to make one out of you ?? did they knead your mind and apply it the weigh they wanted it to come out ,,,do they control how you sea your wyrld ARE YOU IN A PINEAL SYSTEM BECAUSE THEY ROBBED YOU YOUR PITUATARY GLAND DID THEY ROB PTAH TO PAY PAWL,,,?? IS THAT WHY WE ARE IN A BAL WARSHIP SYSTEM BECAUSE CAINE WAS KILLED BY ABAL,,,?? IS THAT WHY WE ARE IN A PINEAL JUSTICE SYSTEM ??? love this,,,i am stealing it omg to fucking funny here is the why Y phactor ph is ya water and a degree is a reduction in merit of conciouss state ,, phact is what s knott in the water are you literally walking on water is water in your air where is the water not ,, ??/ are you full of water a vassel a ship a well a being are you able to participate and sweat ,,,are you a citizenship do you have owner ship do you study a tradeship or business ship is your pursuit or ownership are you a shipwright a master and captain on a boat or are you the persona and the boat that floats with no rudder does your tongue cause the water to ripple in the air with the sparking or speaking do you cause atom to exist in the aether are you causing shape to exist do thoughts count as frequency is the word a command that caused light to exist and be ,, phonetic and phoey phunney phish was the roo that capped and hooked ewe forgot about meta and that water whats not carbon the seed of it is water ,, whats not in a vibrational state in motion the measure can be found in the slo go logos the slow going of things ,,to define the universe is to recognize the intentions in all 997 atoms per square inch can you measure with t bar and square protractor compass and tape measure can you weigh on scales measure gas and water can you really define and measure your reality is feeling the measure and defining and weighing are you scaling things are you playin god passing judgement feeling some kind of way ,,,,one question who said you had too is it you is the battle all fought in your own head do you have to feel any kind of weigh any time at all its all you each thought frequency you choose and feel and act speak write on its all you
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2018.06.28 08:03 DMann59 How i went down

so.... where to begin. I guess my current reality atarted sometime in 2014 maybe 2015. I had been addicted to crystal meth through the ages of 16 - 18 back in 2001 - 2003. I was only using maybe a point a night. 0.1 grams. But this is back when speed was speed. the good shit. A point would keep you up for 2 days. Make you feel every strand of hair on your head move after any hit you took.
I quit cold turkey, knowing I wasnt doing anything good with my life. i had one relapse and told myself i cant keep making excuses or id never stop.
i had found weed as a replacement. it was great. i had dropped out of school, and re connected with my old class mates through socially smoking bud.
then the parties came and i started drinking. thats what i became. was a blithering drunken joke of a soul. life was one big joke and i was gonna deliver it. i remained black out drunk every day of life for 10 years.
met a wonderful girl named shannon and moved to montreal to be woth her as she went to school. i had trouble making froends being a drunk. blamed the city and got us to move back to kamloops bc. where i remained a drunken coke head / crack head.
i got so drunk one night i put my hands on her for accidentally locking me out of the house.
biggest mistake of my life. she could no longer trust me and told me she had to leave me.
by this point i had already ayarted to casually smoke meth again and thought nothing of it. fuck. its cheaper than that coke garbage.
so shannon leaves me and i lost my dog aswell due to not being fit enough to take care of him.
i had nothing really. no one to answer to... except my new found friend "crystina".
i went from using every weekend to every few days. then easily slipped into every day. and before i knew it. i was that guy scoring a lightbulb off u if u so had it... but i was still an alcoholic. life was still a joke.
but as the meth led on. the booze let up. i lost my drive to drink. meth helped me focus and didnt fuck me up cognitively to the point my motor functions would stop.
infact it made me more artistic. goal oriented and well. what i thought at the time was a better person.
during this time i had acwuired a job at 7 11. night shift making sandwiches. perfect for a speed junky. id have local dealers and users come in and buy slurpees with meth. which id openly smoke in the bathroom or on the roof any chance i got.
it was also around the time i met courtney. my fiance. now bare in mind id seen courtney working at 7 11 years earlier and thought itd be nice to get with her.
now i find myself working with her. we didnt get along at first. i was training and she treated me like a dum dum that want gum gum. i told her to fuck herself and never talk to me like that again. she immediately apologized as she didnt realize she was being condescending. i digress.
as time went on i found myself having thoughts of "id like to date this girl". then it happened. we were talking and she told me how she likes to do coke and putter around at home. that was my "in". i seiftly said "you want coke? i can get you coke.... just gimme ten minutes". that night after work i middle manned some blow for her.
this happened a few more times. i asked her to hang out socially. she agreed. but i kept truing to get close to her and she kept pulling away and at one point i said "i hope im not so close im cramping your style" to which she replied "just dont touch me". game over right?
dhe came over again and knew i was a meth head. and witnessed me doing it. and asked if she could try it. asking if it would ness with her already ailing heart. i assured her she would be fone under my supervision. one of my biggest regrets in life to this day. she tried it and loved it.
we then one time ended up going for a romantic drive to a lookout point to talk abd do drugs. she was secretly testing me. she knew i liked her and wanted to see of id respect her friendship or try something. i remained respectful and had accepted my fate as a friend.
another night i went over to her house and she left me in her room by myself. i wasnt snooping. i honestly thought i had found poetry under her desk. but it turned out to be a letter confessing she had been sexually abused by her former babysitter from the age of 8 to 14 or something like that.
i lost my kind and had a fit while she was gone but kept my composure when she came back.
so we are hanging out pretty much every day now doing drugs and working on art projects and having fun. when my guilt caught up with me. and i told her i read the letter by accident. she was crushed. it wasnt for anyones eyes. mot anyone she hadnt handed it to. and i understood her embarrassment and dismay.
she stewed over it for a while and asked how far id read. as she went into detail as to what happened. to comfort her i told her i stopped relatively quickly. but i had read it all.
we then started dating. and she and i got into how it may not wprk etc... and she said it's kuz what i didnt read that was the reason. i then told her i had read it all... and i lied. she was so pleased that someone could see her for who she is and not what she had done. it was one of the most beautiful things id ever seen. a beautiful girl realizing shes just that. a beautiful girl. since then she has only been all smiles. i fell in love with her. quick.
i helped her through her abuse issues. flashbacks... etc. and i would take my life to take that pain away from her... but relatively quickly, she seemed to get better.
she also suffered from bullemia and i guess she fell for me hard enough, all i had to do was knock on the door when i knew she was throwing up and tell her i really didnt like that she was doing that to herself that she just stopped one day.
now the fucked up shit starts. courtbey and i move in together. i quit my job and start selling meth for a living. about an oz every 2 days i was averaging. thats 28 grams. 2800 street value. probably only really making 1600 off it as id cut deals.
eventually being high every day and being online. i came across child porn. now knowing i shouldnt be looking, i did. and knowing what happened to courtney, i shouldnt have looked. but i did. and morbidly so. more than once.
anyways. i remember courtney and i getting into an argument one day. she left the house and as soon as she slammed the door. now mind u i was physically alone in the house. now as soon as she slammed the door shut. i heard a womans voice say " i fucking hate you". i was dumbfounded. and tried to talk to her and find out who she was. but she wasnt very forthcoming as to who she was. i cane to the conclusion that it was her guardian angel. but i know now, it was infact her mother, who is very much still alive.
i kept going on with my life. but porn became a big part of who i was becoming. not necessarily child porn. but id get high and masturbate to porn for hours on end. often.
as time progressed. the voice changed from my her moms into my moms. then my dads. then everyone i would think of. their voice would pop into my head. and it wasnt anuthing i was thinking at the time. but as though i was telepathically talking to these people. none of them were happy with me. they all had shit to talk. rightfully so. my life had been spiralling out of control abd i wasnt even realising.
it was as if my mind was an open forum. i previously thought my thoughts were private and no one could intrude on them. oh how fucking wrong i was. everyone was listening. and no one was impressed.
voices playing games with me to the point i flushed 800$ worth of shit not just once but twice thinking it was the cops in my house. tearing my attic and my house apart thinking there were people there that werent.
it was "them" or "you" i will reffer to it as. you played games with my head making me think people were after me. constantly hearing people where there were none.
one night i actually chased nobody for 3 blocks and ebded up in someones back yard for 3 hours trying to fibd the hooligans that were spying on me.
the voices haunted me for months. when i first started seeing faces in trees, grass, and mountains. faces of cartoon characters and picture perfect images of people id never met before. so realistic i could swear they were right there with me. but they were just trees and patterns manifesting into faces, right? it must be the drugs.
then the holograms. or ghosts started to appear. now my mom and dad are completely alive. but their ghosts would show up and taunt me. make fun of me abd fill my head full of bullshit that im in a virtual reality world and they are the groundskeepers of it. etc.
i realized how childish my parents are in this time. as at the time i thought it had to just be the drugs. but my dad would show me holograms of his ass and balls and thenni could smell farts. i could smell his breath and he wouldnt stop one night. also physically spitting in my meth pipe from beyond physical reality. i got frustrated. feeling attacked and asked a friend to drive me to my dads place. so i took a hammer to his bmw windows and hood.... asked him if hed had enough and he farted in my face again so i went back and stabbed his tires. thinking i got that son of a bitch.
but when i saw him in physocal reality, he acted like it must have been some kids.... so it wasnt actually him right? i made a huge mistake and it was all in my mind.
i asked courtney to call the cops one night as the voices got to be too much andni needed help. so i went to the psych ward. i was there for 3 weeks. they had me so doped up all i could do was sleep. and i actually managed to atay clean for w months after getting out. i even got a job at a petro canada and was attending work regularly. despite the chemical imbalance i had given nyself ib my brain. which makes beibg sober from speed a nightmare... its called akathesia. look it up. you cant sit still, your constantly anxious. 5 minutes feels like an hour. nothing interests you... its its own kind of hell.
i relapsed after 2 months or so. thinking it was all just the drugs.... as time went on. i cobtibued using. only going into psychosis maybe 1 in ever 4 times of using.
then i started aeeing shadows manifest into my moms face and she would cunt the place up with her hate speech. calling me names and fucking with my reality.
she would even start to physically poke me from beyond the physical realm. in the back of my mind i knew something was going on and this shit was really happening. but always in denial as physical people would tell me its all in my head. and a shrink even told me it could be schizophrenia. well this was in 2015. its 2018 now and ive been fucked with so bad i know whats going on.... and it fucking sucks. bare in mind i am not going into the detail these entities have been tormenting me to. its pretty bad.
one minute ive been dead for 6 years and im in hell. the next im going to hell when i die. the next im in a virtual reality world. then i am the universe hallucinating its rick fraser. then im jesus christ. or god even. the list goes on. when your reality gets turned upside down youll believe anything. this went on for years. one minute ime god the next im satans dog.
and id find synchronicities in things the voices were saying to songs i was listening to or the tv i was watching. like the media was tallking to me and agreeing with the voices.
i was always made to believe i was going to die soon or my impending doom was coming. the voices would tell me im dying and going to hell on xmas day. then id find xmas ornaments in the house i just moved into. and someone pointed out a xmas ornament in a parking lot 3 mobths before xmas.
the voices would say im going to hell. then a song would come on about the afterlife. i have a full pkaylist of songs that are syncronicities. the one that hits the nail on the head is "cant stop by red hot chilli peppers" listen to it abd this will all make sense.
after all of this tormebt abd abuse. ive come to the conclusion that these pricks can only talk to me abd show me holograms and affect my physical reality in a superficial way.
what ive learned is. i am infact the universe hallucinating. or dreaming, rather that im rick fraser. this is all just an inticate dream. i am consciousness. you are all my sub conscious living within my mind so to speak. and i also live in my mind. and you guys make up my entire physical reality. everything. from the steps i sit ob to the clouds in the sky. but amso the peopke in my life. and everyone exists invisibly in my consciousness all at once. until it comes tine to continue the facade that everyone lives life in tandem with me like i do. continuously in linear time. but truth is. as soon as i or you leave a room. you remain watching this dream / movie that is my life. piggy backing off my consciousness. experiencing my life through me. im just the bus driver of life.
so i feel i am somehow your creator and for some reason you don't want me to realize that. so you all play the game of equality.
now i think this because ive had about 6 or 7. physical individuals admit they are watching me all the time. and i just feel it in my heart. thia is all a dream. i am the cebter of the universe. or my experience is rather. the only things that exist in this universe are within my perriferal view. my experience. and shen youve been as big ofna piece of shit as ive been. its hard to come to terms with the fact that everyones been watching my every fuck up. my every dark thought.
here i thought i was harmlessly being a selfish oiece of ahit. but all the while its been affexting essentially everyone ive ever come in cobtact with.
the voices still persist and injectnso much negativity in my life so as to hinser me from remainibg oositive enough to make the proper changes to make this a better experience for everyone involved.
i know what i need to do. but im being shit on every step of the way by my cubt mother that likes to set me up to fail. my voice mother that is. that im convinced is my actual mother.
and if you wanna say im just too far gone on drugs or this shit isnt happening. fuck you. people with balls have let me know its true. stop being cowards. stop talking shit hiding behind a veil of reality and man up and physically say something that will help me.
"your the chosen one. stop fucking up. its all riding on you." "ive watxhed you watch child porn. how does that make you feel". no more of this mental attack bullshit. help me help you.
im coming to terms with the fact that everything is actually pointless and everything is a lie. this is all for me. it sucks. but tell me straight up how you feel. then lets continue the lie and love life together. what do u say?
please note ive left a lot of detsils out as to the nature of the abuse ive suffered from you fucks. but you know what your doing.... either help me be positive or rot in the hell that is my drug addled mind.
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2018.06.23 05:52 elisabethnews Fact About norway and the norwegian people in general: - This article is dated from 23.06.2018.

Fact About norway and the norwegian people in general: - This article is dated from 23.06.2018.
Hi every one this article is protected by the (act of freedom of free speech) :
I just though i can share My 25 years experience story in Norway with you:
Well most of ethnically Norwegians still racist, full of hate, arrogance, jealousy, ditching and snitching over every one and on each other as well. specially the girls, they are very racist towards all other nationalities and only prefer to go with norwegian guys in general and in total picture, if you know what i mean.
Now i know there may be many of you out here who dont agree with that, but for me i dont know and i cant lie and hide thing like other coward people as i,m very honest person, this is my data experience and analysis of almost over 25 years in Norway. (Norwegian People are shit, Racist and full of shit that i have seen towards others in over 25 years. so its not good people and i dont recommend working or handling with those people, as most of them smiling in your face but full of shit and hate inside their hearts trust me.
Just to mention something here, i personally don't have anything against anyone including the Norwegian people, but i,m must be honest girl and say as a general advice to all of you out here: Please be aware of the Norwegian people as most of them are very bad and deluding, they are most likely racist people if you don't looks like them then they don't like you trust me, as i,m hoping the society to become better and as a Norway to stand as one nation together without any hate or racism. But unfortunately i see the norwegian people as full of hate jealousy, shit and racism, they want the life just for them, in a kind of one example if you know what i mean.
So if you read this article please just understand it with no offense, it just a fact and what i been seeing during my 25 years experience in the shit so called racist norway, so just know them by now.
In 2nd example, they norwegian girls are very racist and very brain washed totally, like i seen many young norwegian girls in 20`s they prefer to go together home with an old and ugly norwegian man in his 45 years over a handsome and young foreigner in thier age, now i seen it and confirmed it many times by now, can you image this hateful and sick racist norwegian people.
Oh and one more thing, this article will go every where online for the next 3 years trust me. as i have the right to give full knowledge to other people over these shit racist norwegian people.
Here is something in norwegian: -
Vis i mot alle raciste nordmenn (Breivik Folke) og vis kjærlighet til alle sammen.
If anyone of you would like to comment here or have a questions, please put you comments and opinions below and i will answer anything you ask ?
And as always remember to keep peace and love to everyone and everybody where ever you are as Jesus said.
God Bless all good people...
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2018.06.16 05:43 coffeedog14 Hellblazer #20 - Big Trouble for Little Folk

Hellblazer #20 – Big trouble for Little Folk
^^<< ^^< ^^> \)
Author: Coffeedog14
Book: Hellblazer
Arc: [Convalo]
Set: 25
Five years after the death of Ba’al Hadad, one day to be Baal
Kna’n, one day to be Canaan
Anat, the virgin mother, waited by the banks of a river. She hid amongst the bushes there and clutched her bow close to her chest. Her daughter, Paghat, had retrieved this bow for her an age ago. Now it would be truly used. It was not for monsters, nor beasts, nor men, but for gods.
She waited for the slayer of her brother-mate and he appeared. Mot was massive, and dark, and more a monster then a man. He had stolen her brother-mate Ba’al Hadad and trapped him in his prison beyond life. She would not allow this. She could not allow this.
Anat let loose her arrow, and struck Mot in the gut. He screamed in shock and fell to his knees. She arose and strode from the bush. She dropped her bow and drew her sword. “Five years I have hunted. Now my patience is rewarded.”
Mot looked at Anat, and hissed in his queer half-tongue “I should have known. It was El that sent you, wasn’t it? Our mighty king who allowed you to slay me?”
Anat, with head of cow and a belt of heads, grabbed Mot’s head and pulled it back to reveal his throat. “I am not fooled. I am victorious. I will winnow you, Mot. I will burn you, grind your ashes, and scatter them to all the birds. I know you will return, but not before I have freed my brother-mate.”
Mot struggled limply, but his place was in shadows and amongst those already dead. Anat was a goddess of war amongst other things, and her grip was iron.
“Do you not see? Can you see anything but blood?” Mot whimpered. Anat’s blade pressed against his throat, but she did not slice. Gods deserved the chance to speak. “I have not slain your brother-mate. I have saved his very self from his slayer. Who do you think truly slew your brother?”
He sought to speak more, but the blade ripped across his throat and he died gurgling. His blood spilled into the river, and it was red for all seven of the years he was dead.
Anat was shaken from her reverie. Times long gone. A lifetime ago, even by the reckoning of a god. The Demon Lady was standing atop the tower of her newest castle. It was not so long ago she had come here to make an offer to its former occupant. An offer that had been refused, resulting in her quite successful plan to topple him and steal all he had. With her own holdings and Nergal’s, she had had a base to grow yet more. The attack on Gem City had lured many of the more foolish Demon Lords into a losing battle that had left their armies wounded and realms undefended. Anat had plucked them all like so much fruit, and stood taller then she ever had.
She was closer than what she most desired. Yet, she paused while observing her vast domain. Every step of the way had been haunted by a mortal. It was he that appraised Anat fully of Nergal’s power, he who led the foolish crusade into hell, he who had made sure the Gemwar was a mistake for all who attempted it. John Constantine. She thought she liked him, after a fashion, but she had no desire to be taken by suprise by him.
The great cow-eyed Demon Goddess called out two names, and two Lillith’s to her side. They landed and knelt before her. Demons with the eyes, claws, and wings of owls, and the hunger of infernal witches.
“My trusted servants, you both know the stakes for which we scheme.” she pointed to the first. “You, ascend to the upper world and observe the mortal John Constantine. Make sure he has no desire to interfere in my plans.”
The first took on a new appearance, and with a cackle flew towards the great dome above them. Anat pointed to the second.
“You, descend below to the triumvirate. It is time I met with this “First of the Fallen”, this Lucifer Morningstar.”
Go to a nice beach house, Chas had said. Clear your mind, he’d said. Stop obsessing about killing giant fucking aliens and take a swim, he’d said. Maybe if he’d accounted for rogue house spirits, he wouldn’t have been so insistent.
It had seemed like a nice enough place when I had rented the place. The paint half-scoured from sand, an oven with just the right amount of wear and rust to be homey, and the ever present smell of salt. In gratitude for helping to save his daughter, my best friend Chas even paid to rent a whole week at the place. Without asking me. It would have been rude to just say no to a gift like that. Which is why I only tried three times, and gave up when I started to see the veins on his forehead pulse. I could stomach a week by the sea, I had thought.
Now I was hiding behind the small island counter in the kitchen, avoiding the stream of pots and pans and curses from the wall-mounted counters. Plastered against the island along with me were five tiny hairy folk in simple brown rags. Four were about six inches tall, the last a whole mighty foot tall. This last grabbed ahold of one of my hands and started to pull. “Quick! T’ tha root cellar! We hald tha fler there!” commanded the tiny creature in an accent I refused to believe was a real human one and was nearly indecipherable.
I yanked back my hand, which sent the taller creature to the ground. “Fuck that! I’ll just wait until it runs out of pots and pans!”
The creatures turned to one another, and then looked at me like I was the biggest idiot they had ever met. Which could have been utterly true in multiple senses.
“So it won’t run out of them. Great. Threetwoonego!” I called, and started to run. My tiny fellows followed me, and did exactly nothing to absorb any of the hail of metal cookware. I glanced back to see that my assailant was another foot-tall creature. How it had the strength to throw a cooking pot twice it’s size with so much force is one of those wonderful mysteries of magic. It’s one of those mysteries that ended with me getting hit in the face by a metal pot, sending me tumbling down the stairs of the root cellar. I reached the safety of the root cellar with enough bruises to call the day officially terrible.
“Thanks for the help. So noble of you folks. Putting your lives on the line to defend me from all those terrible cooking tools.” I wheezed from my spot on the dirty, hard, cold floor.
“O’ course.” the tallest creature, brushing itself off.
I pushed myself up to glare at it, only to see a veritable tribe of the little critters clambering out from the corners and shadows of the room. Most were of the six inch variety, but a few more rivalled my “savior” for size. All were hairy to the point of almost being furry and were clothed in simple brown robes or rags.
“So, you got me down in your creepy gullivers travel dungeon. Why?”
“Weer mu’ begger tha’ tha folks in tha’ buk!” Proclaimed my savior, the tallest of the bunch.
“Alot more annoying, too. What’s you’re name, Brownie?”
“I ain’t Brownie! I Hobgoblin! Cofgod Doblins, is’er name!” The creature beamed in pride, offering one hairy mitt for me to shake.
I obliged, with two fingers. “Cofgod Doblins the Goblins?”
“Hob. Hobgoblins. What’s’er’name?”
I paused for a moment, then realized what the thing had tried to say. “Oh! John Constantine.”
The creatures all around me startled, and murmured amongst themselves. I could hardly believe it. My name had even spread to a bunch of nobody house spirits in the middle of nowhere? Godsdamnit.
“Sorceerer, ya?”
“Depends. Do I need to be to get out of here.”
Doblins nodded sadly. “Ya. Nah bigefolks hur fer long times. Nah stay since Lob Lie-By-The-Fire nah stop laying by tha fire. Keep us fed, Lob ded. Lossa hungry hob an’ brown sence.”
I nodded in my best impression of somebody who truly cared, and nursed my grudge deep within myself. Even on my vacation I couldn’t escape this bullshit. How dare this diminutive bastards interrupt my beach time, even if it had been initially coerced beach time. I seriously considered just setting fire to the whole damn place and having an end to it. “So, Lob dies, nobody who comes here feeds you anymore. What, you want me to live here now?”
“Nah, nah!” Doblins waves their tiny hands frantically. “Nah me. Cofgod Sodswall! Has tha fler up tha stairs. Says we shuld jus’ keep ya both. Me an’ mine say nah. Lotta fightin’. Now Sodswall tryin’ ta maka moov.”
I hugged my knees to my chest. “...Both of us? What do….fuck.”
“Hey, John?” called a voice from the top of the stairs to the root cellar. In the panic of everything, I had forgotten my new...acquaintance.
“Yeah Ellie?” I called back weakly, despite Doblins’ waving to be silent. I had come down that morning, one of several mornings after lovely evenings with Ellie, to get some coffee and and a quick smoke outside when the first pans started flying. I had totally forgotten I had left her upstairs in the bedroom.
“So, are you seeing the little folks too?”
“Yeah don’t know why I even tried.”
“They’re telling me they want to keep us here forever? Also that I’m their...champion sorceerer? Did I say that right?” She called down.
“Probably. Mine just want to let us go,’re on Sodswall’s side? You’re a Sorceror!?” Godsdamnit! Even before the fucking brownies magic couldn’t stop riding my ass!
“Not that I-”
“DIN’ LISTEN TA HER, SHEE BE MY CHAMPEON!” shrieked a tiny voice from the top of the stairs.
Doblins seethed, but I held out a hand and they stopped the bickering for the moment. “Are you okay, Ellie?”
“I mean, besides being a prisoner? They’re honestly pretty nice.”
“I’m going to figure out a way out of this. Don’t worry.”
“Take your time!” she called down, before I heard her asking someone about breakfast in bed. I winced. She was taking this pretty good, if she wasn’t actually a sorceress. But I was sure the crushing realization that reality wasn’t really what she thought would hit any moment. This was just shock. I needed to resolve this before something went wrong. Also so I could leave this fucking house.
“Okay. so Lob is dead. Where did you put the bastard? Maybe I can do something with that.”
Doblins gave me an odd look. “What ya mean? Lob is Lie-By-The-Fire. Lob is Laying By Tha Fire.”
The plan to get to the main floor of the cabin by the sea, and specifically to the fireplace, was long and overly complicated to the extreme. The Brownies and Hobgoblins had clearly never been in anything but the loosest definition of a fight. Their only real advantage was that their opponents were in the same situation.
My first instinct when going upstairs was to make a dash to the front door, but at the very least Sodswall had thought of that. I got a broomstick right to my already bruised knees and fell like an oak. I just barely managed to scrabble back to Doblin’s battle lines before being captured. They were tiny and pathetic and dumb, but they were house spirits. They were the masters of the house in a very literal sense, and I wasn’t going to get out except through them. The thought of blowing up the house entered my mind once more, but Ellie was here somewhere. I didn’t think she’d take kindly to being in the house I blew up.
The fighting stopped as soon as we entered the living room with the fireplace. It seemed this was something like a holy place for the little folk of the house. I could have sworn this room hadn’t even existed before now, but I supposed the little folks had worked their little magic to make sure that I never saw it until they wanted me too. It was perfectly cleaned and maintained, but didn’t look like it’d been actually used in years. There was the fireplace, a tiny flame still flickering within. In front of the fire was Lob. Lob looked like the rest of the little folk, except person sized. Which mostly meant he looked like a very hairy and shabbily dressed person. He certainly didn’t look dead. He looked like he was just taking a nap.
“How long ago did Lob stop...stop being alive while lying next to the fire?”
“Oh, hafscer yurs agah? Ish.”
“...Ten years?”
I approached and knelt by the body as the follows of Cofgod Doblins took a rest and licked their wounds from the battle. Sometimes literally. I placed my hand on Lob’s forehead. It was still warm.
“Amaze, yah? Fire-warm even aftah all tha yurs.” Doblins intoned wisely, standing besides me.
I touched both sides of his head. Equally warm. Touched both of his hands. Both equally warm. Despite the fact that only his left side was facing the fire proper. He wasn’t breathing, but he was still alive. Apparently. Magic and all that.
“What was Lob doing before he stopped moving?”
“Oh, yah know, Drinkin’. Loved his drinkin’.” Doblins said sadly.
One of the Brownies, the six inch hairy folk, keened from their spot besides the couch. “‘Is lass werds were: “Whassamatter with tha foam?””
What could be wrong with foam? I looked back at the little fire, and a thought occurred to me. One that I perhaps couldn’t trust anybody in this room. Maybe nobody in this whole house, besides me and Ellie. “Where can we find some lighter fluid?”
All of the critters Gasped. Doblins took the lead. “Thass...outside. By tha grill!”
I nodded. “Right. So, here’s the plan…”
The plan to get outside was much simpler, and the battle was great and cruel. Brownie brother fought Brownie brother, bruises and tears were had, and it was just a very bad day for all involved. Especially me. As the biggest target, I was also the one everybody defaulted too. I was thankful when I managed to swing by the coat rack and throw on my trench coat, giving me a modicum of protection when some overzealous Hob threw a knife my way.
We burst through the doors, and for a moment I considered running. But that wouldn't be fair to Ellie. Hell, it wouldn’t be fair to the little folks. As I watched them fight I could see the exposed ribs, the desperate eyes. Most of them didn’t deserve this. They deserved some kind of help, dumb and dangerous as they were.
So instead I made for the grill, and picked up the lighter fluid. As I had hoped, the mere chance of me running made our foes pull out their final playing card: Their leader and their champion.
Ellie strode into the battlefield, Sodswall atop her left shoulder. “YAH! YAH! TAKE ‘IM DOWN, CHAMPEON!” He wailed as she approached me. We looked at each other. I, a veritable wreck of bruises and lack of shower. Her, like she had just been through a luxury spa.
She smiled, and put her hands on her hips. “Wow. Looks like I missed a party in that cellar, huh?”
I blinked. “A fucking rager. sure you’re okay?”
“I just spent the last few hours being pampered by a bunch of little magic things. Either I’m insane, or this is the coolest day...maybe ever?”
I glared. Some people just had all the luck. I lunged forward and pulled her aside as the over-enthusiastic Hob threw a knife our way, nearly cutting her. What side was that thing even on? Or did it just like throwing knives? “I think I can stop the fighting. Do me a favor?”
“Just...grab the little guy on your shoulder?”
“AHA! FOOL SORCEERER!” Roared Sodswall, taking the opportunity of my closeness to kick my face with a tiny, painful foot. “THA TRECKS WI’NAH WERK ON M-ACK!” Sodswall wailed as Ellie caught them in her hands as easily as catching a dove.
“Okay, Everybody! Shows over! Leader caught, war over. Stop the fighting now.” I announced to the battling little folk. Most all ceased immediately, not having the stomach to fight more than they needed.
“Aha! Gud Sorceerer Jon! Ya wun tha day!” Cheered Doblins, charging towards me, only for me to hold them back with a foot.
“Not so fast. One last thing to solve.”
The whole of the household spirits were gathered in the living room with the fireplace, while I strode in front of Lob Lie-By-The-Fire. A cigarette hung limp and half-burned between my lips, smoke gently joining the light ash on the roof. Ellie sat amongst them, a giant. I had offered for her to leave, but she had insisted on seeing this through.
“Lob died about ten years ago.” I proclaimed, and the whole audience was on the edge of their seats already. “But he didn’t really die. He only half-died. His body died, but the fire...the fire kept going. Must be a little fire elemental in Lob, or demon, or something, because that little hearth-fire has been keeping him going all these years while the fire inside him was dampened.
“Now, he didn’t just pass away. He was poisoned. When one of his good, lovely servants poured him a beer that fateful day, some of the foam came from the house’s fire extinguisher. Lob didn’t drink much of it, but he drank enough for it to get inside. Internal fire: Dampened.”
The crowd’s low murmur turned to stunned silence.
“But, luckily, there’s an easy fix. We just need to figure out who it was that served him that beer. Any volunteers?”
The crowd shifted uneasily. Just as I had thought: the culprit had been careful, whoever they were. They had either threatened any witnesses into silence, or made sure there never was any to begin with.
I smiled. “That’s fine, that’s fine. Let’s bring out the star witness then!”
I pulled the lighter fluid from my pocket, and shot a stream of the stuff right into Lob’s half-opened mouth. I saw two tiny figures lunge as I spat my cigarette right into the fluid.
Lob sat up with a roar, breathing out a great gout of fire I barely managed to sidestep. Lob’s eyes flew up and filled once again with light and vigor, and he turned to the two little folk that had lunged to try and stop his resurrection: Doblins and Sodswall. The two who had taken power after Lob’s decline. Who had attempted to poison him to take control, and afterwords betrayed each other realizing they were not up to the task. Who had just tried to stop me from waking up Lob once more.
“Power hungry little bastards” He hissed, snatching both of them up before they could flee and flinging them into the fire. There wasn’t even a scream, just two puffs of ash as they were consumed.
Lob stood to his full height, stretched out, and yawned. “So, whose ready for a real drink?”
The sound of a nearly a hundred little throats screaming in joy and celebration wasn’t quite as overwhelming as a hundred human throats would have been, but it was even more heartwarming. Lob was back on the ground and laughing as he was swarmed by all of his subjects and friends at once, hugging and babbling and cheering.
Not too bad of a vacation after all.
I stayed a few more days on the invitation of Lob, to run out my rental time, and was treated like a king. I have rarely slept in such immaculately clean beds, atop such perfectly fluffed pillows, nor woken up to such artistically designed breakfasts. Ellie got the same treatment, and didn’t seem to mind sticking around a few days with me either. I figured it was mostly just for pampering by house spirits, but it was nice to have her company.
Then she caught me as I was packing to leave on the last day. “So...didn’t want to push, but want to explain anything that just happened?”
I continued to pack my shirts. “Nope.”
“Seems like you’re pretty in control. Like this happens pretty often to you.”
“Could say the same about you.”
She shrugged. “Nah, I’m just open. Always wanted stuff like this to be real. You act like you already knew it was real. There’s a difference.”
“So...any chance I can get in on it?”
I started to pack my pants. “Absolutely not.”
She frowned. “...You know I already got your number, right? And some other info. Adress, all kinds of stuff.
“How’d you do that?”
“You can be a heavy sleeper when you’re drunk. Your phone’s password barely counts as a password.”
I closed my suitcase, zippered it shut, and finally turned to her. Looking at phones while my partner was asleep was supposed to be my thing! “Magic is dangerous. Always will be. We’re lucky your first sight of it was these hapless weirdos. I’ve had friends die for magic. Plenty of them. I’ve nearly died a few times for it. It isn’t worth it, and you can’t get out once you’re in. No matter how much you try.” By the time I was done talking, I was nearly in her face.
She took a step back, hesitating. Then she stepped up to meet my gaze. “I want in. I want to see all the shit you’re hiding. Either you can let me in, or I’ll break through a window when you aren’t looking.”
We held each others gazes for a while. I tried to take her measure. I tried to slip a little of my mind into hers, but it was steely with determination and I couldn’t wiggle my way in no matter what magical tricks I pulled. Some people were just like that: mental fortresses immune to all but the strongest tricks. I definitely didn’t want to mind control Ellie just for answers.
As I looked into her eyes, my chest swelled with sudden pain. I missed Danny. I missed Scythia. I missed Judith. I missed Gary. I even missed Anne-Marie, and she’d tried to kill me at least twice. Chas was great, my best mate, but he couldn’t fill the place they did.
“Fine. But your not my apprentice, or student, or whatever.”
She gave me a wicked smile, and leaned forward. “Can’t be fucking your students anyhow, can you?”
“Suppose not.” I smiled myself while stepping back, to her mixed frustration and amusement. “I’ll call you if anything pops up.” I picked up my suitcase, and scurried out before she could pressure me into any other dumb ideas.
Continued In Hellblazer #21 > , Coming July 15th!
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a biopic about the last days of the Reich and Hitler's death - where Hitler goes absolutely ballistic: [Downfall](https://www." - ShowmethepathpleaseTrump’s pick to lead ICE, who touted surge in immigration arrests, steps down"They would cheer and support Trump if he brought Hitlers corpse to run ICE." - nothingisuniquehereTrump winning a Nobel peace prize for North Korea ‘idiotic’, Q&A told"If Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, Hitler should get a posthumous one for unifying and rejuvenating Europe." - UPPERCASE_THOUGHTS‘There’s No Reason to Apologize’ for Muslim Ban Remarks, Trump Says"Shitler blamed the German people." - lancea_longiniThe world’s bleak global warming situation, in 3 charts"Edit - as does trying to be edgy about Hitler." - nSphericalBastardsWere Michelle Wolf's Sarah Sanders Jokes Really So Outrageous? Wolf's Act Vs. Previous WHCD Hosts'"On Obama, Hitler and Stalin:." - Peanut7853'Trump Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize,' South Korea's Moon Says"There is a distantly related precedent for this, should he actually win; Hitler was Time magazine's man of the year after all." - Pantsickle"You guys are the ones “literally shaking” and thinking he’s Hitler 2." - 2083062"CNN told me he is literally Hitler and cannot be trusted." - RowowowICE acting director Thomas Homan announces plan to retire"Or a Hitler clone, I can't think of anyone worse." - GotOutOfCowtownMaking Sense of Netanyahu’s Strange Slideshow"Netanyahu is modern day Hitler ." - Whose_askingWe Need Some May Day Militancy"Before Hitler they were doing the same thing in Africa and the vast majority of the German people didn't give a shit until suddenly they were on the wrong end of the rifle." - BretBurtington"It's the same bullshit old take that starts at the 1920s while ignoring the fact that most of what Hitler did was simply not out of line with the agenda of the colonial powers and thus a liberal appeal to decency was doomed to fail." - BretBurtingtonTrump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says South Korea's Moon"I guess Stalin, Hitler, and Mao should get peace prizes as well for all the peaceful killings they had committed." - cmpgamerTrump: We don't want to be the policemen of the world"Hitler thought he was the alpha world police." - Yoda2000675"And attitudes like yours are what allowed Hitler to rise to power." - TrollsarefromVelesMK"Hitler had simplistic dismissive views, and they were dangerous." - Yoda2000675Nurturing a new diversity on campus: 'Diversity of thought'"Hitler do his thing because everybody has different opinions." - FUCK_BALLS_SHIT_ASSTrump's 'roll' on North Korea and US economic growth should boost GOP's midterm chances: Analyst"Seems odd considering people have claimed he’s “literally” Hitler." - lovestosplooge19Roseanne at JPost Conference: I want to move to Israel and run for PM"Says the woman who wanted and did dress as hitler baking jewish people cookies." - MrE78John McCain told Meghan McCain's husband to 'take care' of her"Hitler was also very brave in WW1." - AvailableWrongdoerDemocrats lose ground with millennials - Reuters/Ipsos poll"But The USSR beats Hitler, with or without us." - WatchingDonFailThis is the new version of HitlerFallacyBot running on my Raspberry Pi 3! 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