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Exeter City Council recycling data. Data shows recycling collected from the kerbside, recycling banks, non-households. Exeter City Council recycling data. Data shows recycling collected from the kerbside, recycling banks, non-households. Exeter climate summary The Exeter lies on 50m above sea level Exeter's climate is classified as warm and temperate. The is a great deal of rainfall in Exeter, even in the driest month. This location is classified as Cfb by Köppen and Geiger. The average annual temperature in Exeter is 9.7 °C 49.5 °F. The annual rainfall is 881 mm 34.7 inch. Exeter City Futures launched an interactive map to help people across the city highlight the positive changes they would like to retain for life after lockdown and ideas about how Exeter could be improved post lockdown. The map is live, it's super-easy to add your thoughts, and can be found here: January February March April May June July August September October November December; Avg. Temperature (°C) 3.9 4.6 5.9 8.7 11.2 14.7 16.4 15.7 13.4 10.2 Open Exeter Web Browser – Data User Certification Form for GP Practices . Data User Certification Request Form for Access to Open Exeter . Staff in GP Practice Organisations . Please ensure this form is completed fully. Once completed, please send to the Access Control Manager at the designated PCSS office responsible for the system(s) to which Exeter is a city located in Devon, England in the United Kingdom.The city is located along the River Exe and is southwest of Bristol and northeast of Plymouth. Estimates recorded in mid-2016 put the population at 129,800 residents. This cathedral city has a history rooted deep in religion and was also known for its role as a hub for wool trade. NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. Current conditions at Pease Air Force Base / Portsmouth (KPSM) Lat: 43.08°NLon: 70.82°WElev: 102ft. The first data collected is analysed in a new report, funded by the ESRC and written by Dr Dymond and Dr Katharine Boyd, from the University of Exeter, and experts from the College of Policing. The report analyses data from the 16 police forces in England and Wales who submitted the most data about use of force. Exeter Advanced Life Support (ALS) is Exeter Hospital’s team of paramedics who staff the ED as well as serving the surrounding communities in partnership with EMS providers. Level III Trauma Center. Exeter Hospital is a Level III Trauma Center, meeting all established standards set by the State of New Hampshire. Get this from a library! Intelligent data engineering and automated learning--IDEAL 2004 : 5th international conference, Exeter, UK, August 25-27, 2004 : proceedings. [Zheng Rong Yang; Richard Everson; Hujun Yin;] -- This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning, IDEAL 2004, held in Exeter, UK, in ...

Collection of 26 remote jobs from various job boards

2020.09.08 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 26 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.07.09 08:41 Justwonderinif Golden State Killer Timeline I

-Joseph Sr and Kathleen purchased a small home in Rancho Cordova at 10605 Olson Drive.
Golden State Killer Timeline II >>>
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2020.07.09 07:36 Justwonderinif Golden State Killer Timeline I

-Joseph Sr and Kathleen purchased a small home in Rancho Cordova at 10605 Olson Drive.
Golden State Killer Timeline II >>>
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2020.07.09 03:29 Justwonderinif Golden State Killer Timeline I

Golden State Killer Timeline II >>>
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2020.06.22 12:08 salairejetable AITA for parking over the line?

Hello all,
I recently got into a mild altercation over the way I was parked on the street in Exeter, NH (here, specifically). It was a similar situation to what is shown in the Street View image, where I was able to pull in directly behind an already-parked car, without having to back into a spot between two cars.
In my case, the already-parked car was straddling the T-shaped parking guideline, so that it was only about halfway in the designated parking spot. In other words, it was about 6 feet further forward than the red Subaru in the Street View image I linked.
Without thinking much of it, I pulled up to a reasonable distance behind the car (2-3 feet), rather than settling in between "my" guidelines and leaving a big empty space between our two cars. So I was also too far forward in my spot.
After walking around I came back to my car, got in and started setting the GPS for my next destination. While I was sitting in the driver's seat looking at my phone, I felt my car get bumped from behind. I got out to see what had happened and saw that a woman had pulled in behind me and left her car's bumper touching mine. There were no cars parked behind her, so it was clearly intentional.
I said to her, "That's a little bit close, isn't it?", and she responded, "Let me show you something - you're not parked right, so I had to pull as far forward as I could to be in MY spot!". I'm not great with confrontation, so I just sputtered and she stormed off.
My question is: just how egregious was my parking behavior? It seems to me that she overreacted in trying to teach me a lesson, but maybe I violated social norms/parking regulations in a way that I wasn't fully aware of. My rental car had Massachusetts plates and I'm not a local anyway, so that could have exacerbated things.
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2020.05.01 12:46 Fwoggie2 Covid-19 update Friday 1st May

Good morning from the UK. It’s Friday 1st May.

Virus statistics

As regular visits to this subreddit will know I’ve been struggling to find the time to crunch the stats whilst running the global supply chain for my COO boss (manufacturing, shipping, ecommerce activities) + looking after my wife (who has bipolar, anxiety and OCD), trying to call my isolated aunt and dad (both in their 70’s and already suffering from depression pre-outbreak although they refuse to seek medical help) + running our household (standard chores, cooking, finances) + setting up our allotment.
Enormous thanks therefore to rkuzsma who has already done the stats today on my behalf here and far more importantly, written me a script to autogenerate them in the future in about 5 seconds flat. It took me about 40 minutes to figure out how to get the script up and running on my computer (I’m a total beginner when it comes to Github) but I got there. Have a platinum award against your post sir and enjoy a month’s worth of Reddit premium on me; your efforts are going to claw back 30-45 minutes a day for me going forward, and to you too temporal_PL who then made it into an even easier to use web page here. Now everyone can have their own stats with their own cut offs whenever they like, you can have some platinum too! :-)

prepdoxx asked two days ago why I’m relying on the Johns Hopkins stats, arguing that a single data point generates a monopoly and makes it unreliable to fully gauge what’s going on. It’s a really great point that deserves a (unfortunately belated) reply; it’s due to 3 factors: did a story on how the Johns Hopkins statistics project came to be here for anyone interested (TLDR; random idea over a coffee one day back in mid January). If anyone hasn’t yet come across the dashboard, you can find it here. As an alternative, no-name-here pointed out a week ago that an alternative source of data (with lots more graphs) is available at ourworldindata here.
Finally, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, any data you do come across (even from reputable sources such as Johns Hopkins) should only be taken as a rough guide of progress of the spread of (and fight against ) the disease only. Reasons:-
1 - shortages of ready-to-use testing kits (and/or ingredients to make the kits) in some countries continue
2 - differences between countries as to testing approaches (who should be tested, when and why)
3 - speed to get test results back vary between countries
4 - People with minor symptoms are unlikely to be tested in multiple countries
5 - Country / individual doctor variances in attributing deaths to Covid-19 (multiple media reports around the world have been flagging up that many of the victims that have died had other underlying medical issues)
6 - Some “victims” are asymptomatic (meaning they’ve caught it but exhibited no symptoms and are thus likely to have evaded detection and thus counting)
7 - Risk of double counting for people who have been given multiple tests.
8 - If your favourite data source demonstrates a downward jolt in new cases/deaths, you should wait for that to become a trend over several days. A one day decline does not mean you’re past peak, especially on Mondays when data is not fully caught up from weekend activity.

Supply chain news in depth

COVID-19 is reshaping the pharmaceutical supply chain - Chemical and Engineering news reports that as of April, the chain remains largely functional and intact. Chinese suppliers are back in operation, and US and European API producers continue to operate without serious impediment. Manufacturers generally keep emergency stocks of ingredients on hand, and most claim they are not yet threatened by a slowdown in deliveries of raw materials. Roger Laforce, a Switzerland-based industry consultant, credits Western producers with making strides in recent years to secure themselves against volatility in supply from Asia, China in particular. “The coronavirus accelerates this, I think, and will have a long-term effect on how supply chain management will be run,” Laforce says.
(Cont’d) As concern mounted in recent years over the possible quality trade-off of low-cost Asian supply, most Western companies steered clear of the worst actors. But there is still a high level of anxiety, according to Luis Gomes, senior vice president of operations at the Portuguese API maker Hovione. Gomes, who chairs the Pharmaceutical Activities Committee of the EFCG, was among the company representatives at the EC (European Commission) hearing in Brussels in December. “As API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) suppliers, we are a little bit in the middle,” Gomes says. “We see what is happening with our customers who are generic or branded drug manufacturers, but we also see what is happening at the earliest stage of the supply chain.” China’s dominance in pharmaceutical raw materials and the shift of production of key generic drugs to India, which now supplies 40% of generics to the world market, are front-burner issues for EFCG (European Fine Chemicals Group an association representing API manufacturers), he says. The problem is that lawmakers and the public have exhibited a shocking lack of awareness of the risks, Gomes says. “If for some reason all the energy used in the United States, say, was produced in China, the American people wouldn’t allow it,” he says. “People need to understand that we need to have certain internal capabilities with public medical supply as well.”
(Cont’d) Andrew Badrot, CEO of C2 Pharma, a Luxembourg-based API supplier that outsources manufacturing, sees the US government’s coronavirus response as a turning point in efforts to realign the pharmaceutical supply chain. “In the context of what is happening between the United States and China and Europe, I think nobody has any doubt about China’s ability today to bring the world to its knees should they stop supply of medical devices or raw materials or intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry,” he says. The Trump administration’s penchant for trade wars has shifted the prospect of China weaponizing the drug supply chain from the far fetched to the worrisome, Badrot argues. This year’s initial quarantine in China, he adds, illustrated another way that supply can be cut off. COVID-19 delivered a wake-up call that Badrot says will affect supply chains more than China’s move to close noncompliant manufacturing will. “We need to look at medication on an equivalent level of strategic importance as weapons,” Badrot says. Domestic control of the supply chain is essential, he adds.
Industry executives acknowledge the irony that the very companies that spent the past 20 years outsourcing the supply of chemicals and APIs to China are now asking for support to bring it back. But they dismiss the criticism, responding that capitalist industries have to compete globally on price. Their request for support, they say, aims to establish a more level, competitive playing field.
“We have to deal with the reality that pricing plays an important role in the availability of drugs, primarily if they are generic,” the BPTF’s DiLoreto says (John DiLoreto is an executive director of the Bulk Pharmaceuticals Task Force, an organization of US API producers). “We have to find a way to provide additional incentives for manufacturing to come back to the US. Whatever those financial incentives are, the government will have to start taking it seriously.”

Supply chain news in brief

Good news section

AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) are certainly busy at present, taking full advantage of being stuck at home and/or furloughed.

NW UK charities have received a lifeline from a generous family who donated more than £300,000 to the battle against coronavirus**.** A total of 14 charities across Cumbria and North Lancashire have received a share of the vital donation, helping them cope with the added strain from the pandemic. The Cumbrian family, who have remained anonymous, handed £310,000 to the Cumbria Community Foundation, which shared the money to groups at risk of collapse because of the crisis. (Link).


Several asked if they can send me $/£/€ via Patreon (in some cases because I've saved them time or money, others for no reason at all). I don't need the cash (that's lovely though) but as you may have read above, food bank charities are getting really hit hard with all this panic buying. Please consider giving whatever you'd have given me to a foodbank charity instead:
Thanks in advance for any donations you give. If there's foodbank charities in your country and it's not listed above, please suggest it and I will include it going forward.
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2020.02.25 12:24 FioMK2 [other] Julia Webb - the 1998 murder of a dog walker on Kennel Lane, Sandiway, Cheshire

Hello all,
I'm a first-time poster and long-time lurker on this forum and have enjoyed going down the rabbit hole on a few occasions! Please feel free to make suggestions on my posting format or if there's anything that I can edit at a later date. This case is particular close to me as I used to live in Sandiway for years, going to school down the road and I used to walk down Kennel Lane with my family regularly, especially in Winter times as the cafe at Blakemere Craft Centre does really good bacon sandwiches!

The case (taken directly from
Julia Webb was beaten to death with a blunt instrument while walking her dog near her home in Sandiway on 22 July 1998.
A 43-year-old man from Somerset was later arrested for her murder in 2004 but released without charge.
Julia Webb had been walking her golden Labrador Rosie at the time. After her murder, Rosie the dog had sat in the lane and later when her son went out looking for her and found Rosie sat in the lane, Rosie then led him to where Julia Webb was found dead in the woodland. She was found yards away from her home in Weaverham Road in some woodland at about 5.30pm after having gone out for her walk at about 3pm which she did everyday. Her son had gone out to look for her after he had got home to find his grandfather at the home in a worried state because Julia Webb had not got back from her walk.
She had been beaten about the head and strangled
The murder weapon was never found and there was no known motive.
The police operation to solve her murder was called Operation Nato.
Julia Webb had two sons and was not thought to have had any enemies.
A Crimewatch UK television reconstruction was later made in September 1998 in which the police said that they were looking to trace three men that had been seen in the area at the time. They were:
The police said that they thought her murderer had had a local connection.
Her death was also later connected to the murder of Kate Bushell who was also murdered whilst out walking her dog near Exeter, although the police later said that they ruled out the connection. The police said 'We have liaised with the police in Cheshire, and the officers in other forces where crimes have been committed which may have similarities to the murder of Kate Bushell. We have no evidence to link Kate's murder with the killing of Julia Webb, and there is nothing to suggest we are looking for the same offender.'.
Previous Reddit post regarding the case: UK Unsolved Dogwalker Murder 1998

The area:
The area surrounding Kennel Lane is extremely popular with dog-walkers and leads directly to the 'Whitegate Way', which is a disused railway line that used to connect Cuddington to the Manchester-Chester mainline and was one of the main thoroughfares for trains carrying salt from Northwich to travel further afield. There's also Blakemere Craft Centre nearby which sells locally-crafted goods such as decorations, jewellery and ice cream and a Summer Camp which is used by local Scout groups further down the lane, both of which can be accessed through the woods adjacent to Kennel Lane. Kennel Lane is a turn off the A556, which is a busy main road and serves as one of the main alternative routes to travel between Chester and Manchester. Nearby are the local commuter villages of Sandiway and Cuddington which are relatively affluent and serve as a base for workers in nearby towns and cities further afield due to their good transport links. Having lived in the area a while ago and walked through these woods for years, the area has gained a reputation for being the place to go for any drugs activity and I've stumbled across a fair few used needles while investigating a burnt out motorbike in the past. The nearby village of Cuddington used to be notorious for housing some of the local detritus and when I used to attend the Scout Camp, we were always warned not to approach anyone who made advances or offered you anything from Kennel Lane. Links can be found below of the area:
Kennel Lane, Sandiway
Kennel Lane Street View

My initial impressions are that I honestly don't believe that it was premeditated or a robbery gone wrong as all articles on the case state that Julia was essentially a homemaker and carer and was seen as a lovely person in the community. If I was going to rob someone, I wouldn't hang around a remote wood where my pool of potential victims probably wouldn't have much of monetary value on them. Given that the area is well-known for anything drug related and there have been reports of strangers lingering in the woods in the past, my theory is this:
Julia walked down Kennel Lane as she usually does and once far enough away from the busy main road, she let Rosie off her lead and proceeded to walk further down the lane while Rosie followed. For whatever reason, Rosie then decided to venture off into the woods (either on the way down or the way back up the lane), and after being told to avoid going in, Julia tried to call Rosie back, but to no avail. At this point, she goes to see where Rosie has gone but inadvertantly stumbles upon either a drug deal, people using drugs or have just used and are under the influence and just want to be left alone or some other form of antisocial behavior. At this point there's an altercation such as Julia confronting them about their activities or the surprise of the assailant(s) possibly combined with being impaired by drugs, at which point Julia is beaten with a weapon of opportunity such as a log of rock and then the assailant(s) escape.
My theory is potentially corroborated by these quotes which I have found in an article on (for some reason, the link won't copy!):
"I said to her 'You're not going into the wood on your own, are you?' Julia said 'No, I'm going down the lane.' - told to avoid going into the woods due to being notorious with illegal / unscupulous activity
"The pet led mechanic Christopher into nearby woodland where he found his dying mother 10 yards into the undergrowth." - obviously for whatever reason, Julia ventured into the woods, not far, but depending on how far she went down the lane, there's enough foliage to be hidden completely from view from the road.
"Julia's one relaxation was walking Rosie - but she rarely went into the wood. Locals have complained it is used by drug dealers. There has also been talk of strangers in the area." - states that Rosie RARELY went into the woods, it's entirely possible that she did go in as dogs do have a mind of their own, especially when having been inside all day and are suddenly in a wide open space (can confirm!).
"Police are baffled by the brutal killing for which they can find no motive.""Julia's body was fully clothed and there were no immediate signs of sexual attack or robbery. No murder weapon has been found." - these quotes give weight to theory of that the murder was a 'spur of the moment' act and not pre-meditated in any way at all.

There were several 'people of interest' in the immediate aftermath of the murder which the police identified and appealed to come forward:
One of these people could potentially be a suspect.
The first man with the cane could be any normal, law-abiding citizen - the cane detail is interesting, but it sounds like from Police reports at the time as well as a Crimewatch reconstruction in 1998, the cane was so rare that an identical example couldn't be found so a drawing had to be supplied during the reconstruction. If I was caught shooting up in a wood, the last thing I would do is batter someone with a cane that could easily be traced back to me should someone recognise it. I'm not convinced this man was a suspect. Since a good proportion of the population of Sandiway are middle-aged (between 40 and 50) or are close to retirement age, this gentleman could have simply been out for a walk and not aware of what had just transpired.
The second man driving the Ford Orion (Ford Orion, for people who are not familiar with European cars of the period) could also be another law-abiding citizen. Without knowing which way he was driving, it's quite difficult to know what his intentions could have been. Kennel Lane does have a few houses on it and isn't really used as a thoroughfare or shortcut to anywhere as it only leads to Overdale Lane to the South which then essentially goes through farmland.
The final man running across Dalefords Lane is very interesting. Dalefords Lane runs approximately parallel to Kennel Lane and connects the A556 with Whitegate and the town of Winsford. The only way to get to Dalefords Lane from Kennel Lane is to cross a stile about halfway down Kennel Lane and cross a field. Dalesford Lane doesn't have any footpaths on it and is a very fast and dangerous road so is the last place you'd go for an evening jog. According to a Daily Post article in 2001, this man apparently ran out in front of a car. Due to the conditions of the road and given that the majority of the section running up to the A556 is straight and flat so you can see cars coming from a long distance off, you'd be a complete fool to run out straight in front of a car - maybe he was impaired, or desperate to get away from something so his judgement was clouded.

As previously stated, I reckon this was either a drug deal gone wrong or someone was caught off guard after having taken drugs and didn't want any attention bringing to them. The fact that all of Julia's valuables were left in the immediate vicinity of her body suggests that robbery wasn't the motive and the lack of apparent motive suggests that this was a spur of the moment event.

Edit: Changed some formatting and spelling errors.
Edit 2: Including the following article from the Warrington Guardian which gives a description of the running man.
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2020.02.25 03:41 broccolicat DAV's Ye Ole Book Club: Fruits and Farinacea, Pt 1 Ch 1- Kicked out of the garden, living to 900, deluge: before and after, fables, and what Smith truly thought about that science stuff

Welcome to the second post in our series about historic vegetarian/vegan arguments. We are debating through the 1845 text, Fruits and farinacea the proper food of man : Being an attempt to prove, from history, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, that the original, natural, and best diet of man is derived from the vegetable kingdom by John Smith.
This section is part of Part One- Original Food of man. Chapter One covers Evidence from the writings of Moses and from tradition. The following is the rest of the chapter.
Please feel free to read along in the original version here. In order to get a transcription, I am going from Dr Trall's reprint in 1854. It includes some additional notes for context and illustrations, but as far as I can tell the text is identical. I edited the footnote numbers to make sense for each section, rather than by page, but everything else is as.
Before we get into the rest of the religious arguments, there's this really interesting statement from Smith in the footnotes:
I deprecate, as much as any one can do, all appeals to Scripture upon points which science is fully competent to decide, and have only referred to the historical portions for the purpose of showing what was the original food of man, and of marking the period when further latitude was granted him. If it can be shown that a fruit and farinaceous diet is most consistent with the physical, mental, and moral nature of man, and that it is nowhere forbidden in Scripture, this is all the sanction the vegetarian requires.

Man's Expulsion from Paradise.
  1. This primeval state of innocence and bliss, however, did not long continue. Man forsook the way of peace; and, by vainly assuming a knowledge at variance with the law of his God and his nature, he ate of forbidden food, and thus lost the image in which he had been created. He was therefore no longer a fit inhabitant of Paradise; but was driven into less productive climes, where the very earth refused to yield its increase without toil and labor. "Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken; for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." (Gen. iii. 17—19.)
  2. I shall not stop to inquire, whether these expressions refer to the change of climate man would experience, in consequence of his expulsion from Eden; or whether they refer to some remarkable change which took place in the general fertility of the earth. It is certain, from numerous geological data, that great alterations have been gradually taking place in the earth's atmosphere; particularly by a diminution of its temperature and carbonic acid; which would greatly affect vegetable productions, and render culture and art much more necessary to bring them to perfection. But there is no evidence, as yet, to show that any material changes have taken place since the creation of man. In whatever way the passage of Scripture may be interpreted, one thing is evident; namely, that man, after his transgression, could no longer enjoy that abundance and variety of delicious fruit with which he was originally favored; except as the result of great labor, industry, and experience; and even then he would frequently have to derive his subsistence from roots, corn, and other farinaceous and succulent vegetables: in fact, he must "eat the herb of the field."
Silver Age, &c.
  1. To this period, it is probable, Ovid alludes, when he describes the silver age, under the dominion of Jupiter:
"Succeeding times a silver age behold,—Excelling brass, but more excelled by gold.Then summer, autumn, winter did appear,And spring was but a season of the year;The sun his annual course obliquely made,Good days contracted, and enlarged the bad.The air with sultry heats began to glow;The wings of winds were Clogged with ice and snow;And shivering mortals, into houses driven,Sought shelter from the inclemency of heaven.Those houses, then, were caves, or homely sheds;With twining osiers fenced, and moss their beds.Then ploughs, for seed, the fruitful furrows broke,And oxen labored first beneath the yoke."[1]
Longevity of the Antediluvians.
  1. Up to this period, man seems to have derived his support from the vegetable world alone; and upon this food his life was prolonged to vast periods of time. According to the generally-received chronology of the Scriptures, the average duration of patriarchal life, previously to the Deluge, was about nine hundred years. Immediately after the Flood, when animal food was permitted as an article of diet, the average period of life was reduced to four hundred years; and when Jacob lived, it had gradually declined to one hundred and fifty years. This abbreviated period of human existence may not have been the effect solely of animal diet; but it doubtless had a considerable influence.
  2. Lucretius, when describing the first ages of mankind, observes:
"The nerves that joined their limbs were firm and strong;Their life was healthy, and their age was long:Returning years still saw them in their prime;They wearied e'en the wings of measuring time:No colds nor heats, no strong diseases wait,And tell sad news of coming hasty fate;Nature not yet grew weak, nor yet beganTo shrink into an inch the larger span."[2]
  1. Sanchoniathon, a Phœnician historian who flourished about four hundred years after Moses, says, that "the first men lived upon the plants shooting out of the ground." Hesiod, the Greek poet, also says, "the uncultivated fields afforded them their fruits, and supplied their bountiful and unenvied repast." So also Lucretius:
"Soft acorns were their first and chiefest food,And those red apples that adorn the wood."[3]
  1. Similar testimony respecting the food and longevity of the ancients is also afforded by Manetho, who wrote the Egyptian History; Berosus, who collected the Chaldean monuments; Mochus, Hestiæus, Hierouymus the Egyptian, and those who composed the Phœnician History; also by Hecatæus, Hellanicus, Acusilaus, Ephorus, Nicolaus, Diodorus Siculus, Herodotus, Strabo, and Jerome of Egypt.
  2. Ælian[4] tells us, "that the diet of the first race of men differed according to the different productions of their respective countries: the Athenians lived on figs, the Argives on pears, and the Arcadians on acorns." Herodotus, who wrote about four hundred and fifty years before Christ, relates that, "upon the death of Lycurgus, the Lacedemonians, meditating the conquest of Arcadia, were told by the Oracle, that there were many brave Βαλανηφάγοι ἄνδρες (acorn-eaters) in that country, who would repel them if they attempted to carry their arms thither; as it afterwards happened."
Pliny also, the Roman naturalist, says: "Mankind in the first ages subsisted on acorns;" and Galen—the celebrated Roman physician, who flourished in the second century of the Christian era—assures us, in his work on Human Aliment, that "acorns afford as good nourishment as many sorts of grain; that in ancient times men lived on acorns only; and that the Arcadians continued to eat them long after the rest of Greece had begun to make use of bread-corn."[5] President de Goguet, in his work on the Origin of Laws, Arts, and Sciences, observes: "The first generations of mankind subsisted chiefly on plants, roots, and fruits; of whose qualities they had no previous knowledge."
  1. Dr. William Hillary, in his Inquiry into the Means of Improving Medical Knowledge, says: "Their food, during the first ages of the world, was taken from and chiefly consisted of vegetables, and their fruits and seeds, with the addition of milk from their flocks; and water was their drink." He also infers that, as their food was plain and simple, their diseases were also simple and few, and therefore more easily cured—either solely by the efforts of nature, or, when the assistance of art was necessary, by the help of a few simple medicines or applications—than they were afterwards, when diseases were increased, and more complicated by the various inventions of luxury. Porphyry, a Platonic philosopher of the third century,—a man of great talents and learning, and of very extensive research and observation,—investigated the subject of human diet with great care and diligence. He says: "The ancient Greeks lived entirely on the fruits of the earth."
  2. Hippocrates[6] and Celsus[7] confirm these statements respecting the primitive regimen of mankind; and, in fact, "all writers of antiquity, of every nation,—historians, physicians, philosophers, and poets,—assert that the first generations of men, who lived nearly a thousand years, were perfectly natural and simple in their diet."
Man permitted to eat Animal Food after the Deluge.
  1. How long mankind continued to live upon the simple productions of the earth, we have no means of ascertaining. St. Jerome, Chrysostom, Theodoret, and other ancients, as well as moderns, maintain that all animal food was strictly forbidden before the Flood: but long before that event they had transgressed the law of God; and there can be little doubt that the flesh of animals had, for some time previously, formed a material part of their diet. We read, that "all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth;"[8] and that "the earth was filled with violence through them:" and God said: "Yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years,"[9]
  2. When the Deluge had swept away the first generations of man, permission appears to have been granted to him to eat flesh-meat; as we learn from the following words: "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat."[10] I am aware that certain advocates of a vegetable diet take a different view of this, and some other passages of Scripture, and believe that the flesh of animals for human food is still prohibited. I am inclined, however, to admit the full force of such passages; and to acknowledge that man is not, since the Flood, restricted by the law of God from partaking of animal food.[11] It was, doubtless, foreseen by the Omniscient, that mankind would, in obedience to his command, "be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth:"[12] that they would, in consequence of emigration and various other causes, frequently be placed in such circumstances that fruits, roots, rice, wheat, and other grains, could not be procured. Man, however, is so admirably organized as to be capable of inhabiting every clime: he is not only to "replenish the earth," but to "subdue it;" to bring it into a state of universal cultivation, and to "have dominion over every thing that moveth upon the earth." In accomplishing these divine purposes, he would frequently be exposed to great privations; for as grass, and other inferior herbage, affording support to herbivorous animals only, are the sole productions of cold climates, man would be under the necessity of becoming carnivorous, until art and industry have rendered the soil of any newly inhabited part of the earth fruitful and productive. Plutarch, in reference to this, observes: "And truly, as for those people who first ventured upon the eating of flesh, it is very probable that the sole reason of their doing so was scarcity and want of other food." If, then, the original restriction as to food had not been relaxed, man, in obeying the impulses of nature to preserve his own life, would have broken the law of God; but the moral and physical laws of an all-wise Creator are always in strict conformity with each other. Man was to increase, multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it;—to have dominion over all animals, in all climates: it is therefore consistent with all correct views of divine government to expect that he would receive such an organization from the divine hand as would render him capable of subsisting on the greatest variety of food,—the productions of all climates; with full liberty to use all such as he might be induced, by his instincts or reasoning faculties, to adopt, as circumstances might require. The flesh of animals, therefore, could not be excepted; for, in many climates, no other food could be procured.
  3. But we are not thence to infer, that the digestive organs of man are the best adapted to an animal or even a mixed diet, (the contrary of which I hope to prove hereafter;) nor are we to conclude, that because animal food is permitted to man,3 therefore a more wholesome diet cannot be employed in situations where it can be procured. We must be careful to disguish between divine permission and divine command: there is a kind of relative fitness in morals as well as in physics; and what may be convenient and lawful in certain circumstances, may be highly improper in others, or under a different dispensation.
[Note 3. No branch of the scriptural argument is so much harped upon by our opponents as this "permission" to eat flesh; yet, what is passing strange, these same permissionists will acknowledge that God has, in the plainest possible language, commended or ordained the vegetable kingdom as the source of man's sustenance. The permission to have a plurality of wives in ancient times might as well be alleged against the modern notion of every man having "his own wife." All permission to violate a natural, a social, or a moral law, is accompanied with the condition that the wrongdoer suffer the penalty. T.]
  1. God has permitted evil to exist,—moral as well as physical; but man is not justified, as a moral agent, in causing either. The Pharisees, when objecting to the teachings of Christ respecting marriage, said: "Why did Moses, then, command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away? He saith unto them, Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, suffered you to put away your wives; but from the beginning it was not so."[13] Under a former dispensation, a principle of retribution was admitted;—"an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth;"—"to love our neighbor and hate our enemy;" but now we are commanded "to love our enemies, to bless them that curse us, to do good to them that hate us, and to pray for them that despitefully use us and persecute us." David, Solomon, and others, were permitted a plurality of wives and concubines; but the Mediator of a better covenant ordains otherwise for his followers. Things may be lawful that are not expedient; and man may be allowed the use of what might be to his advantage and happiness to reject. Throughout the Scriptures we shall find the dispensations of God suited to the circumstances of His people; and the language in which His servants communicate His will, and a knowledge of His works, always condescendingly adapted to the information and mental capacity of those for whom it is intended. "I have yet many things to say unto you," observes the Saviour, "but ye cannot bear them now." Upon a careful examination of Scripture, we shall find that all things connected with man's duty to God and his neighbor are revealed in such clear and simple language, "that a wayfaring man, though a fool, shall not err therein;" but, with respect to meats and drinks, man is left to the guidance of those instincts and mental faculties with which he is endowed, with full permission to use all the "good creatures" of God as his wants may dictate;—due regard being paid to mercy, truth, benevolence, moderation, and sobriety.
Little Animal Food eaten long after the Deluge.
  1. Without any disparagement to the cause of vegetable diet, therefore, it may be conceded, that animal food was permitted after the Deluge, when "men began to multiply on the face of the earth." But long after this event, the Patriarchs and their descendants confined themselves principally to a vegetable diet; for fruits, honey, milk, butter, bread, and some simple preparations of seeds and mild herbs, were the plain, healthful food of the people for many ages afterwards. On joyous and festive occasions the fatted calf was killed; but their usual diet was derived from the vegetable kingdom, and the produce of their flocks and herds; and, even to this day, the inhabitants of Syria, Mesopotamia, and other countries, live after the same manner.
  2. Assaad Yokoob Kayat, a native Syrian, in a speech at Exeter Hall, (May 16, 1838,) remarked, that he had lately visited Mount Lebanon, where he found the people as large as giants, and very strong and active. They lived almost entirely on dates, and drank only water; and there were many among them one hundred and one hundred and ten years of age. Burckhardt, also, in his remarks on the Bedouins, says: "Their usual fare (called ayesh) consists of flour made into a paste with sour camel's milk. This is their daily and universal dish; and the richest sheik would think it disgraceful to order his wife to prepare any other dish, merely to please his own palate. The Arabs never indulge in animal food, and other luxu-ries, except or the occasion of some great festival, or on the arrival of a stranger. If the guest be a common person, bread is baked and served up with ayesh; if the guest be a person of some small consequence, coffee is prepared for him, and also the dish called behatta, (rice or flour boiled with sweet camels milk,) or that called fteta, (baked paste, kneaded up thoroughly with butter;) but for a man of some rank, a kid or lamb is killed."
Brazen and Iron Ages.
  1. In process of time, however, the use of animal food became much more prevalent, particularly in temperate and cold climates; and there is every reason to believe that cruelty, immorality, and disease, marked the progress of man in this unnatural diet. This period is characterized by the poets as the brazen and iron ages, when—
"Truth, modesty, and shame the world forsook;Fraud, avarice, and force, their places took.Then sails were spread to every wind that blew;Raw were the sailors, and the depths were new:Trees, rudely hollowed, did the waves sustain,Ere ships in triumph ploughed the watery plain.The land-marks limited to each his right,For all before was common as the light;Nor was the ground alone required to bearHer annual income to the crooked share;But greedy mortals, rummaging her store,Digged from her entrails first the precious ore,(Which next to hell the prudent gods had laid,)And that alluring ill to sight displayed.Thus cursed steel, and more accursed gold,Gave mischief birth, and made that mischief boldAnd double death did wretched man invade,By steel assaulted, and by gold betrayed:Faith flies, and piety in exile mourns;And justice, here oppressed, to heaven returns."[14]
Fable of Prometheus, &c
  1. The various changes to which the earth and its inhabitants have been subjected, are alluded to in the fables of Chaos, Tellus, (or Terra,) Cœlus, Oceanus, Hyperion, Rhea, Japetus, Saturn, Jupiter, Prometheus, &c.
  2. Prometheus (Προμηθεὺς)—one who uses forethought, a contriver—is represented as having stolen fire from heaven, (which would be necessary to render animal food at all palatable to man;) for which crime he was chained to Mount Caucasus, where a vulture continually devoured his liver, which was never diminished, but continued to increase as it was fed upon. Hesiod says that, before the time of Prometheus, mankind were exempt from suffering, enjoying a vigorous youth; and that when death did arrive, it was without pain, and the eyes were gently closed as in sleep. Horace, in alluding to the theft of Prometheus, observes:
"Thus, from the sun's ethereal beam,When bold Prometheus stole the enlivening flame,Of fevers dire a ghastly brood(Till then unknown) the unhappy fraud pursued;On earth their horrors baleful spread;And the pale monarch of the dead,Till then slow moving to his prey,Precipitately rapid swept his way."[15]
Consequences of a Change of Diet.
  1. Mr. Newton, the author of the "Return of Nature," gives the following interpretation of this fable, in which Prometheus is thought to represent the human race:—"Making allowance for such transposition of the events of the allegory as time might produce, after the important truths were forgotten which this portion of the ancient mythology was intended to transmit, the drift of the fable seems to be this: Man, at his creation, was endowed with the gift of perpetual youth; that is, he was formed not to be a sickly, suffering creature, as we now see him; but to enjoy health, and to sink by slow degrees into the bosom of his parent earth, without disease or pain. Prometheus first taught the use of animal food (primus bovem occidet Prometheus) and of fire, with which to render it more digestible and pleasing to the taste. Jupiter, and the rest of the gods, foreseeing the consequences of these inventions, were amused or irritated at the short-sighted devices of the newly-formed creature, and left him to experience the sad effects of them. Thirst, the necessary concomitant of a flesh diet, perhaps of all diet vitiated by culinary preparations, ensued; water was resorted to, and man forfeited the inestimable gift of health which he had received from Heaven; he became diseased—the partaker of a precarious existence; and no longer descended slowly to his grave."[16]
  2. Hallé, in his "Hygiène," entertained the opinion here advocated, respecting the various articles successively employed as human food. "Moses, in his history of the world," says he, "describes the different substances which man successively included in the range of alimentary matter. He represents him as at first faithful to reason; then transgressing the rules which it prescribes; obedient to the laws of necessity, but yielding to the charms of pleasure with too faint a resistance; satisfying his hunger with the fruits with which the trees in a happy climate abundantly supplied him; then with the herbs and corn which he obtained from a more avaricious earth, as the reward of his labors; with the milk of his flocks; and, finally, with their flesh: subjecting, also, the juices of vegetables to the process of fermentation; and extracting from them liquors which recruit his exhausted strength, but which, when indulged in to excess, intoxicate and deprive him of reason. He exhibits to us the duration of life diminishing in proportion as he created to himself new wants."
1-Metamorphoses, Book i., L. 1462-Creech's Translation, Book v., L. 981.3-cIbid. Book v., L. 997.4- Ælian Hist. Var., L. 3, ch. 89.5-Galen de Aliment. Facult., L, 2, ch. 38.6-Hippoc. de Prisca Medicin. p.7-Celsus in Præfat, p. 2.8-Genesis vi. 12, 13.9-Genesis vi. 3.10-Genesis ix. 3, 4.11-Some of my reviewers have adduced Peter's vision and other passages of Scripture, in vindication of the use of animal diet; but as I have fully acknowledged that the use of animals for food was permitted after the Flood, I think it unnecessary to answer any such objections. I deprecate, as much as any one can do, all appeals to Scripture upon points which science is fully competent to decide, and have only referred to the historical portions for the purpose of showing what was the original food of man, and of marking the period when further latitude was granted him. If it can be shown that a fruit and farinaceous diet is most consistent with the physical, mental, and moral nature of man, and that it is nowhere forbidden in Scripture, this is all the sanction the vegetarian requires.
12-Genesis i. 28, and ix. 1.13-Matt, xix ,814- Metamorphoses, Book i, L. 165.15-Francis' Horace, book i., Ode 8.16-Return to Nature, p. 9.
Do you still think any parts of these arguments are relevant today? Why or why not? Would you use these argument today? Do you think it is controversial? Do modern versions of this debate look different? Do you have any other thoughts or conclusions on the text? How would you respond to Smith today?
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2019.12.06 23:35 _FuturistechInfo Top Futurology News - For the week of 12/06/2019 via Futuristech.Info

For the week of 12/06/2019:

We hope you enjoyed this weeks update of Futuristech Info!
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2019.11.11 16:58 tobiodp12 Trigger page redirect from function without user interaction


I am currently coding a simple "smart hub" displaying local weather, news headlines, calendar etc etc. I also want to add a simple alarm function allowing the user to add alarms. These alarms are being displayed in a list. All of this happens on the same page.
The trouble is that when the alarm is ended, it is not being removed from the list even though I am telling the page to redirect. However, if I click the delete button in the list, the "redirect" works and the alarm is being removed from the list.

The problem happens in the print_time() function:
I have tested a few things..Every url redirect from the index function work. However in any other functions, redirection doesnt work unless with a button.
Here is my code:

"""This program is meant to display a 'smart' hub on a webpage showing the weather and the news. The user should have the option to input alarms, displayed in a list of notifications """ import requests from flask import Flask, render_template, request, redirect, url_for from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy from newsapi import NewsApiClient import pyttsx3 import sched, time import datetime import re import threading app = Flask(__name__) app.config['DEBUG'] = True app.config['SERVER_NAME'] = 'localhost:5000' list_notifs = [] s = sched.scheduler(time.time, time.sleep) list_index = 0 @app.route('/', methods=['GET', 'POST']) def index(): '''Fetches the weather information of Exeter, Paris and London but also the news headlines. Sends all of that to the HTML file. Also requests information from the HTML placeholder for the alarm and sends it to the HTML to be displayed in a list''' global list_index global list_notifs #Openweathermap API url url = '{}&units=metric&appid=6cab066f3742f5595e3b8ab9166273b6' #Requests json from all 3 cities and adds it in a dictionnary city1 = 'Exeter' city2 = 'Paris' city3 = 'London' r1 = requests.get(url.format(city1)).json() r2 = requests.get(url.format(city2)).json() r3 = requests.get(url.format(city3)).json() weather1 = { 'city' : city1, 'temperature' : r1['main']['temp'], 'description' : r1['weather'][0]['description'], 'icon' : r1['weather'][0]['icon'], } weather2 = { 'city' : city2, 'temperature' : r2['main']['temp'], 'description' : r2['weather'][0]['description'], 'icon' : r2['weather'][0]['icon'], } weather3 = { 'city' : city3, 'temperature' : r3['main']['temp'], 'description' : r3['weather'][0]['description'], 'icon' : r3['weather'][0]['icon'], } # BBC news api main_url = "" #Requests JSON from BBC news results open_bbc_page = requests.get(main_url).json() article = open_bbc_page["articles"] results = [] #Iterate through the JSON results to add it to a list for ar in article: results.append(ar["title"]) #Requests data input from the HTML for the alarm time, date and description alarm = request.args.get('alarm') description = request.args.get('name') #Actions to do if data is being fetched if alarm: alarm = alarm.replace("T", " ") list_index += 1 notification = { 'index' : list_index, 'description' : description, 'alarm' : alarm } list_notifs.append(notification) print(list_notifs) get_sec(alarm, description, list_index) engine = pyttsx3.init() engine.say(description + ' alarm set') engine.runAndWait() return render_template('weather.html', weather1=weather1, weather2=weather2, weather3=weather3, results=results, list_notifs=list_notifs) def get_sec(alarm, description, list_index): """Get Seconds from time.""" global t1 #converts time now and required time for the alarm in seconds using timestamp. alarm = time.mktime(datetime.datetime.strptime(alarm, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M").timetuple()) alarm_now = datetime.datetime.timestamp( #calculates the time interval in seconds between the two print("threading") time_interval = alarm - alarm_now print(time_interval) #starts the scheduler with the delay calculated above in a thread. s.event = s.enter(time_interval, 1, print_time, argument=(str(list_index))) t1 = threading.Thread( t1.start() @app.route('/print_time', methods=['GET']) def print_time(a='default'): """things to do when time is up""" #say time is up engine = pyttsx3.init() engine.say('Time is up') engine.runAndWait() #redirect to delete_alarm function to remove alarm from list ---DOESNT WORK!!! return redirect(url_for('delete_alarm', pos = a)) @app.route('/delete_alarm/') def delete_alarm(pos): """things to do when time is up""" global list_notifs print("delete") #removes alarm from the list list_notifs = [i for i in list_notifs if not (i['index'] == int(pos))] print(list_notifs) #removes event from scheduler #s.cancel(s.event) #redirect to index function to update page --- WORKS with app.app_context(): return redirect(url_for('index')) if __name__ == "__main__":'True') 
And HTML code:

      Antoine's Smart Alarm    

Antoine's Smart Alarm

Set an alarm


{% for notification in list_notifs %} {% endfor %}

News Headlines

{% for your_list_element in results %}

{{ your_list_element }}

{% endfor %}

Antoine's calendar


{{ }}
{{ weather1.temperature }}°C
{{ weather1.description }}
{{ }}
{{ weather2.temperature }}°C
{{ weather2.description }}
{{ }}
{{ weather3.temperature }}°C
{{ weather3.description }}
Many thanks
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2019.10.31 17:55 insert-domain Antigens (allergies) start within Haplogroups

This is a list of haplogroups of historic people. Haplogroups can be determined from the remains of historical figures, or derived from genealogical DNA tests of people who trace their direct maternal or paternal ancestry to a noted historical figure. Some contemporary notable figures have made their test results public in the course of news programs or documentaries about this topic; they may be included in this list too.
MtDNA results indicate direct maternal descent while Y-DNA results indicate direct paternal descent; these are only two of many lines of descent. Scientists make inferences of descent as hypotheses which could be disproved or modified by future research.

Ancient samples

These are results from 'ancient' samples, those collected from the remains or reputed remains of the person. Because mtDNA breaks down more slowly than nuclear DNA, it is often possible to obtain mtDNA results where other testing fails.

Birger Magnusson

Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm, the modern capital of Sweden, belonged to Y Haplogroup I-M253, according to Andreas Carlsson at the National Board of Forensic Medicine of Sweden. Birger Magnusson was the ancestor of a line of kings of both Sweden and Norway, starting with his son, Valdemar, King of Sweden.[1]

Cheddar Man

The Cheddar Man, the nickname for the ancient human excavated from Cheddar Gorge, is in mitochondrial haplogroup U5a). His approximate date of death was 7150 BCE.

Gaodang-king Korguz (高唐王=趙王 阔里吉思)

Noble burials of Mongols in the Yuan dynasty in Shuzhuanglou Site (northernmost Hebei, China, 700YBP) were excavated. All three men excavated belong to Y haplogroup Q), with subclade not analysed.
The most principal occupant, Gaodang King Korguz, had mtDNA of haplogroup D4m2); two others' mtDNA is A)[2]
Korguz (Chinese: 高唐王阔里吉思) was the son of a princess of Kublai Khan and he was the king of the Ongud and a descendant of Gok-Turk. The Ongud claimed descent from the Shatuo. a branch of the Göktürks prominent in the era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. His two wives were all princesses of Yuan Dynasty. It was very important for the Yuan dynasty to maintain marriage-alliance with the Onguds, which had been very important assistant since Genghis Khan. About 16 princesses of Yuan dynasty were married to khans of the Ongud.

Kennewick man

Analysis of the 8500-year-old skeleton of the Kennewick Man, found in Washington State, United States, showed that his Y haplogroup is Q-M3 and his mtDNA haplogroup X2a). This indicates that he was closely related to modern Native Americans.

"Kostenki 14"

Analysis of mtDNA from "Kostenki 14", also known as the "Markina Gora skeleton", a male early modern human who was interred approximately 30,000 years ago, at Markina Gora near Kostyonki on the River Don) in Russia, has shown that it belongs to the U2#Haplogroup_U2) subclade.[3][4]
Subsequent was able to determine that his Y-DNA haplogroup was C1b* (C-F1370).[5]

Mary Magdalene

A lock of hair kept at a reliquary at Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume basilica, France, which local tradition holds belonged to the biblical figure Mary Magdalene, was allegedly assigned to mitochondrial haplogroup K). Ancient DNA sequencing of a capillary bulb bore the K1a1b1a subclade according to the author Gérard Lucotte, who concluded that she was likely of Pharisian maternal origin.[6] Gérard Lucotte,[7][circular reference] the controversial geneticist in charge of analyzing the hair material, also publicly claimed in France in 2005 to have "discovered" the DNA of Jesus Christ from the Argenteuil Tunic relic.[8]

Mummy Juanita

The mummy "Juanita" of Peru, also called the "Ice Maiden", has been shown to belong to mitochondrial haplogroup A).[9][10]

Nicholas II of Russia and family

The last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II of Russia, was assigned to mtDNA haplogroup T), based on mutations 16126C, 16169Y, 16294T, 16296T, 73G, 263G, and 315.1C. His results matched those of a cousin, Prince Nikolai Trubetskoy, but showed a heteroplasmy — a mix of two different sequences — indicating a recent mutation. To further confirm the identity, the tsar's brother, Grand Duke George, was exhumed and found to have the same mitochondrial heteroplasmy.[11][12]
Empress Alexandra of Russia) and her children, Olga, Tatiana, Maria), Anastasia, and Alexei were identified as belonging to mtDNA haplogroup H) (16111T, 16357C(Anastasia son Evgeny A.Koptev :16356C and 310C), 263G, 315.1C). This identity was confirmed by match to that of her grand-nephew, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.[11][13]
As part of the same analysis mitochondrial types were determined for four further individuals, thought to have been the Royal Physician and servants.
Nicholas II has been predicted as having a Y-DNA R1b haplotype.

Oseberg ship remains

The remains of the younger of the two women buried with the Oseberg Ship were tested and discovered to have mtDNA of U7.

Pengbo (倗伯)

In the Western Zhou-era Peng cemetery (Jiang County, Shanxi 2800-3000 BP), nine haplogroup Q-M120, two O-M95, one N-M231, four O-P201, two O-M122, and four O-M175 individuals were found. In another paper, the social status of those human remains of ancient Peng kingdom are analyzed:
  1. Aristocrats: three Q-M120 (prostrate 2, supine 1), 2 O-M121 (supine 2), one N-M231 (prostrate)
  2. Commoners: eight Q-M120 (prostrate 4, supine 4), three O-M121 (prostrate 1, supine 2), three O-M122 (supine 3)
  3. Slaves: three O-M121, two O-M95, one O-M122.
The tomb of the Duke of Peng and his wife (presumed to be a Zhou royal house member) was excavated; the Duke of Peng is reportedly haplogroup Q-M120.


The purported remains of Francesco Petrarca, known as Petrarch, were tested for DNA in 2003.[18] Another analysis revealed that purported skull of Petrarca belonged to a woman, the DNA from rib belonged to mtDNA haplogroup J2).

Ramesses III

In December 2012, a genetic study conducted by the same researchers who decoded King Tutankhamun's DNA predicted using an STR-pedictor that Ramesses III, second pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt and considered to be the last great New Kingdom regent to wield any substantial authority over Egypt, belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E-M2, alternatively known as haplogroup E1b1a.

Richard III of England

See also: Exhumation and reburial of Richard III of England
Richard III's mitochondrial haplotype was inferred from living descendants and then the identity of his remains confirmed through a multidisciplinary process including genetic analysis of both his mitochondrial and Y-DNA. In 2004 British historian John Ashdown-Hill traced a British-born woman living in Canada, Joy Ibsen (née Brown), who is a direct maternal line descendant of Anne of York, Duchess of Exeter, a sister of Richard III of England. Joy Ibsen's mtDNA was tested and belongs to mtDNA haplogroup J).[21][22] Joy Ibsen died in 2008. On 4 February 2013, University of Leicester researchers announced that there was an mtDNA match between that of a skeleton exhumed in Leicester suspected of belonging to Richard III and that of Joy Ibsen's son, Michael Ibsen, and a second direct maternal line descendant named Wendy Duldig.They share mtDNA haplogroup J1c2c.
The Y haplogroup of Richard III, last king of the House of York and last of the House of Plantagenet, was identified as Y-DNA G-P287), in contrast to the Y haplotypes of the putative modern relatives.[29] and tipical J1c2c the descendants of Nicolas 2 Romanov his great grandson Michael-Roman(Zawalienko) the line maternal of last french Monarch.

Sweyn II of Denmark

In order to verify whether the body of a woman entombed near Sweyn II of Denmark in Roskilde Cathedral is that of his mother Estrid, mtDNA from pulp of teeth from each of the two bodies was extracted and analysed. The king was assigned to mtDNA haplogroup H) and the woman was assigned to mtDNA haplogroup H5a). Based on the observation of two HVR1 sequence differences, it was concluded that it is highly unlikely that the woman was the king's mother.


There is controversy regarding Tutankhamun's Y-DNA profile. It was not discussed in a 2010 academic study that included DNA profiling of some of the male mummies of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, and was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association).
The team that analysed the Eighteenth Dynasty mummies disputed a claim later made by the personal genomics company iGENEA regarding Tutankhamun's Y-DNA profile. Staff from iGENEA examined images from news coverage of the above study, that purportedly showed data from Tutankhamun's Y-DNA profile. Based on the unverified images, iGENEA claimed that Tutankhamun belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1a2),[31][32] a claim that was rejected as "unscientific" by members of the team that had actually analysed the Eighteenth Dynasty mummies. The original researchers also stated they had not been consulted by iGENEA before it published the haplogroup information.

Young Man of Byrsa

In 2016, an ancient Carthaginian individual, who was excavated from a Punic tomb in Byrsa, Tunisia, was found to belong to the rare U5b2c1#Haplogroup_U5) maternal haplogroup. The Young Man of Byrsa specimen dates from the late sixth century BCE, and his lineage is believed to represent early gene flow from the Iberian Peninsula to the Maghreb.[34]

Ötzi the Iceman

Analysis of the mtDNA of Ötzi, the frozen mummy from 3300 BCE found on the border of Austria and Italy, has shown that he belongs to the K1) subclade. His mtDNA cannot be categorized into any of the three modern branches of that subclade (K1a, K1b or K1c). The new subclade has preliminarily been named K1ö for Ötzi.[35]
Ötzi has been found to be Y-DNA haplogroup G-M201.[36] The actual term used was G2a4, but the presumed L91 mutation has since been given a new category, G-M201.

Deduction by testing of descendants or other relatives

Because mtDNA is carried through the direct female line, some researchers have identified the haplotype of historic persons by testing descendants in their direct female line. In the case of males, their mother's direct female lineage descendants are tested. Y-DNA testing may be carried out on male relatives.

Bure kinship from Sweden

The male lineage of the medieval Bure kinship from Sweden has been identified as Y-DNA haplogroup G2a), based on several BigY tests carried out in 2014 on people living today. Descendants of two of the sons of Old Olof (who was born about 1380) were identified as G-Y12970*, and descendants of his alleged brother Fale as G-Y16788. The test result supports genealogical information recorded in about 1610 by Johannes Bureus. The DNA results also disproved a branch that was later added to the family book.[37]

Cao Cao, the Cao Wei State of Ancient China

Chinese warlord Cao Cao, who was posthumously titled Emperor Wu of the state of Cao Wei, belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup O1b-P31 (formerly known as haplogroup O2-P31) according to DNA tests of some documented descendants.[38][39] Ancient DNA analysis of the tooth of Cao Cao's granduncle, Cao Ding, showed that Cao Cao belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup O-M175.[40] According to WEN Shaoqing (文少卿) et al. 2016, "Ancient DNA supports Emperor Cao's paternal genetic lineage belonging to haplogroup O2," the Y-DNA of Cao Ding (曹鼎) has been confirmed to be M268+, F1462+, PK4-, which indicates that it belongs to haplogroup O1b1-F1462(xPK4).[41] This classification is, according to the current state of knowledge, equivalent to haplogroup O1b1a2-Page59/CTS10887. Haplogroup O1b1a2-Page59/CTS10887 has been found in approximately five percent of modern Han Chinese and occasionally outside China, such as in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, West Kalimantan, and Qatar.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin belonged to Y haplogroup R1b based on a sample from his great-great-grandson.

Edward IV of England

Edward IV of England and his brother Richard III of England, both sons of Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, would have shared the same mtDNA haplogroup J1c2c.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is alleged to belong to Y Haplogroup E).[43][44] Tested Einsteins from Germany belong to E1b1b1b2* (cluster SNP PF1952, formerly known as the E-Z830-B or "Jewish cluster").[45] A patrilineal descendant of Naphtali Hirsch Einstein (1733–1799), Albert Einstein's great-grandfather,Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg of the Holy Roman Empire, was tested and belonged to E-M35) (E1b1b1).

Fath Ali Shah Qajar

Fath-Ali Shah Qajar (1772–1834), the second emperoshah of the Qajar dynasty of Iran belonged to Haplogroup J-M267 with DYS388 = 13 as deduced from testing of descendants of several of his sons.

Benjamin Franklin

Doras Folger, one of Benjamin Franklin's mother's six sisters, passed on her mtDNA to her 9th-great-granddaughter, Charlene Chambers King, indicating that Franklin belonged to mitochondrial haplogroup V.

Genghis Khan

Main article: Descent from Genghis Khan
There are no living males known to descend directly from Genghis Khan, or any of his nearest male relatives. Many researchers have attempted to infer his Y-DNA haplogroup, according to various criteria, from those now prominent in Mongolia and other areas formerly part of the Mongol Empire.
Most researchers suggest that Genghis Khan belonged to C2 (C-M217), C3c (C-M48) or another subclade of C (C-M130). According to Family Tree DNA,[49] Genghis Khan most likely belonged to haplogroup C-M217. An extended 25 Marker Y-DNA modal based on Mongolians matching the above modal haplotype in the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation database,[50] which also corresponds to the modal assigned to Genghis Khan released by Family Tree DNA:[49]
According to Zerjal et al. (2003),[51] Genghis Khan is believed to have belonged to Haplogroup C-M130711(xC3c-M48).
However, a research published in 2016 based on testing ancient DNA from a Mongol burial site claimed that Genghis belonged to haplogroup R-M343 (R1b) instead.[52] It is still unsure if that burial site belonged to the Genghis Khan's Borijigin clan or other clans of Mongolian or central Asian origin.

Gia Long

Gia Long, who was the first emperor of the Nguyễn dynasty of Vietnam founded by the Nguyễn-Phuoc family may have belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup O-M95 according to the DNA tests of one documented descendant (if paternity matches genealogy).[53] Given the sample size, however, this result cannot be regarded as conclusive and further testing of other documented descendants is necessary to help confirm or refute this finding.

Adolf Hitler

According to research published in 2010,[citation needed] Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany during 1933–1945, likely belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E-M35) (E1b1b1), a haplogroup which thought to have originated in Ethiopia or somewhere near the Horn of Africa about 22,400 years BP.[54]
In 2010, journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and historian Marc Vermeeren publicised analysis of samples taken from 39 patrilineal relatives of Hitler, pointing out this haplogroup was now common among Afroasiatic speakers. Mulders contradicted interpretations of his research by some media outlets, which claimed that Hitler definitely had Jewish ancestry. Mulders commented:
I never wrote that Hitler was a Jew, or that he had a Jewish grandfather. I only wrote that Hitler's haplogroup is E1b1b, being more common among Afroasiatic speakers than among overall Germans. This, in order to convey that he was not exactly what during the Third Reich would have been called 'Aryan.' All the rest are speculations of journalists who didn't even take the trouble to read my article, although I had it translated into English especially for this purpose.
The accuracy of some of the coverage arising from this study was questioned. Professor Michael Hammer of Family Tree DNA said that "scientific studies as well as records from our own database[,] make it clear that one cannot reach the kind of conclusion featured in the published articles." Citing Family Tree DNA's own data that shows that more than 9% of the German and Austrian population belong to E-M35, and that about 80% of these are not Jewish, Hammer concluded, "[t]his data clearly shows that just because one person belongs to the branch of the Y-chromosome referred to as haplogroup E1b1b, that does not mean the person is likely to be of Jewish ancestry."

Thomas Jefferson

Main article: Jefferson–Hemings controversy
Direct male-line descendants of a cousin of United States president Thomas Jefferson were DNA tested to investigate historical assertions that Jefferson fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings.[56]
An extended 17-marker haplotype was published in 2007,[57] and the company Family Tree DNA has also published results for other markers in its standard first 12-marker panel.[58] Combining these sources gives the consolidated 21-marker haplotype below. The Jeffersons belong to Haplogroup T (M184) (formerly known as K2).

Louis XVI

Analysis of a handkerchief with blood traces said to have been obtained at the execution of Louis XVI of France, suggested that he may have belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup G-M201. However, testing on some of his supposed relatives show he might have belonged to haplogroup R-U106) (a subclade of R1b).

Martin Luther

Tested relatives of Protestant reformer Martin Luther belonged to Haplogroup I2a-Din-N (L147.2+).[60]


Analysis of two beard hairs revealed that Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to Y haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*)#E1b1b1c_(E-M123)). A haplogroup which originated around the Horn of Africa.

Niall of the Nine Hostages

Main article: Niall of the Nine Hostages
A study conducted at Trinity College, Dublin,[62] found that a striking percentage of men in Ireland (and quite a few in Scotland) share the same Y chromosome. Niall established a dynasty of powerful chieftains who dominated the island for six centuries. Niall belongs to Haplogroup R1b1c7) (M222).[citation needed] Dr. Moore's results examined some different parts of DNA (loci) from the result given here. More recently, however, it has been determined that the emergence of R-M222 predates Niall and may be more than 2,000 years old. Therefore, not all men who belong to this haplogroup are descendants of Niall. A history of the lineage of Irish kings that was compiled by Irish monks, known as "the Annals of the Four Masters" lists "Conn of the Hundred Battles" among the ancestors of Niall. So, it may be that the haplogroup previously attributed to Niall is actually attributable to Conn of the Hundred Battles.


Y Haplogroup C2b1a3a* (C-M401*, (xF5483) has been identified as a possible marker of the Aisin Gioro (who were founders of the Qing dynasty) and is found in ten different ethnic minorities in northern China, but completely absent from Han Chinese.[63][64][65]

Emperor Higashiyama

Emperor Higashiyama (1675-1710) belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup D1b1a2 (D-IMS-JST055457/CTS107), with the oral mucosa sample taken from his paternal descendants. Therefore, all men who belong to this Y-DNA haplogroup are descendants of Imperial House of Japan.[66][67]

Minamoto no Yoritomo

Minamoto no Yoritomo (1147–1199), the first shōgun of the Kamakura shogunate. He and the Minamonto (Genji) clan presumably belonged to the same Y-DNA haplogroup D1b1a2b1a1 (D-Z1504, CTS8093).[68][69][70]


Main articles: Somerled and Clann Somhairle
In 2003 Oxford University researchers traced the Y-chromosome signature of Somerled of Argyll, one of Scotland's greatest warriors, who is credited with driving out the Vikings. He was also paternal grandfather of the founder of Clan Donald. Through clan genealogies, the genetic relation was mapped out.[71] Somerled belongs to haplogroup R1a1.
In 2005 a study by Professor of Human Genetics Bryan Sykes of Oxford University led to the conclusion that Somerled has possibly 500,000 living descendants — making him the second most common historical ancestor after Genghis Khan. Sykes deduced that despite Somerled's reputation for having driven out the Vikings from Scotland, Somerled's own Y-DNA closely matched that of the Vikings he fought.

Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), the 18th century scientist and mystic from Sweden likely belonged to the haplogroup I1-BY229, a haplogroup with a common ancestor about 1500 years ago who lived somewhere in central Scandinavia.[

Nikola Tesla

The Serbian-American scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was first thought to be I2a-L147.2+ based on the results of another (unrelated) Tesla from the same village as his father. However, the testing of actual relatives, published on the Serbian DNA Project at Poreklo, showed that his Y-DNA line was more probably R1a-M458 (L1029 subclade).

Rothschild Family

Men of the Jewish Rothschild family, who established an international banking business, acquired the largest fortune in modern world history and established a true dynasty in the 19th century, apparently belong to haplogroup J2a1-L210[76][77][78]
Haplogroup J2 is commonly found within Asia Minor, Persia, Central Asia and the Caucasus Mountains and is frequent in modern and historical inhabitants of the Levant and Fertile Crescent especially among Jews and in Lebanon. Subclade J2a is very common amongst Ingush, and has been found in West Eurasian corpses discovered in the Altai mountains, implying that the Rothschilds do have a paternal lineage traced from the ancient Israelites.[79][80][81]

Queen Victoria

mtDNA Haplogroup H) (16111T, 16357C, 263G, 315.1C): Empress Alexandra of Russia's identity was confirmed by matching her mtDNA with that of her grand-nephew, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.[11] Their common maternal ancestor, Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, and her mother, Queen Victoria, must therefore have shared this haplotype. Genealogies show that Charles II of England had the same matrilineal ancestress as Queen Victoria, namely Anne of Bohemia and Hungary.

Ma Yingjiu

The Institute of Public Anthropology entrusted Dr. Deng Yajun, a genetic appraiser of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Modern Anthropology Laboratory of Fudan University. He also tested saliva samples from the Ma clan in Majiawei Village. The results are consistent. These two distantly related samples of Ma's surname are indeed related, and they all belong to the genotype called O3-JST002611.
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2019.08.23 07:09 hikerrambler21 Links to definitive maps for the sake of walk planning & footpath research

Here's a list I've compiled, it's about 90% complete. Visit your area and click on the layers options to call up the local council's official record of Rights of Way.
These are really useful but are often completely buried on council sites, hard to find! Even the OS maps follow their lead, so this is a solid resource. enjoy.
Ps. the highways layers show whether a small lane is a public highway or private road - often important for reaching paths that pass by in a field.
Current Definitive Maps
Bedfordshire Borough of BedfordBedford
Bedfordshire Central Bedfordshire,row_legal_network&starteasting=512647.49908447&startnorthing=238829.50027466&startzoom=1995/
Berkshire Borough of WokinghamWokingham
Berkshire Bracknell Forest
Berkshire City of London
Berkshire West Berkshire
Berkshire Windsor and Maidenhead
Bristol Bristol
Buckinghamshire Aylesbury Vale
Buckinghamshire Borough of Milton KeynesMilton Keynes
Buckinghamshire Chiltern DistrictChiltern
Buckinghamshire South Bucks
Buckinghamshire Wycombe DistrictWycombe
Cambridgeshire Cambridge Unknown website
Cambridgeshire East Cambridgeshire
Cambridgeshire Fenland DistrictFenland
Cambridgeshire Huntingdonshire Unknown website
Cambridgeshire South Cambridgeshire /AllMaps&Layers=row,row-TROs&tab=maps
Cheshire Borough of HaltonHalton Unknown website
Cheshire Cheshire East
Cheshire Cheshire West and Chester Unknown website
Cheshire Warrington
Cornwall Cornwall (district)Cornwall
Cornwall Isles of Scilly
County DurhamDurham Borough of DarlingtonDarlington
County DurhamDurham Borough of HartlepoolHartlepool
County DurhamDurham County Durham (district)County Durham
County DurhamDurham/North Yorkshire Borough of Stockton-on-TeesStockton-on-Tees
Cumbria Allerdale
Cumbria Borough of Barrow-in-FurnessBarrow-in-Furness
Cumbria Borough of CopelandCopeland
Cumbria City of CarlisleCarlisle
Cumbria Eden DistrictEden
Cumbria South Lakeland
Derbyshire Amber Valley
Derbyshire Bolsover DistrictBolsover Unknown website
Derbyshire Borough of ErewashErewash Unknown website
Derbyshire Chesterfield
Derbyshire Derby Unknown website
Derbyshire Derbyshire Dales Unknown website
Derbyshire High Peak, DerbyshireHigh Peak
Derbyshire North East Derbyshire
Derbyshire South Derbyshire Unknown website
Devon East Devon Unknown website
Devon Exeter
Devon Mid Devon
Devon North Devon
Devon Plymouth Unknown website
Devon South Hams
Devon Teignbridge Unknown website
Devon Torbay
Devon Torridge DistrictTorridge Unknown website
Devon West Devon
Dorset Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole
Dorset Dorset (unitary authority)Dorset Unknown website
East Riding of Yorkshire East Riding of Yorkshire (district)East Riding of Yorkshire
East Riding of Yorkshire Kingston upon Hull
East Sussex Brighton and Hove
East Sussex Eastbourne
East Sussex Hastings
East Sussex Lewes DistrictLewes Unknown website
East Sussex Rother DistrictRother
East Sussex Wealden DistrictWealden Unknown website
Essex Borough of BasildonBasildon
Essex Borough of BrentwoodBrentwood
Essex Borough of ColchesterColchester
Essex Braintree DistrictBraintree
Essex Castle Point
Essex City of ChelmsfordChelmsford
Essex Epping Forest DistrictEpping Forest Unknown website
Essex Harlow
Essex Maldon DistrictMaldon Unknown website
Essex Rochford DistrictRochford
Essex Southend-on-Sea
Essex Tendring DistrictTendring
Essex Thurrock Unknown website
Essex Uttlesford
Gloucestershire Cheltenham
Gloucestershire Cotswold DistrictCotswold Unknown website
Gloucestershire Forest of Dean DistrictForest of Dean
Gloucestershire Gloucester[email protected]@83
Gloucestershire South Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire Stroud DistrictStroud[email protected]@83
Gloucestershire Tewkesbury BoroughTewkesbury Unknown website
Greater London Barking and Dagenham
Greater London City of WestminsterWestminster Unknown website
Greater London Hammersmith and Fulham
Greater London Haringey
Greater London Havering
Greater London London Borough of BarnetBarnet
Greater London London Borough of BexleyBexley
Greater London London Borough of BrentBrent
Greater London London Borough of BromleyBromley
Greater London London Borough of CamdenCamden Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of CroydonCroydon
Greater London London Borough of EalingEaling Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of EnfieldEnfield Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of GreenwichGreenwich Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of HackneyHackney Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of HarrowHarrow
Greater London London Borough of HillingdonHillingdon Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of HounslowHounslow
Greater London London Borough of IslingtonIslington
Greater London London Borough of LambethLambeth
Greater London London Borough of LewishamLewisham
Greater London London Borough of MertonMerton Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of RedbridgeRedbridge
Greater London London Borough of SouthwarkSouthwark Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of SuttonSutton Unknown website
Greater London London Borough of WandsworthWandsworth Unknown website
Greater London Newham
Greater London Richmond upon Thames
Greater London Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaKensington and Chelsea
Greater London Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesKingston upon Thames
Greater London Tower Hamlets
Greater London Waltham Forest Unknown website
Greater Manchester City of SalfordSalford Unknown website
Greater Manchester Manchester
Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough of BoltonBolton
Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough of BuryBury
Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough of OldhamOldham
Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough of RochdaleRochdale Unknown website
Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough of StockportStockport
Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough of WiganWigan
Greater Manchester Tameside
Greater Manchester Trafford
Hampshire (all districts covered) {{official website}}
Hampshire Basingstoke and Deane
Hampshire Borough of EastleighEastleigh
Hampshire Borough of FarehamFareham
Hampshire Borough of HavantHavant Unknown website
Hampshire City of WinchesterWinchester Unknown website
Hampshire East Hampshire
Hampshire Gosport Unknown website
Hampshire Hart (district)Hart
Hampshire New Forest DistrictNew Forest,-1.58605129,15
Hampshire Portsmouth
Hampshire Rushmoor
Hampshire Southampton
Hampshire Test Valley
Herefordshire Herefordshire
Hertfordshire Borough of BroxbourneBroxbourne
Hertfordshire Dacorum Unknown website
Hertfordshire East Hertfordshire Unknown website
Hertfordshire Hertsmere Unknown website
Hertfordshire North Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire St Albans City and DistrictSt Albans,1,2,3,4
Hertfordshire Stevenage,1,2,3,4
Hertfordshire Three Rivers DistrictThree Rivers Unknown website
Hertfordshire Watford Unknown website
Hertfordshire Welwyn Hatfield Unknown website
Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
Kent Borough of AshfordAshford
Kent Borough of DartfordDartford
Kent Borough of MaidstoneMaidstone Unknown website
Kent Borough of SwaleSwale Unknown website
Kent Borough of Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells Unknown website
Kent City of CanterburyCanterbury
Kent Dover DistrictDover
Kent Folkestone & Hythe DistrictFolkestone and Hythe
Kent Gravesham
Kent Medway Unknown website
Kent Sevenoaks DistrictSevenoaks
Kent Thanet DistrictThanet Unknown website
Kent Tonbridge and Malling Unknown website
Lancashire Blackburn with Darwen Unknown website
Lancashire Blackpool
Lancashire Borough of BurnleyBurnley
Lancashire Borough of ChorleyChorley
Lancashire Borough of FyldeFylde Unknown website
Lancashire Borough of PendlePendle Unknown website
Lancashire Borough of RossendaleRossendale
Lancashire Borough of WyreWyre Unknown website
Lancashire City of LancasterLancaster Unknown website
Lancashire City of Preston, LancashirePreston Unknown website
Lancashire Hyndburn Unknown website
Lancashire Peterborough
Lancashire Ribble Valley
Lancashire South Ribble
Lancashire West Lancashire
Leicestershire Blaby DistrictBlaby
Leicestershire Borough of CharnwoodCharnwood
Leicestershire Borough of MeltonMelton
Leicestershire Harborough DistrictHarborough
Leicestershire Hinckley and Bosworth Unknown website
Leicestershire Leicester
Leicestershire North West Leicestershire
Leicestershire Oadby and Wigston Unknown website
Lincolnshire Borough of BostonBoston Unknown website
Lincolnshire East Lindsey
Lincolnshire Lincoln, EnglandLincoln
Lincolnshire North East Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire North Kesteven
Lincolnshire North Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire South Holland, LincolnshireSouth Holland
Lincolnshire South Kesteven
Lincolnshire West Lindsey Unknown website
Merseyside Liverpool Unknown website
Merseyside Metropolitan Borough of KnowsleyKnowsley
Merseyside Metropolitan Borough of SeftonSefton
Merseyside Metropolitan Borough of St HelensSt Helens Unknown website
Merseyside Metropolitan Borough of WirralWirral Unknown website
Norfolk Borough of Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth
Norfolk Breckland DistrictBreckland Unknown website
Norfolk Broadland
Norfolk King's Lynn and West Norfolk
Norfolk North Norfolk
Norfolk Norwich
Norfolk South Norfolk
North Yorkshire Borough of HarrogateHarrogate
North Yorkshire Craven
North Yorkshire Hambleton DistrictHambleton
North Yorkshire Middlesbrough
North Yorkshire Redcar and Cleveland
North Yorkshire Richmondshire Unknown website
North Yorkshire Ryedale
North Yorkshire Scarborough (borough)Scarborough
North Yorkshire Selby DistrictSelby
North Yorkshire York,53.8604,-0.7353,54.0616&home=true&zoom=true&scale=true&search=true&searchextent=false&details=true&legend=true&active_panel=legend&theme=light
Northamptonshire Borough of KetteringKettering Unknown website
Northamptonshire Borough of WellingboroughWellingborough Unknown website
Northamptonshire Corby
Northamptonshire Daventry DistrictDaventry
Northamptonshire East Northamptonshire,y=269000,zoom=0,base=NCC,layers=,search=,fade=false,mX=0,mY=0
Northamptonshire Northampton
Northamptonshire South Northamptonshire
Northumberland Northumberland
Nottinghamshire Ashfield, NottinghamshireAshfield
Nottinghamshire Bassetlaw DistrictBassetlaw
Nottinghamshire Borough of BroxtoweBroxtowe Unknown website
Nottinghamshire Borough of GedlingGedling Unknown website
Nottinghamshire Mansfield DistrictMansfield Unknown website
Nottinghamshire Newark and Sherwood,-0.80773676,15
Nottinghamshire Nottingham Unknown website
Nottinghamshire Rushcliffe Unknown website
Oxfordshire Cherwell DistrictCherwell Unknown website
Oxfordshire Oxford
Oxfordshire South Oxfordshire
Oxfordshire Vale of White Horse
Oxfordshire West Oxfordshire
Rutland Rutland Unknown website
Shropshire Shropshire (district)Shropshire
Shropshire Telford and Wrekin Unknown website
Somerset Bath and North East Somerset
Somerset Mendip DistrictMendip
Somerset North Somerset
Somerset Sedgemoor Unknown website
Somerset Somerset West and Taunton Unknown website
Somerset South Somerset Unknown website
South Yorkshire Metropolitan Borough of BarnsleyBarnsley
South Yorkshire Metropolitan Borough of DoncasterDoncaster
South Yorkshire Metropolitan Borough of RotherhamRotherham
South Yorkshire Sheffield
Staffordshire Borough of Newcastle-under-LymeNewcastle-under-Lyme
Staffordshire Borough of StaffordStafford
Staffordshire Borough of TamworthTamworth
Staffordshire Cannock Chase DistrictCannock Chase Unknown website
Staffordshire East Staffordshire
Staffordshire Lichfield DistrictLichfield
Staffordshire South Staffordshire
Staffordshire Staffordshire Moorlands
Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent
Suffolk Babergh
Suffolk East Suffolk (district)East Suffolk Unknown website
Suffolk Ipswich
Suffolk Mid Suffolk Unknown website
Suffolk West Suffolk (district)West Suffolk Unknown website
Surrey Borough of ElmbridgeElmbridge Unknown website
Surrey Borough of GuildfordGuildford Unknown website
Surrey Borough of RunnymedeRunnymede Unknown website
Surrey Borough of SpelthorneSpelthorne
Surrey Borough of WaverleyWaverley Unknown website
Surrey Borough of WokingWoking Unknown website
Surrey Epsom and Ewell
Surrey Mole Valley
Surrey Reigate and Banstead Unknown website
Surrey Surrey Heath
Surrey Tandridge DistrictTandridge Unknown website
Tyne and Wear City of SunderlandSunderland Unknown website
Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Borough of GatesheadGateshead Unknown website
Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear North Tyneside Unknown website
Tyne and Wear North Warwickshire
Tyne and Wear South Tyneside Unknown website
Warwickshire (all districts covered) {{official website}}
Warwickshire Borough of RugbyRugby Unknown website
Warwickshire Nuneaton and Bedworth
Warwickshire Stratford-on-Avon DistrictStratford-on-Avon
Warwickshire Warwick DistrictWarwick Unknown website
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Birmingham
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Coventry
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Metropolitan Borough of DudleyDudley
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Metropolitan Borough of SolihullSolihull
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Metropolitan Borough of WalsallWalsall Unknown website
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Sandwell Unknown website
West Midlands (county)West Midlands Wolverhampton Unknown website
West Sussex Adur DistrictAdur
West Sussex Arun DistrictArun
West Sussex Chichester DistrictChichester
West Sussex Crawley
West Sussex Horsham DistrictHorsham
West Sussex Mid Sussex
West Sussex Worthing Unknown website
West Yorkshire Calderdale
West Yorkshire City of BradfordBradford
West Yorkshire City of LeedsLeeds
West Yorkshire City of WakefieldWakefield Unknown website
West Yorkshire Kirklees
Wiltshire Borough of SwindonSwindon
Wiltshire Wiltshire (district)Wiltshire
Worcestershire Bromsgrove DistrictBromsgrove
Worcestershire Malvern Hills DistrictMalvern Hills
Worcestershire Redditch Unknown website
Worcestershire Worcester
Worcestershire Wychavon Unknown website
Worcestershire Wyre Forest DistrictWyre Forest Unknown website
Edit - alphabetised.
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2019.06.14 21:00 DangerDylan [Friday, 14. June]

World News

Hundreds protest in Japan after father was cleared of raping his underage daughter when court ruled she could have resisted if she wanted to
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'Deja Vu' of Iraq War Lies as Mike Pompeo Blames Iran for Tanker Attack Without Single Shred of Evidence: "Secretary Pompeo gives zero proof but insists that Iran is responsible for ship attacks in Gulf of Oman. Lies, lies, and more lies to make a case for war."
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Trump administration blames Iran for oil tanker attacks in Middle East
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All news, US and international.

Tennessee sheriff’s deputy, pastor calls for LGBTQ executions in sermon
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Boy, 16, fatally shot while trying to sell Xbox: 'They killed my son over nothing,' mom cries
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White House press secretary to resign
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People who spend at least 2 hours in nature a week are significantly more likely to report good health and higher psychological wellbeing, according to a new large-scale study (n = 19,806), which found that it didn’t matter whether this was achieved in a single visit or over several shorter visits.
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Food's texture affects whether it is eaten, liked or rejected, according to new research, which says some people are better at detecting even minor differences in consistency because their tongues can perceive particle sizes.
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Bitcoin causing CO2 emissions comparable to Hamburg. The use of Bitcoin causes around 22 megatons in CO2 emissions annually -- comparable to the total emissions of cities such as Hamburg or Las Vegas
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AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile Hit With FCC Complaint Over Sale of Phone Location Data - The Open Technology Institute, Free Press, and the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology filed the complaint Friday after multiple Motherboard and New York Times investigations.
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LaLiga’s app listened in on fans to catch bars illegally streaming soccer
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Google Stadia Is About To Show Everyone Why Broadband Usage Caps Are Bullshit
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Jobs Available for 'Ninjas' Up 2,505% Since 2006
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California court: Prison pot is OK, as long as inmates don’t inhale
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Hornbag Kookaburras Knock Out Power In WA After Fucking To Death On Power Lines
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Ask Reddit...

Men of reddit, what do you think would be the worst thing about being a woman?
If you won $10 million, what are literally the worst ways you could spend that money?
Teachers of reddit, what are some of the weirdest things you’ve confiscated from a student?


Beer with Engineer - Anaheim, Ca. - Tonight
Oh dear lord, check your backups... it broke my Exchange.
How do you guys tactfully get someone to stop coming to you and follow the rules?

Microsoft SQL Server

DBA's if you are busy you can offload some of your work to your army of monkeys (developers) :)
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Database Diagrams coming back in 18.1! ...still no T-SQL Debugging
Finding if a user is part of a role that has DB restore privileges.


Powershell in a month of lunches is mine!!
Dropped this in /sysadmin but you might like it. Automated a horrible task for accounting. Got a card and present today.
Getting Windows 10 build version from Active Directory
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Functional 3D Printing

Soft Jaws for Knipex Pliers Wrench
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Printed a mouse bungee instead of buying one. Saved me $20
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Printed a bunch of Mini Nintendo Switch cases for my buddy
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Data Is Beautiful

We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster.
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Heart heart rate during proposal as I realize my plan is not happening [OC]
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My Great Grandmother's descendants [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL there is a radio station in New Orleans for the blind. Volunteers every day read the local newspaper on the air, along best-sellers, grocery ads, stories for kids, mysteries, the Wall Street Journal, young adult novels and much more.
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TIL: Nearly 3,000 euros are thrown into Rome's Trevi fountain every day, totalling over a million in the course of a year. There are regular attempts to steal the money but it is illegal to do so. The money has been used to fund a supermarket for the needy.
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TIL People with sensitive noses are capable of smelling when it's about to rain due to atmospheric chemicals reacting and creating ozone, which has a pungent, sweet smell.
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So many books, so little time

An irritating publishing trend
Anyone else read The Westing Game when they were a kid? Its one of my favorites - a terrific, warm, and exciting mystery. Here's a great article about it!
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Which book is being praised by seemingly everyone, but you didn't enjoy it at all?

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My mom and her siblings, 1969.
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The Texas Track Club of Abilene, circa 1964
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Brothers and I ready for the first day of school (early ‘90s).
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Boeing 727 Crash Survivability Test.
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My second rarest find EVER. This is an unfinished ViperJet Mk.II. I believe there are only 4 registered and airworthy ones in the world. I believe this will soon become the 5th.
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2004. The year I got bit by the bug.
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Reddit Pics

This White House chef is an absolute unit
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My daughter has been entirely blind since late 2017, and I snapped a photo with my phone while she and her brother weren't busy pushing each other. It looks like she's looking over at him smiling. It simultaneously melts and hurts my heart when it seems like she's intentionally looking at him.
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Telescope view of Jupiter and its Galilean moons.
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Nice shot!
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Hello, Earthlings. I am an alien from the planet Sloth. I came here in a flying bucket. Take me to your plants.
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Fox boi coming at you
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

This puppy's face when he sees his human after a long day at daycare.
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Tiny dog discovers new pet cam. Must not...ATTACK!
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🎂31 & 13🎂
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2019.06.13 21:00 DangerDylan [Thursday, 13. June]

World News

Kelloggs is using rejected cereal to create a line of beers in efforts to reduce food waste.
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Teachers at school built on ‘toxic site’ have the same rare cancer
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Hong Kong stocks fall as huge protests hit financial center
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All news, US and international.

Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue
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12 white male officers sue San Francisco police for race, sex bias
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Former Stanford sailing coach gets one day in prison in college cheating scandal
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Chemists have identified and synthesized two new healing compounds in scorpion venom that are effective at killing staph and tuberculosis bacteria in mice. Synthesizing the venom is necessary because by volume, it would cost $39 million to produce a gallon of it.
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Science Discussion: Technology gives us ways to change ourselves that offer great rewards but also huge risks. We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists who work on human augmentation. Let’s discuss!
Armed conflict risks could be heightened by future climate impacts. Researchers looked at outbreaks of organised armed conflicts worldwide in recent decades.
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The FCC said repealing net-neutrality rules would help consumers: It hasn’t
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The Saudi government is hunting down women who flee the country by tracking the IMEI number on their cellphones
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CERN Ditches Microsoft to ‘Take Back Control’ with Open Source Software
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Jewish comedian Jeff Ross defends Netflix roast of Anne Frank
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Intruder microwaving butter in Roanoke man’s kitchen identified, charged with trespassing
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9-year-old pays off lunch debt for his entire third grade class
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Ask Reddit...

You can fill a pool with anything you want (money, gold, coins, anything valuable really), but you must jump into it from 10 meters (~33 feet) and survive in order to keep what you filled it in with. What would you fill the pool up with?
Ex-racists of reddit, what made you change your mind?
If you were able to cryogenically freeze yourself in a coffin type device and hide somewhere on earth for a year, you'd win a billion dollars. But if anyone finds you, they win the billion. Where would you hide?


Turn off "Microsoft Teams" advertisement within O365
Those of you with public Wi-Fi, how is it configured? Any challenges you've run into or advice?

Microsoft SQL Server

SSIS - Referencing Worksheet in Excel
Running SQL as Local System?
Active objects Retrieval from SQL server 2008


Few basic questions
[Question] Excel process remains after closing the window manually (launched by powershell)
Script for finding the cert thumbprint for WinRM HTTPS listener

Functional 3D Printing

This M16 wing nut makes a great towel hook
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3D printed and tested a Microphone shield (STL & Links in Comments)
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I actually didn't expect it to work, but now I can finally replace my watch battery!

Data Is Beautiful

Tracking the Spread of Potholes Across Chicago [OC]
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[OC] Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors Graph
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Presidential (dis)approval ratings [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that purse makers didn't want Snooki From "Jersey Shore" carrying their purses, so they sent her new purses, from their competitors, for free.
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TIL in 2015, Cheryl Treadway, a Florida woman, was being held hostage by her boyfriend, Nickerson. He didn't allow her make calls or write texts, so she used the Pizza Hut app to send a discreet call for help. Police arrived at the location and she was released.
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TIL that there exists a bodyguard crew of rangers in Belize, known as the Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team, who camp out in inclement weather, night and day for the 5-month long portion of the Scarlet Macaw breeding season when chicks are being cared for, dedicated to stopping insane poaching levels.
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So many books, so little time

Anyone read Animorphs? You don't appreciate how dark it is until you are older and can compare it to other books. (Major Spoilers)
Author Nicholas Sparks Tried to Ban LGBT Club and Student Protests at His Christian School, Emails Reveal
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Readers, what’s the best piece of literature you’ve read that wasn’t written in your native language (translated)?

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Alicia Silverstone at her Clueless audition, 1994
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Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac at JFK Stadium, 1978
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Keanu Reeves, getting ready to play hockey ca 1994
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Complete luck. Very happy with it nonetheless
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Embraer 195 E2 new paint job
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What a collection on the ramp!
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Reddit Pics

Hong Kong press wears helmets, eye masks and reflective vests to express discontent towards local police's actions.
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Protestor returns tear gas with tennis racket
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Glass house
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Hong Kong Protesters helping Journalist after tear gas deployment
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Up please
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No, You are breathtaking
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

A bit dirtier but... HE’S BACK 😻
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Woman realizing the captain of her flight is her Granddaughter
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Don’t do that hooman
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2019.05.24 03:12 MimesAreShite European Elections: turnout figures by local district

edit: if anyone's still reading this, i'm gonna stop updating this now. the trend is now pretty clear: turnout is slightly up overall, and disproportionately so in Remain areas. if anyone feels like continuing to collate results feel free to do so in the comments, and i'll stick them in here when i'm back at my laptop
a list of turnout figures for voting areas in this year's European election, compared to the turnout figures five years ago and their vote in the 2016 referendum. sorted by Leave vote. areas with <1% difference between their result this year and in 2014 are marker as "no change"
(just gonna slam these in here as i see them until i decide to go to bed. if anyone wants to contribute in the comments please do so)
see also: MyPolitico Voter Turnout Map
source for 2014 figures [PDF]
Source for EU referendum figures
Leave Areas
South Holland - 32.12% - no change from 33% in 2014 - voted 73.6% to Leave
Great Yarmouth - 31.4% - down from 36.5% in 2014 - voted 71.5% to Leave
Ashfield - 30.5% - no change from 30.3% in 2014 - voted 70.5% to Leave
Harlow - 30.47% - down from 34.3% in 2014 - voted 68.1% to Leave
Bassetlaw - 30% - down from 33.6% in 2014 - voted 67.8% to Leave
Rochford - 35.6% - no change from 36.2% in 2014 - voted 66.6% to Leave
Nuneaton & Bedworth - 33.41% - no change from 33.6% in 2014 - voted 66% to Leave
Wigan - 28.4% - down from 31% in 2014 - voted 63.9% to Leave
Wyre Forest - 32% - down from 36.1% in 2014 - voted 63.1% to Leave
North Kesteven - 34.39% - up from 31.2% in 2014 - voted 62.3% to Leave
Copeland - 31.07% - down from 34.2% in 2014 - voted 62% to Leave
Sedgemoor - 35.35% - up from 34.3% in 2014 - voted 61.2% to Leave
Braintree - 33.39% - no change from 34% in 2014 - voted 61.1% to Leave
Torridge - 39.7% - up from 38.6% in 2014 - voted 60.8% to Leave
Newark & Sherwood - 36.64% - no change from 36.1% in 2014 - voted 60.4% to Leave
Rochdale - 30% - down from 33.9% in 2014 - voted 60.1% to Leave
Carlisle - 33.85% - no change from 34.4% in 2014 - voted 60.1% to Leave
West Suffolk - 35.58% [new council, but voted ~60% to Leave]
South Kesteven - 36.6% - up from 32.4% in 2014 - voted 59.9% to Leave
Plymouth - 34.89% - down from 37.6% in 2014 - voted 59.9% to Leave
Wrexham - 34% - up from 29.5% in 2014 - voted 59% to Leave
Daventry - 42% - up from 38.1% in 2014 - voted 58.6% to Leave
Forest of Dean - 37.94% - up from 36.1% in 2014 - voted 58.6% to Leave
Gloucester - 35.3% - no change from 35.1% in 2014 - voted 58.5% to Leave
Southend-on-Sea - 33.23% - no change from 33.4% in 2014 - voted 58.1% to Leave
Melton - 36.7% - up from 31.7% in 2014 - voted 58.1% to Leave
County Durham - 32.94% - up from 27.7% in 2014 - voted 57.5% to Leave
Derby - 31.79% - down from 34.6% in 2014 - voted 57.2% to Leave
South Somerset - 40.82% - up from 39.2% in 2014 - voted 57.2% to Leave
Lincoln - 32.37% - up from 30.7% in 2014 - voted 56.9% to Leave
Neath Port Talbot - 35.49% - up from 32.5% in 2014 - voted 56.8% to Leave
Cornwall - 41.4% - up from 36.1% in 2014 - voted 56.5% to Leave
Merthyr Tydfil - 29% - up from 27.2% in 2014 - voted 56.4% to Leave
Flintshire - 35.7% - up from 31.2% in 2014 - voted 56.4% to Leave
Bournemouth - 36% - up from 30.1% in 2014 - voted 54.9% to Leave
Charnwood - 33.5% - up from 30.4% in 2014 - voted 53.8% to Leave
Carmarthenshire - 41.8% - up from 36.2% in 2015 - voted 53.7% to Leave
Mid Devon - 40% - up from 37.1% in 2014 - voted 53.3% to Leave
Tewkesbury - 37.98% - up from 35% in 2014 - voted 53.2% to Leave
Welwyn Hatfield -37.8% - up from 36.4% in 2014 - voted 53% to Leave
Wiltshire - 44% - up from 37% in 2014 - voted 52.5% to Leave
North Somerset - 39% - up from 35.9% in 2014 - voted 52.2% to Leave
East Cambridgeshire - 38.2% - up from 33.5% in 2014 - voted 50.9% to Leave
Hertsmere - 36.39% - up from 34.9% in 2014 - voted 50.8% to Leave
Harborough - 40.3% - up from 36.3% in 2014 - voted 50.7% to Leave
Cheshire West & Chester - 34.94% - up from 31.3% in 2014 - voted 50.7% to Leave
Rutland - 40.1% - up from 35.6% in 2014 - voted 50.6% to Leave
Remain Areas
Monmouthshire - 42% - up from 33.7% in 2014 - voted 50.4% to Remain
Vale of Glamorgan - 41.58% - up from 36.5% in 2014 - voted 50.7% to Remain
Cotswold - 43.2% - up from 38.3% in 2014 - voted 51.1% to Remain
Leicester - 32.58% - no change from 32.2% in 2014 - voted 51.1% to Remain
South Lakeland - 45.04% - no change from 44.7% in 2014 - voted 52.9% to Remain
North Hertfordshire - 41% - up from 37.7% in 2014 - voted 54.4% to Remain
Stroud - 46.3% - up from 42.3% in 2014 - voted 54.6% to Remain
Exeter - 40.5% - no change from 40.8% in 2014 - voted 55.3% to Remain
Cheltenham - 43.27% - up from 38.4% in 2014 - voted 56.2% to Remain
Rushcliffe - 44.95% - up from 40.4% in 2014 - voted 57.6% to Remain
Bath & NE Somerset - 44.4% - up from 38.5% in 2014 - voted 57.9% to Remain
Gwynedd - 43.1% - up from 35.2% in 2014 - voted 58.1% to Remain
Warwick - 42% - up from 27.9% in 2014 - voted 58.8% to Remain
Cardiff - 41.56 - up from 31.7% in 2014 - voted 60% to Remain
South Cambridgeshire - 48.31% - up from 42.8% in 2014 - voted 60.2% to Remain
St. Albans - 47.05% - up from 43.3% in 2014 - voted 62.7% to Remain
Gibraltar - 40.25% - up from 32.8% in 2014 - voted 95.9% to Remain
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2019.04.06 21:00 DangerDylan [Saturday, 06. April]

World News

Vaccine linked to huge cervical disease drop
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Israel Decriminalizes Adult Use Cannabis
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Pakistani fisherman beaten to death in Indian jail "missing both his eyes, his skull is open with the brain gone, his kidneys, too" laid to rest
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All news, US and international.

3 Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish
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Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner ordered to register as sex offender
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Woman buys out closing Payless store to donate shoes to Nebraska flood victims
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Autism enhances characteristics such as loyalty and focus which help those with the condition at work and in their relationships with others, experts have found.
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Countries that help working class students get into university have happier citizens, finds a new study, which showed that policies such as lowering cost of private education, and increasing intake of universities so that more students can attend act to reduce ‘happiness gap’ between rich and poor.
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Astronomers discover a chunk of a planet's core around a long-dead star. By finding the vaporized remains of a ancient planet's metallic core, astronomers are getting a glimpse into the future fate of our solar system.
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Microsoft found a Huawei driver that opens systems to attack
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Ironically, Too Many Video Streaming Choices May Drive Users Back To Piracy
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Elon Musk: Self-driving Teslas are going to make their owners money by competing with Uber, Lyft
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Zimbabwe spent thousands of dollars on judges' wigs -- and people aren't happy
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Teen accused of having gun pleads with court not to take passport as she needs it 'to get into nightclubs'
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Man accidentally drowns while mowing his lawn
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Ask Reddit...

You’re given immortality but the cost is being sent back 2000 years. Would you accept and what would you do?
Admissions officers/essay coaches of Reddit: what was the most pretentious application you've ever seen?
You gain control of Trump's Twitter account. What do you tweet if your goal is to create max pandemonium?


Google Adding Chrome Admin Policy to Uninstall Blacklisted Extensions
Non Technical post? come to sysadminlife
Equifax CEO blames data breach failure on one employee

Microsoft SQL Server

[SQL Server 17] Can't backup to remote location, running out of ideas!
Automate Reporting without Report Server
How to create An SSRS Data Source pointed at an Azure SQL Managed Instance


Using Universal Dashboard to visualise the DNS performance of local versus remote DNS
Winfetch v1.1.0 released! Images in the terminal + new info fields
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In need of guidance/help

Functional 3D Printing

3d printed a new thread for the broomsticks at work, since they break off so easy. Previously we just bought new sticks.
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My magnetic stirrer.
SmartThings Gate Open/Closed Sensor Housing
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Data Is Beautiful

Map of the traffic that came to my server after my post hit the front page [OC]
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[OC] Teen birth rates declined in every US state between 1991 and 2016
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Probability of future presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL There is a group of wolves in British Columbia known as "sea wolves" and 90% of their food comes from the sea. They have distinct DNA that sets them apart from interior wolves and they're entirely dedicated to the sea, swimming several miles everyday in search of seafood.
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TIL, in 1948, a man wore 30-pound, 3-toed lead shoes and stomped around a Florida beach in the night. The footprints lead people to believe that a 15-foot tall penguin was roaming their lands. He kept up the prank for 10 years, visiting various beaches. The hoax wasn't revealed until 40 years later.
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TIL wheelchair athletes with spinal injuries will sometimes intentionally injure themselves on the lower body (e.g. break a toe), causing their bodies to respond by raising blood pressure and enhancing their performance. This practice has been banned as cheating.
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So many books, so little time

Good Omens is Amazing
Polish priest leads Harry Potter book burning, apologizes if anyone took it the wrong way
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Free short story vending machines delight commuters
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OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Macho Man chilling at the dock with his belt (1988)
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“My cat’s great great Grandmother in late 1800s”
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Bob and Doug Mckenzie, two hosers from the Great White North, early 1980s
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Air Force Pilot Testing Ejection Seat Test. Captain Edward G. Sperry of the U. S. Air Force, being ejected downward from a B-47 jet bomber flying more than 500 miles per hour at an altitude of 10,000 feet during tests.
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Having a stalker be like
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Finally got my wings of gold today! Can’t wait to move on to the grey jet!
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Reddit Pics

Here’s what 250lbs of recovered food waste looks like. Instead of the dumpster, it’s going to feed 90 people. #StopHunger
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A beach #TrashTag is the best one!
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Not sure if this counts as trashtag, but this is our cemetery after 3 months of cleaning. 120 years abandoned. Dating back to 1724.
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

A friend and I messing around after swim practice got this gem.
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Skeleton crew
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Lucy Liu at 49 years old
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Bindi Irwin with Australia Zoo's Red Panda, Ravi
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My favourite reason to visit my parents
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When your landlord says no dogs allowed
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2019.01.02 09:57 alexjhon6666 prestige

Much obliged to you for visiting our site that furnishes you with our Heathrow Airport exchange citation and booking interface. We spend significant time in air terminal taxi exchanges to and from Heathrow Airport for the two people and gatherings, with the emphasize on an affable, expert and individual administration at reasonable costs.
On the off chance that you don’t have the post code please enter as much as you can about the area and snap ‘Statement Now’ and after that click ‘Manual Quote’ and adhere to the guidelines. We will email you with a citation as quickly as time permits. We have administrators prepared to take your appointments so we will answer to your demand rapidly.
From the minute you get in touch with us, we will do all that we can to guarantee that your booking and exchange are directed as easily as could reasonably be expected. An accomplished driver with demonstrated client benefit aptitudes and a broad learning of the neighborhood meet you in a cooled vehicle customized to the quantity of travelers and the baggage necessities determined by you. We work cantina vehicles (car), domain autos (station wagons), individuals transporters (Minivan MPV’s), minibusses and official vehicles from Heathrow Airport so we will have the capacity to provide food for your exchange prerequisites.
We as of now give an incredible exchange administration to our current clients, which incorporate both expansive and independent ventures, nearby and universal customers, lodgings and carriers, and would be enchanted to satisfy your airplane terminal exchange prerequisites.
We give access to a substantial armada of vehicle sizes and types. Despite your gathering size, baggage or uncommon prerequisites, we can for the most part give the ideal vehicle.
These can oblige up to 5 travelers in addition to 5 bags (20kg max) or 6 travelers in addition to hand gear. Any more baggage than this will require a bigger vehicle.
Official CarExecutive Car: E Class Mercedes or comparative. These can oblige up to 3 travelers in addition to 3 bags (20kg max) or 4 travelers in addition to hand baggage. Any more gear than this will require a bigger vehicle.
Official People CarrierExecutive People Carrier: Mercedes Viano or comparable. These can oblige up to 5 travelers in addition to 5 bags
(20kg max) or 6 travelers in addition to hand gear. Any more baggage than this will require a bigger vehicle.
A ‘Meet and Greet’ administration can be orchestrated when booking whereby the driver will be in landings with the traveler’s name or organization name, whichever you incline toward. A soothing idea, particularly for first time guests in a remote nation.
On the off chance that your flight is early or subject to delays, we will follow your flight’s advancement and send your driver at the new anticipated time of entry.
A great deal of our work is corporate based so in the event that you are reserving taxis for other individuals you can rest guaranteed we will give them the expert quality administration they would anticipate. We acknowledge all significant charge cards and platinum cards and send
One of the greatest cerebral pains travel purchasers confront is coordinating exchange booking data with Mastercard installment articulations. The information accumulated when a booking is made andthe planet involving 5 terminals. The air terminal is the UK’s busiest and best-associated airplane terminal, and being Europe’s busiest air terminal for
Well known LOCATIONS
We cover the entire of the UK, including numerous well known areas, for example, Aberdeen, Belfast-City, Belfast-International, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, East-Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Humberside, Inverness,
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2018.12.31 21:00 DangerDylan [Monday, 31. December]

World News

Trump is “worst perpetrator of false information” in America, U.N. official monitoring freedom of expression says
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There has been a wave of criticism after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said he sexually assaulted a maid, having recalled confessing to a priest how he reached into the maid's underwear as she slept. Women's rights group Gabriela said Duterte was "unworthy of his position and should resign".
Comments Link
Korea to ban use of disposable shopping bags at supermarkets
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All news, US and international.

Finally declassified: Swedish pilots awarded US Air Medals for saving SR-71 spy plane
Comments Link
Armed Man in Tactical Clothing Headed to a Texas Church to ‘Fulfill a Prophecy,’ Police Say
Comments Link
22-year-old employee killed by lion that escaped enclosure at N.C. animal center
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Your brain rewards you twice when you eat, finds new research: first when the food is ingested and again when the food reaches the stomach. The study highlights interactions between the brain and digestive system, and might provide a clue as to why we sometimes overeat the food we crave most.
Comments Link
Up to 93% of green turtle hatchlings could be female by 2100, as climate change causes “feminisation” of the species, new research published on 19 December 2018 suggests.
Comments Link
Having seven or fewer alcoholic drinks a week was associated with increased survival in older adults with newly diagnosed heart failure compared with patients who abstained from alcohol after accounting for other potential mitigating factors.
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Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought
Comments Link
This Western Mass. town rejected Comcast and built its own broadband network - The Boston Globe
Comments Link
The people who get how Facebook works are also the most likely to leave it - 44% of people aged 18 to 29 said they deleted the Facebook app from their phones in the last year, according to new research from Pew.
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Brexit ferry contract worth £13.8 million ‘awarded to company with no ships’
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Historic British UFO mystery was 'prank played on US air force by SAS'
Comments Link
Cane toads snake a ride on python to escape storm in northern Australia
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Ask Reddit...

What tastes so good you can’t believe it’s healthy?
What's the most "Black Mirror" thing that's actually real/happening?
What is the funniest thing you overheard from another players mic while playing a game online?


Apparently my most valuable trait is being an easy employee
What were you doing 19 years ago today?
Windows 10 resetting to day zero

Microsoft SQL Server

Crawling for SQL Servers in the Wild West
Automating SQL Server patching
Comments Link
Small Part-Time/Contract Remote Work?


VMWare - create a VM from a template, have it boot, and join the domain in one step
[Book Update] PowerShell Guide to Python
Making a PowerShell .net GUI look "modern"

Functional 3D Printing

Don't suck at siphoning: use my blow-to-start siphon (feat. venturi effect).
Comments Link
customizable magnetic screw tray/box with text & (magnetic) lid
Comments Link
Getting a grip on the new year early on ;)
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Data Is Beautiful

I recorded every hour of my 2018 (and 17) [OC]
Comments Link
[OC] I tracked every dollar I spent over past 8 years. You can too! (spreadsheets/instructions for 2019 included in comments)
Comments Link
I analysed the chat with my GF [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that one of Russia's deadliest contract killers, Alexander Solonik, was credited with 43 kills. He was killed in 1997 by another contract killer sent by the mob he was working for.
Comments Link
TIL One of the richest woman in China was born in extreme poverty in a remote mountain village. She got her wealth by selling her chili sauce, lao gan ma, which she originally made for her noodle stand.
Comments Link
TIL of "Banner blindness". It is when you subconsciously ignore ads and anything that resembles ads.
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So many books, so little time

Public Domain Day 2019 For the first time in over 20 years works from 1923 will be free for all to use and build upon
Comments Link
My English teacher made us read The Little Prince - what I've learned, and why I'm grateful
Lonesome Dove: One of the best books I've ever read and it's in a genre I don't care for.

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My mom in college 1976.
Comments Link
Jennifer Connelly aged 20, 1991
Comments Link
My grandma in Nigeria, sometime in the 1960s
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F-104 Starfighter
Comments Link
Comments Link
Conspiration On
Comments Link

Reddit Pics

This is flat farmland in Eastern Colorado with wind blown/melted patches of snow creating a crazy 3D illusion.
Comments Link
Two parents listening to the heart transplanted from their 23-year-old son, who overdosed on opioids
Comments Link
Wholesome pic
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Gymnast Raquel Pinto from Portugal performing a series of flips
Comments Link
This helicopter pilots extreme landing
Comments Link
The cake that wraps/fills itself.
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Update: I moved ~3 months ago, I returned to the window today to visit an old friend.
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Infant unit nurses when the earthquake hits the hospital
Comments Link
He knows he's the goodest boy
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2018.12.03 17:33 dongas420 (EN Early Dec. 2018) Azur Lane PvP Meta Report: Post-Fallen Wings Edition

This is a continuation of a report series created by someone else here.

From the linked post:

WHAT THIS IS: The purpose of this report is to track what ships are currently being used in PVP fleets. This is NOT a tier list of ships. Ship data is based off the defense fleets of the top 100 ranked players (Avrora). I did my best to filter out non-competitive (<20k total power) defense fleets so there will not be exactly 100 fleets worth of data. This is by no means a perfect study and the pvp season still isn't over, but as a snapshot, this should be close enough to get a general idea of what top tier pvp looks like.

Breakdown of meta shifts:

5 weeks since the start of the Fallen Wings event and the introduction of Washington to EN, the top-level PvP metagame has shifted greatly.


Ship Usage Usage % Pre-FW Change
Enterprise 53 62% 42% +20%
Washington 46 54% - -
South Dakota 42 49% 1% +48%
Hood 35 41% 78% -37%
Akagi 24 28% 53% -25%
Kaga 24 28% 53% -25%
Queen Elizabeth 9 11% 28% -17%
Illustrious 8 9% 22% -13%
Warspite 6 7% 14% -7%
North Carolina 2 2% - -
Other 6
Total fleets 85
Other ships: Ark Royal, Rodney, Saratoga, Shoukaku, Unicorn, Zuikaku
Ship Usage Usage % Pre-FW Change
Belfast 73 86% 87% -1%
Juneau 43 51% 28% +23%
Helena 38 45% 46% -1%
Eldridge 24 28% 27% +1%
Ayanami 17 20% 8% +12%
Fortune 13 15% 16% -1%
Cleveland 12 14% 39% -25%
Laffey 11 13% 0% +13%
Leander 8 9% 15% -6%
Edinburgh 3 4% 8% -4%
Javelin 3 4% 3% +1%
Prinz Eugen 2 2% 4% -2%
Takao 2 2% 1% +1%
Other 6
Total fleets 85
Other ships: Ajax, Cygnet, Exeter, Hammann, Wichita, Yuudachi

Breakdown by fleet type:

  Washington + South Dakota: 42 fleets, 49% of total
Ship Usage Usage %
Enterprise 32 76%
Hood 8 19%
Ark Royal 1 2%
North Carolina 1 2%
Ship Usage Usage %
Belfast 38 90%
Juneau 29 69%
Helena 19 45%
Eldridge 12 29%
Fortune 8 19%
Ayanami 7 17%
Cleveland 5 12%
Laffey 4 10%
Leander 2 5%
Javelin 1 2%
Hammann 1 2%
  Akagi + Kaga: 24 fleets, 28% of total
Ship Usage Usage %
Enterprise 11 46%
Hood 11 46%
Saratoga 1 4%
Washington 1 4%
Ship Usage Usage %
Belfast 18 75%
Helena 12 50%
Juneau 9 37%
Ayanami 7 29%
Cleveland 6 25%
Eldridge 5 21%
Fortune 5 21%
Laffey 5 21%
Other 5
Other ships: Leander, Prinz Eugen, Takao, Wichita, Yuudachi
  Queen Elizabeth + Hood: 9 fleets, 11% of total
Ship Usage Usage %
Warspite 6 67%
Illustrious 2 22%
Enterprise 1 11%
Ship Usage Usage %
Belfast 9 100%
Juneau 5 56%
Leander 4 44%
Edinburgh 3 33%
Eldridge 3 33%
Helena 1 11%
Javelin 1 11%
Laffey 1 11%
  Illustrious + Enterprise + Hood: 3 fleets, 4% of total
Ship Usage Usage %
Belfast 3 100%
Ayanami 2 67%
Helena 2 67%
Eldridge 1 33%
Laffey 1 33%
  Other fleets: 7 fleets, 8% of total
Ship Usage Usage %
Enterprise 6 86%
Hood 4 57%
Illustrious 3 43%
Washington 3 43%
Other 5
Other ships: North Carolina, Rodney, Shoukaku, Unicorn, Zuikaku
Ship Usage Usage %
Belfast 5 71%
Helena 4 57%
Eldridge 3 43%
Other 9
Other ships: Ajax, Ayanami, Cleveland, Cygnet, Exeter, Javelin, Leander, Prinz Eugen, Takao
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2018.11.23 09:39 rotoreuters Inside The British Army's Secret Information Warfare Machine

Authored by Carl Miller via,
They are soldiers, but the 77th Brigade edit videos, record podcasts and write viral posts. Welcome to the age of information warfare...
A barbed-wire fence stretched off far to either side. A Union flag twisted in a gust of wind, and soldiers strode in and out of a squat guard’s hut in the middle of the road. Through the hut, and under a row of floodlights, I walked towards a long line of drab, low-rise brick buildings. It was the summer of 2017, and on this military base nestled among the hills of Berkshire, I was visiting a part of the British Army unlike any other. They call it the 77thBrigade. They are the troops fighting Britain’s information wars.
_“If everybody is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking,”_was written in foot-high letters across a whiteboard in one of the main atriums of the base. Over to one side, there was a suite full of large, electronic sketch pads and multi-screened desktops loaded with digital editing software. The men and women of the 77th knew how to set up cameras, record sound, edit videos. Plucked from across the military, they were proficient in graphic design, social media advertising, and data analytics. Some may have taken the army’s course in Defence Media Operations, and almost half were reservists from civvy street, with full time jobs in marketing or consumer research.
From office to office, I found a different part of the Brigade busy at work. One room was focussed on understanding audiences: the makeup, demographics and habits of the people they wanted to reach. Another was more analytical, focussing on creating “attitude and sentiment awareness” from large sets of social media data. Another was full of officers producing video and audio content. Elsewhere, teams of intelligence specialists were closely analysing how messages were being received and discussing how to make them more resonant.
Explaining their work, the soldiers used phrases I had heard countless times from digital marketers: “key influencers", “reach", “traction". You normally hear such words at viral advertising studios and digital research labs. But the skinny jeans and wax moustaches were here replaced by the crisply ironed shirts and light patterned camouflage of the British Army. Their surroundings were equally incongruous – the 77th’s headquarters were a mix of linoleum flooring, long corridors and swinging fire doors. More Grange Hill than Menlo Park. Next to a digital design studio, soldiers were having a tea break, a packet of digestives lying open on top of a green metallic ammo box. Another sign on the wall declared, “Behavioural change is our USP [unique selling point]”. What on Earth was happening?
_“If you track where UK manpower is deployed, you can take a good guess at where this kind of ‘influence’ activity happens,”_an information warfare officer (not affiliated with the 77th) told me later, under condition of anonymity.
_“A document will come from the Ministry of Defence that will have broad guidance and themes to follow.”_He explains that each military campaign now also has – or rather is – a marketing campaign too.
Ever since Nato troops were deployed to the Baltics in 2017, Russian propaganda has been deployed too, alleging that Nato soldiers there are rapists, looters, little different from a hostile occupation. One of the goals of Nato information warfare was to counter this kind of threat: sharply rebutting damaging rumours, and producing videos of Nato troops happily working with Baltic hosts.
Information campaigns such as these are “white”: openly, avowedly the voice of the British military. But to narrower audiences, in conflict situations, and when it was understood to be proportionate and necessary to do so, messaging campaigns could become, the officer said, “grey” and “black” too. “Counter-piracy, counter-insurgencies and counter-terrorism,” he explained. There, the messaging doesn't have to look like it came from the military and doesn't have to necessarily tell the truth.
I saw no evidence that the 77th do these kinds of operations themselves, but this more aggressive use of information is nothing new. GCHQ, for instance, also has a unit dedicated to fighting wars with information. It is called the “Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group” – or JTRIG – an utterly unrevealing name, as it is common in the world of intelligence. Almost all we know about it comes from a series of slides leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. Those documents give us a glimpse of what these kinds of covert information campaigns could look like.
According to the slides, JTRIG was in the business of discrediting companies, by passing “confidential information to the press through blogs etc.”, and by posting negative information on internet forums. They could change someone’s social media photos (“can take ‘paranoia’ to a whole new level”, a slide read.) They could use masquerade-type techniques – that is: placing “secret” information on a compromised computer. They could bombard someone’s phone with text messages or calls.
JTRIG also boasted an arsenal of 200 info-weapons, ranging from in-development to fully operational. A tool dubbed “Badger” allowed the mass delivery of email. Another, called “Burlesque”, spoofed SMS messages. “Clean Sweep” would impersonate Facebook wall posts for individuals or entire countries. “Gateway” gave the ability to “artificially increase traffic to a website”. “Underpass” was a way to change the outcome of online polls.
They had operational targets across the globe: Iran, Africa, North Korea, Russia and the UK. Sometimes the operations focused on specific individuals and groups, sometimes the wider regimes or even general populations. Operation Quito was a campaign, running some time after 2009, to prevent Argentina from taking over the Falkland Islands. A slide explained “this will hopefully lead to a long-running, large-scale, pioneering effects operation”. Running from March 2011, another operation aimed for regime change in Zimbabwe by discrediting the Zanu PF party.
Walking through the headquarters of the 77th, the strange new reality of warfare was on display. We’ve all heard a lot about “cyberwarfare” – about how states could attack their enemies through computer networks, damaging their infrastructure or stealing their secrets. But that wasn’t what was going on here. Emerging here in the 77th Brigade was a warfare of storyboards and narratives, videos and social media. An engagement now doesn’t just happen on the battlefield, but also in the media and online. A victory is won as much in the eyes of the watching public as between opposing armies on the battlefield. Warfare in the information age is a warfare over information itself.

Propaganda published on Facebook by Russian PR firms in an attempt to affect the 2016 US presidential electionOver a decade ago, and a world away from the 77th Brigade, there were people who already knew that the internet was a potent new tool of influence. They didn’t call what they did “information warfare”, media operations, influence activities, online action, or any of the military vernacular that it would become. Members of the simmering online subcultures that clustered around hacker forums, in IRCs, and on imageboards like 4chan, they might have called it “attention hacking”. Or simply lulz.
In 2008, Oprah Winfrey warned her millions of viewers that a known paedophile network “has over 9,000 penises and they’re all raping children.” That was a 4chan Dragon Ball-themed in-joke someone had posted on the show’s messageboard. One year later, Time magazine ran an online poll for its readers to vote on the world’s 100 most influential people, and 4chan used scripts to rig the vote so that its founder – then-21-year-old Christopher Poole, commonly known as “moot” – came first. They built bots and “sockpuppets” – fake social media accounts to make topics trend and appear more popular than they were – and swarmed together to overwhelm their targets. They started to reach through computers to change what people saw, and perhaps even what people thought. They celebrated each of their victories with a deluge of memes.
The lulz were quickly seized upon by others for the money. Throughout the 2000s, small PR firms, political communications consultancies, and darknet markets all began to peddle the tactics and techniques pioneered on 4chan. “Digital media-savvy merchants are weaponising their knowledge of commercial social media manipulation services,” a cybersecurity researcher who tracks this kind of illicit commercial activity tells me on condition of anonymity.
“It’s like an assembly line,” he continues. “They prepare the campaign, penetrate the target audience, maintain the operation, and then they strategically disengage. It is only going to get bigger.” A range of websites started selling fake accounts, described, categorised and priced almost like wine: from cheap plonk all the way to seasoned vintages. The “HUGE MEGA BOT PACK”, available for just $3 on the darknet, allowed you to build your own bot army across hundreds of social media platforms. There were services for manipulating search engine results. You could buy Wikipedia edits. You could rent fake IP addresses to make it look like your accounts came from all over the world. And at the top of the market were “legend farms”, firms running tens of thousands of unique identities, each one with multiple accounts on social media, a unique IP address, its own internet address, even its own personality, interests and writing style. The lulz had transmogrified into a business model.
Inside the base of the 77th, everything was in motion. Flooring was being laid, work units installed; desks – empty of possessions – formed neat lines in offices still covered in plastic, tape and sawdust. The unit was formed in a hurry in 2015 from various older parts of the British Army – a Media Operations Group, a Military Stabilisation Support Group, a Psychological Operations Group. It has been rapidly expanding ever since.
In 2014, a year before the 77th was established, a memo entitled “Warfare in the Information Age” flashed across the British military. “We are now in the foothills of the Information Age” the memo announced. It argued that the British Army needed to fight a new kind of war, one that “will have information at its core”. The Army needed to be out on social media, on the internet, and in the press, engaged, as the memo put it, “in the reciprocal, real-time business of being first with the truth, countering the narratives of others, and if necessary manipulating the opinion of thousands concurrently in support of combat operations.”
Then the business of lulz turned into geopolitics. Around the world, militaries had come to exactly the same realisation as the British, and often more quickly. “There is an increased reliance on, and desire for, information,” Nato’s Allied Joint Doctrine for Information Operations, published in 2009, began. And it reached the same conclusion as the British military memo: wars needed to have an “increased attention on Info Ops”. Simply put, information operations should be used to target an enemy’s will. “For example, by questioning the legitimacy of leadership and cause, information activities may undermine their moral power base, separating leadership from supporters, political, military and public, thus weakening their desire to continue and affecting their actions,” the document explains.
Russia, too, was in on the act. The Arab Spring, the revolutions in several post-Soviet states, Nato’s enlargement – each of those had chipped away at the crumbling edifice of Russian power. Russia had a large conventional army but that seemed to matter less than in the past. The Chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, began to rethink what a military needed to do. Warfare, he argued in an article for Voyenno-Promyshlennyy Kurier (The Military Industry Journal), was now “hybrid” – blurring the lines between war and peace, civilian and military, state and non-state. And there was another blurring too: between force and ideas. “Moral-psychological-cognitive-informational struggle”, as Gerasimov put it, was now central to how conflicts should be fought.
We now know what Russian information warfare looks like. Moscow has built an apparatus that stretches from mainstream media to the backwaters of the blogosphere, from the President of the Russian Federation to the humble bot. Just like the early attention hackers, their techniques are a mixture of the very visible and very secret – but at a vastly greater scale.
Far less visible to Western eyes, however, were the outbreak of other theatres of information warfare outside of the English language. Gerasimov was right: each was a case of blurred boundaries. It was information warfare, but not always just carried out by militaries. It came from the state, but sometimes included plenty of non-state actors too. Primarily, it was done by autocracies, and was often directed internally, at the country’s own inhabitants.
A Harvard paper published in 2017 estimated that the Chinese government employs two million people to write 448 million social media posts a year. Their primary purpose is to keep online discussion away from sensitive political topics. Marc Owen Jones, a researcher at Exeter University’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, exposed thousands of fake Twitter accounts in Saudi Arabia, “lionising the Saudi government or Saudi foreign policy”. In Bahrain, evidence emerged of spam-like operations, aiming to stop dissidents finding each other or debating politically dangerous topics online. In Mexico, an estimated 75,000 automated accounts are known locally as Peñabots, after President Enrique Peña Nieto, flooding protest hashtags with irrelevant, annoying noise burying any useful information.
Disinformation and deception have been a part of warfare for thousands of years, but across the world, something new was starting to happen. Information has long been used to support combat operations, but now combat was seen to taking place primarily, sometimes exclusively, through it. From being a tool of warfare, each military began to realise that the struggle with, over and through information was what war itself actually was about. And it wasn’t confined to Russia, China or anyone else. A global informational struggle has broken out. Dozens of countries are already doing it. And these are just the campaigns that we know about.
On their shoulders, the soldiers of the 77th Brigade wear a small, round patch of blue encircling a snarling golden creature that looks like a lion. Called an A Chinthe, it’s a mythical Burmese beast first worn by the the Chindits, a British and Indian guerrilla force created during the Second World War to protect Burma against the advancing Japanese Army. An army of irregulars, the Chindits infiltrated deep behind enemy lines in unpredictable sorties, destroying supply depots and severing transport links, aiming to spread confusion as much as destruction.
It’s no accident that the 77th wear the Chinthe on their shoulder. Like the Chindits, they are a new kind of force. An unorthodox one, but in the eyes of the British Army also a necessary innovation; simply reflecting the world in which we all now live and the new kind of warfare that happens within it.
This new warfare poses a problem that neither the 77th Brigade, the military, or any democratic state has come close to answering yet. It is easy to work out how to deceive foreign publics, but far, far harder to know how to protect our own. Whether it is Russia’s involvement in the US elections, over Brexit, during the novichok poisoning or the dozens of other instances that we already know about, the cases are piling up. In information warfare, offence beats defence almost by design. It’s far easier to put out lies than convince everyone that they’re lies. Disinformation is cheap; debunking it is expensive and difficult.
Even worse, this kind of warfare benefits authoritarian states more than liberal democratic ones. For states and militaries, manipulating the internet is trivially cheap and easy to do. The limiting factor isn’t technical, it’s legal. And whatever the overreaches of Western intelligence, they still do operate in legal environments that tend to more greatly constrain where, and how widely, information warfare can be deployed. China and Russia have no such legal hindrances.
Equipping us all with the skills to protect ourselves from information warfare is, perhaps, the only true solution to the problem. But it takes time. And what could be taught would never keep up with what can be done. Technological possibility, as things stand, easily outpaces public understanding.
The Chinthe was often built at the entrances of pagodas, temples and other sacred sites to guard them from the menaces and dangers lurking outside. Today, that sacred site is the internet itself. From the lulz, to spam, to information warfare, the threats against it have become far better funded and more potent. The age of information war is just getting started.
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2018.10.31 12:01 autotldr 3% of children hit daily activity target. Only one in 30 children does the recommended amount of daily physical activity, new research suggests.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 53%. (I'm a bot)
Activity levels among girls were even lower, with just 1.2% hitting the 60-minute daily target - compared to 5.5% of boys.
"Previous studies based on average activity are likely to have overestimated the percentage of children meeting the recommendations," said Dr Lisa Price, of the University of Exeter.
"Our findings suggest that just under a third of children are achieving an average of 60 minutes per day, but only 3.2% meet the 60-minute target every day."
The data was gathered from 807 Year Five children from 32 schools in Devon, with a full seven days of data gathered on each child using an activity tracker watch.
Previous studies collecting activity data have been limited by the ability to obtain a full seven days of data, so this study has some of the most robust data on nine and ten year olds' activity.
The paper, published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, is entitled: "Are we overestimating physical activity prevalence in children?".
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: activity#1 day#2 children#3 data#4 average#5
Post found in /science.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2018.08.01 22:38 s0ngsforthedeaf /r/Championship's Championship club by club season preview - part 1!

Part 2 here - Part 3 here - Part 4 here

On Friday at 8pm UK time, Reading and Derby County will kick off the 127th season of the English second division - also known as the Championship! 24 clubs will compete for 3 promotion spots to the Premier league (2 via automatic promotion and 1 via playoffs) and to avoid the 3 relegation spots to the third tier a.k.a League One.

Its looking like a really tight and competitive season. The league is absolutely full of ambitious player and managerial talent - the more time goes by the more it looks like a Premier League 2. If you want a competitive league with proper English football, that also has the spice of skilful players and forward thinking managers, it really is the place to go.

This is guide written by the fans who have come together on /Championship - an absolutely huge thanks to them. Do check out the sub, we try to keep it a good place to discuss the EFL, away from the rancid gloryhunting shithole that is /soccer (just kidding - I like this place). Lots going on, including a score predictor thread which is running all season.

This guide is in table order with the PL demoted sides first. Only 5 clubs today (because the Swansea one is a fucking novel and I can't fit any more in), the rest will be submitted tomorrow and Friday. Do bare in mind that not all the transfer news will be up to date as these guides were largely written a week ago. Point out to me if there are any clear errors with formatting or spelling.

Championship info, links and media

/Championship's 17/18 player of the season review

Season previews: The Guardian Sky Sports The Mirror
EFL focused podcasts: Not the Top 20 The Totally Football League Show
The 17/18 table - Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham went up. Barnsley, Burton and Sunderland went down. This season West Brom, Swansea and Stoke join from the PL and Wigan, Blackburn and Rotherham join from League 1.
These are the bookies' favourites for promotion (via Oddschecker):
Club Odds
Stoke 2.75
Middlesbrough 4
West Brom 4
Nottingham Forest 4.5
Leeds 4.75
Swansea 5
And relegation:
Club Odds
Rotherham 2.2
Bolton 2.25
Ipswich 4.5
Reading 5
Hull 6
How to watch in the UK: Live rights are owned by Sky Sports. They are upping the number of televised matches this season. Reading v Derby on Friday is televised. The weekly highlights show previously on Channel 5 is moving to Quest TV, which apparently is on Freeview.
How to watch abroad: Depends, but in most territories, the iFollow Service is available, which is £110 to watch all a single club's matches. Bargain. I think the clubs that aren't on iFollow have their own similar streaming services.
Check out club Youtube channels - quite a few of them post extended highlights now with their own commentary, including Derby, Norwich, Sheffield Wednesday, Brentford and more. (You may need VPN to watch if you're abroad.)

Swansea City by RafiakaMacakaDirk and my_knob_is_gr8

Location: Swansea, Wales
Nickname: Swans, The Jacks
Major honours: Football League Cup (2013), Championship Play-off Winner (2011), League One Winners (1925, 1949, 2008)
17/18 finishing postion: 18th (Premier League)
Transfermarkt squad value: €115.5 mil NOTE: This number is as of July 22nd, when we still have Mawson (€15 mil), A. Ayew (€15 mil), Bony (€10 mil), Clucas (€8 mil) and Fernandez (€8 mil), who are all pretty much expected to be sold, or loaned out, before the season starts. Without all of these players except Bony (who's injured for a while so it makes it unlikely he'll be sold soon), the squad value would be around €70 mil.
Manager: Graham Potter joined the Swans on 11th June 2018. In 2010, he became head coach of Östersund, who were in the fourth tier of Swedish football. 5 years later, he got the club promoted into the Swedish top flight and in 2017, they won Svenska Cupen which qualified them for the Europa League where they managed to get through the group stage. He’s been applauded for what he did at Östersund and the way he managed to build the club up from nothing. The year after his success in the Europa league he signed a 3 year contract with Swansea.
Potter is well respected by The Swans and after a few years of poor managerial and financial decisions his appointment is seen as a step in the right direction to bringing us back to our old ways of being a well-run club. Potter has been recognised for his "progressive" and "unconventional" coaching methods. At Östersund, he encouraged his players and staff to engage in community activities, such as performing in theatre and music productions which was designed to take them out of their comfort zone. Potter describes his style of football on the pitch as "tactically flexible, attacking, and possession-based". At Östersund, he deployed a flexible 3–5–2 formation centred on ball possession.
Best player(s)/ talisman:With many of our best players being rumoured with a move away what good players that remain at the start of the season is yet to be seen.
Alfie Mawson is probably our standout player. He’s been amazing for us since we got him and was a bargain at about £3m. He’s great in the air and is just an all round tank. Keeping him will be a huge boost for us and should be solid in the championship.
Federico "El Pajaro" Fernandez has also been strong at the back with Alfie. The pair played with each other for the majority of last season and together became a solid unit. We will most likely sell him to reduce wages though.
Jordan Ayew put in a great shift last season and was our top goal scorer. His work rate was immense and was able to drop back and defend when needed. He’s fast, able to beat a man and a decent finisher. Sadly all these players are transfer targets for other clubs and might not even be here at the start of the season. If we can keep a lot of our players we should have a decent season but who knows who'll be left by the end of the window…
Rising star: Swansea’s U23 had a great season last year and with Potter wanting a young and fresh squad, a handful have moved up into the first team.
Our standout youngster, Oliver McBurnie, joined Barnsley on loan in January last season where he went on to win a Championship player of the month award after 6 goals in 8 games and went on to win Barnsley’s Player of the year award. While only 22, he’s struggled to break into our first team but will most likely be our main striker for the coming season. Be on the lookout for his long legs, miniature shinpads and ridiculous sock length! LEGS LEGS LEGS!!!
Connor Roberts performed well at RB last season and adapted quickly to the premier league where he battled Kyle Naughton to be in the starting line up and did great when given the chance. Decent at going forward and professional at the back. Hopefully potter puts him ahead of Naughton.
What happened last season?: What Happened last season?: After our great escape the season before and with Paul Clement at the helm there was optimism that the 17/18 season could be our turning point where we start rebuilding 'The Swansea Way". How wrong we were.
After a disastrous transfer window where we sold Sigurdsson and never replaced him and started panic buying the week before the transfer window closed we were left an obvious hole in our team. We had no creativity in midfield and no one could kick the ball into the box to save their life. And just to rub it in further Renato Sanches turned out to be more disappointing than Bob Bradley. With the team sitting bottom of the table Clement was sacked in late December.
Then along came the wise talking Carlos Carvalhal who managed to rebuild the confidence the team had lost. Our results took a turn for the good, beating Liverpool, Arsenal, Burnley and West Ham consecutively at home. He pulled us out of the relegation zone and things were looking good. However, the good times were quickly followed by the bad times. Our form turned and we didn’t win a single one of our last 9 matches. We were quickly relegated after pitifully losing to both Southampton and Stoke in our last 2 games of the season.
Highlights (Or lowlights):
The pass by Renato Sanches that summed up his and our season
Swansea City 3-1 Arsenal
Summer transfer business (so far): At the end of last season, it was clear we needed several transfers, both in and out. However, this would all depend on the manager we got.
Yan Dhanda (Free, Liverpool): A 19 year-old Midfielder, Yan Dhanda left Liverpool this summer and joined the Swans in a free, before we even hired Graham Potter. At one time one of the most promosing youngsters in Liverpool's Academy, injuries slowed down his progress, and ultimately made him fall behind other players. Citing lack of first-team playing time, Dhanda decided to join us this summer in hopes of getting regular playing time in the senior squad. Through 3 pre-season games, Dhanda has been one of the brighest and most impressive players in the squad, even scoring a game-winning goal and smashing a penalty in a shootout against Genoa. With our current injuries and shenanigans involved in our midfield, Dhanda has a good chance of becoming a starter and hopefully guide our midfield during the season.
Jordi Govea (Free, Real Madrid): Another 19 year-old from Ecuador, Jordi was the first signing under Potter. Not much can be said about the lad, but this is what Real Madrid had as his bio:
Jordi is an Ecuadorian defender who possess three key qualities for a player in his position: he's skilful, is able to go past a player and has a good shot on him. He's left footed and is able to send in good crosses on the run.
With Martin Olsson currently as our starting LB, and Kyle Naughton as the backup, the hope is that Jordi can develop on our U-23 squad and hopefully move up to the senior squad in coming years. Also the only man I've seen do a medical while wearing jeans (
Joel Asoro (€2 mil., Sunderland): Yet another 19 year-old, a Swedish winger who has represented his country in the younger levels, he was Potter's first senior signing. With world-class speed, and some impressive skills, Asoro was able to score 3 goals and get 2 assists last season in 26 apperances for Sunderland. While these numbers may seem a bit disappointing, many of these games were sub appearances on a very dysfunctional team. Along with Dhanda, Asoro has been one of the most impressive players during preseason, constantly beating his man with either speed or skills, and whipping in good balls to Legs. At the current rate, Asoro appears to have a good chance of starting on the right wing spot, with Nathan Dyer and Luciano Narsingh backing him up.
Predicted starting XI: NOTE: This is gonna be assuming Mawson, A. Ayew, Clucas, and Fernandez are all sold by the start of the season. If by some reason they end up staying, they are pretty much guaranteed to start. Based on the pre-season games so far, a lineup looking like this would be plausible, with Rodon most likely to be replaced by a CB (possibly Scott McKenna) when we buy one. Our second unit is looking something like this.
Best case scenario: Graham Potter is able to motivate and make sure our senior players (Fer, Carroll, etc.) stay fit, along with our youngsters being able to make an impact as expected, and also we retain Mawson, Fernandez, and Clucas, we can finish in the top 2 and get promoted automatically.
Worst case scenario: Our worst case scenario, and something many of us fear of happening, consists of primarily 3 things. 1. Graham Potter isn't given enough time to build an identity with our squad and is sacked by the midway point of the season by the greedy, dumb American owners. . 2. We end up not replacing the players we sold properly like last summer, therefore having a squad with holes everywhere and no chemistry. 3. Our youngsters such as Asoro, McBurnie, Dhanda and company don't pan out and progress at all, thefore becoming mediocre players. This would all culminate in us looking like Sunderland, and making relegation a probability.
Prediction: Realistically I see us selling Mawson and company in the last days before the season starts and not replacing them properly until later on. Because of this, as well as our current injuries with Fer and Clucas, I can see us initially struggling to build an identity but over time, we will start playing like Potter wants us and finishing the season strongly.
8th place, missing the play-offs by 4 points
What will happen to your closest rivals?: The scum that is known as Cardiff City will break the record for lowest points ever accumulated in a Premier League season, getting 5 points all from draws, and will therefore get relegated with 17 games to spare.

West Bromwich Albion by Joelwba

Location: The Hawthorns, West Bromwich, West Midlands
Nickname: The Baggies, The Throstles
Major honours: 1x League title, 1x League Cup, 5x FA Cup
17/18 finishing postion: 20th in Premier League (relegated)
Transfermarkt squad value: £101.16m
Manager: Darren Moore or Big Dave as he's known to Albion fans. A club icon as a player in the early 2000s, he returned to look after our U23 squad before being promoted to assistant manager by Alan Pardew in January. Following the end of Pardew's horrific reign, Moore took temporary charge with Albion facing inevitable relegation. He led us to wins over Newcastle, Spurs, Man Utd and a draw with Liverpool, somehow taking our futile battle for survival to the final week of the season. Following this he earned the head coach role permanently. Moore is loved among the Albion faithful, largely due to his reputation as a player here. He heavily favours a 4-4-2 formation and at the back end of last season, tended to soak up pressure and play on the counter attack. It will be interesting to see how his approach differs in a league where we are one of the favourites, not fighting to survive (hopefully)
Best player(s)/ talisman: It's an interesting situation for Albion currently. There are plenty of Premier League quality players still in the squad. A lot depends on if they are picked off before the deadline shuts. Chris Brunt is a club stalwart and likely to be reappointed as captain. He is adored by the fans and in my opinion will be an incredible asset in the championship. His set pieces alone will bring 10+ goals to the side. Kieran Gibbs is a high quality player who appears to be set to stay and should make a big difference. Jay Rodriguez, Craig Dawson, Salomon Rondon and Nacer Chadli should all make a big difference in this division IF they stay. In all honesty I expect to lose a few of the above. Sam Johnstone appears to be an astute signing to replace the outgoing Ben Foster.
Rising star: Sam Field he's one of our own! He looked completely at home against some of the top Premier League sides last campaign. A box-to-box midfielder, he's full of energy and looks so comfortable on the ball. I expect him to be a major part of our side this season, having just signed a new long-term deal.
Kyle Edwards is an exciting attacking midfielder who has been impressing in pre-season. He may have a part to play following a loan spell at Exeter last campaign.
Jonathon Leko looked like a potential world-beater when he first came through a couple of years back. A lightning quick winger full of tricks. A loan spell at Bristol City and limited appearances later he seems to be losing his way. Will be an interesting one to watch.
Finally, the enigma that is Olly Burke. After signing with us last summer for £15m, he failed to impress any of the four managers we had over the season. He looks exciting when he comes on, without any end product so far, and was unfairly blamed for a loss at West Ham by Alan 'Coward' Pardew. We all know the talent he's got. Hopefully we can see it this season.
What happened last season?: Let's not talk about it... We finally escaped the stranglehold of Tony Pulis, only to opt for the human joke that is Alan Pardew and duly hurtled towards relegation. Four of our players stole a taxi and then played (and lost) the following weekend.
Pardew was sacked about 3 months too late, and Moore took over, restoring pride with some notable wins over Man Utd and Spurs.
This season we also lost the great Cyrille Regis, and the outpouring of emotion and the coming together of the club during the weeks after his passing was something special.
Summer transfer business (so far): We started by releasing Claudio Yacob, Boaz Myhill and Gareth McAuley. Yacob and McAuley will be greatly missed but it is perhaps the right time for them to go.
Jonny Evans departed for Leicester for a cut-price £3m, Ben Foster left for Watford and James McClean has departed for Stoke City.
Sam Johnstone has been bought in to replace Foster, with Jonathon Bond arriving as backup. Kyle Bartley has joined from Swansea City and it appears that Harvey Barnes will soon be arriving on loan from Leicester.
Finally, James Morrison is currently out of contract but still with the club. His future is uncertain.
I am very happy with Johnstone and Bartley. It has been a quiet window for Albion so far but that is largely a good thing. The squad is packed with Premier League talent and the window is more about keeping hold of them.
There is major interest in Dawson and Rondon, along with interest in Rodriguez, Hegazi and Chadli. If any of the above go, then we would need to replace. Otherwise I would be happy with another striker and another CB.
It is also worth mentioning that every player in the Albion side suffered a 50% wage cut upon relegation which means that we are financially sound despite relegation, but may lead to more big names leaving.
Predicted starting XI: This is my best attempt. It will undoubtedly be 4-4-2. We may see Nyom in at right back and perhaps Barry in for Field.
Obviously about half of this side could leave, so we shall see.
Best case scenario: The bulk of the side remains and the quality in the side shines through as we breeze to automatic promotion.
Worst case scenario: The better players leave or do not put the effort in. Moore cannot transfer his great start into his first full season in management. We become embroiled in a relegation battle
Prediction: It will be somewhere in the middle. I'd like to think we'll go up automatically but I think play-offs are more likely. 6th
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Villa won't go down but will settle into mid-table, despite the recent takeover.
I think Wolves will do well in the PL, although I don't know how long Nuno will last before a big club comes in.

Stoke City by mrmariomaster

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Nickname: The Potters
Stadium: bet365 Stadium, 30,089 seats
Major honours: 1972 League Cup
17/18 finishing position: 19th, Premier League
Squad value: £127.8 million
Manager: Gary Rowett signed from Derby in May. His honest attitude has brought lots of optimism to fans, who are looking forward to an overhaul of the Club. His style of play seems to change based on the squad he has available.
Best Player: Joe Allen was vital to the Club last season, giving us hope that we would avoid relegation. His massive new contract signed this summer shows how loyal and committed to the Club he is, and will be a vital player this season.
Rising star: Tom Edwards is a local lad who has won the Under 18 Player of the Year award twice in the Club. In the latter parts of last season he played some good first team football.
What happened last season: A pathetic attempt at a season that had been coming for a while under Mark Hughes. Paul Lambert was appointed in January, but a win rate of just 2 in 15 matches wasn’t enough for him to keep his job and miss out on the million pound bonus offered to him.
Transfer business so far: So far this has been a decent transfer window. Peter Etebo had an amazing World Cup for Nigeria and Benik Afobe looks really promising. Adam Federici has also been appointed to replace Lee Grant. Xherdan Shaqiri has left along with a few players like Stephen Ireland and Glen Johnson who will not be missed. Badou Ndiaye also looks to be on his way out, but it looks like Jack Butland will stay with us, which is massive. Perhaps most surprising are the new contracts signed by our 2 best players last season, Joe Allen and Moritz Bauer.
Predicted Line up: Here is our predicted squad. I’m not sure what formation we will have. EDIT: This is a new version, complete with our rumoured new signings and in the right formation.
Best case scenario: Stoke will finish top with an all-time Championship points record.
Worst case scenario: A mediocre start to the season will see Rowett sacked and Stoke with a disappointing mid-table finish.
Prediction: I think with our squad and our new manager, we will finish 1st.
What will happen to our closest rivals? Port Vale will be relegated to the Vanarama National League.

Aston Villa by trueschoolalumni

Location: Villa Park, Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE
Nickname: The Villans, The Villa, Prince William's Club, David "Twat" Cameron's Second Club.
Major honours: 7 First Division wins, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, 1 European Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Intertoto Cup
17/18 finishing postion: 4th
Transfermarkt squad value: £67.77m and dropping fast
Manager: Steve Bruce (for now). Former Man Utd playing legend who's been a fixture of English football for decades. He joined Villa in 2016 after successful runs at Hull, Sunderland (yes they were good once) and Birmingham City. A bit of a promotion specialist, he's taken Championship clubs up to the Premier League 4 times in the past and just missed out last season, losing 1-0 to Fulham in the Playoff Final. Tactically, he's fairly old school who prefers 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1, usually involving a big man up top. Fun fact: while managing Huddersfield in 1999 he wrote three novels, "Striker!", "Sweeper!" and "Defender!", which focus on main character Steve Barnes, a football manager. Barnes solves crime and takes on terrorists, and the books have become prized rarities. The Guardian's Football Weekly podcast managed to get a copy and read out some of the copy - suitably awful.
Best player(s)/ talisman: There's only one Jack Grealish. A Villa boy through and through, he's been with the club since 2001 (aged 6), and made his way into the first team in the 2013-14 season. He's been the centre of controversy a few times, most notably getting on the beers and passing out on a Tenerife street. Playing as a number 10, his quick feet and dribbling skills provide a number of goals and assists, as well as fouls. He probably went down a bit too easily when first in the Premier League, but time in the gym has noticeably toughened him up and he's a much more solid player as a result. One of the better players in the Championship, and due to Villa's abject finances, a transfer target for the likes of Leicester.
Rising star: Keinan Davis could possibly be it, potentially Andre Green and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy as well.
What happened last season?: Have you ever walked into a casino, spotted the roulette table and popped £10,000 on red? It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off. You've doubled your money if you win, but look like a right git if you lose. Villa figured this was a good way to approach 2017-18: spend millions on players, get in lots of loans, gamble everything on achieving promotion. After a so-so start, Bruce got the team playing well, stringing together a number of wins and moving through the playoff spots. Unfortunately they ran into a few teams playing out of their skin - champions Wolves ran away with the league and boasted a squad that included several Champions League players. Neil Warnock's Cardiff couldn't stop winning and grabbed the second automatic promotion. In the playoff final Villa came up against a Ryan Sessegnon-led Fulham and were just pipped at the post 1-0.
Summer transfer business (so far): It's one-way traffic, due to absolutely abysmal finances. Loan spells for Lewis Grabban, Robert Snodgrass, Josh Onomah and Sam Johnstone have all ended, which is almost the spine of the team (Johnstone in particular - he was arguably the best keeper in the Championship and personally bagged a number of wins). Plus clubs are circling to pick off whatever assets we have left (eg. Jack Grealish, James Chester). With no prospect of anyone new coming in, it looks like the youth academy will be getting a lot more game time.
Predicted starting XI: Possibly this, but half these players could be gone before the first match.
Best case scenario: Mid-table anonymity would have to be best case - Villa are a mess and could go down this time around.
Worst case scenario: Our finances are the real issue - they are dire. Villa need to find £9 million this month to avoid going into administration. Owner "Dr." Tony Xia is a billionaire, apparently, but tax bills went unpaid and the question remains if he's able to support the club as generously as he has in the past. Administration, points deductions and potentially relegation to League One are all real possibilities right now. It's not looking good.
Prediction: Due to financial irregularities in the 23 clubs above us, Villa will get into the Champions League and take out the likes of Atletico, Bayern and Real Madrid on the way to our second European Cup. "Taylor, Green, prepared to venture down the left. There's a good ball played in for Jack Grealish. Oh, it must be and it is! It's Keinan Davis!"
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Unfortunately the Scum managed to avoid League One in the final rounds of the season. Here's hoping they go one better. Agbonlahor to re-sign for one game: the Derby. And score the winner, again.

Middlesbrough by OneSmallHuman

Location: The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough
Founded: 1876
Nickname: The Boro (Or just Boro)
Major honours: The League cup 2003-2004 season
17/18 finishing position: 5th
Transfermarkt squad value: 79.34m
Manager: Tony Pulis became manager of us in late December 2017, replacing the sacked Garry Monk after a pretty lacklustre few months of the campaign (despite where our league position was). Pulis is known in England for being the man that is never relegated when in charge of someone in the top flight. We are all aware of Tony Pulis' style of football. You start by having a strong and massive defence and maximise your use of set pieces to gain an advantage. Pulis is a lover of all set piece plays, whether that is crossing the ball in from a corner or free kick, or launching a ball into the box from a throw in, they're all in his arsenal of weapons. 'Pulisball' as it is pretty much known. Pulis has achieved promotion from the championship once before with Stoke, and I hope he achieves it again with us this season
Best player(s)/ rising star: I mean, where else do I begin. Adama Traore. Arguably the best player in the championship on his day and is one of the most frightening dribblers in English football, maybe even world football. The winger is known for his speed and dribbling ability although is usually criticised for his lack of end product. Before last season I would've agreed, however 5 goals and 10 assists, with all but 2 assists coming before Pulis' arrival show the progression of the Spanish winger.
As for other members of the squad, Ben Gibson, the prodigal son. Boro through and through he's progressed into a commanding centre half with the ability to play out from the back thanks to Karanka. He gained attention and emerged as one of the few given credit after our disappointing premier league campaign but was only the subject of one bid upon our relegation, from now manager Tony Pulis. It remains to be seen whether he'll be here come the first game of the season, but I hope he will be.
As for future stars, Dael Fry, already has played 2 championship campaigns for us and looks as assured as a veteran of the game. Another centre half produced by our academy and he is being played in cdm this pre-season by Pulis, to add to his versatility. Hopefully a standout season for him, especially if Gibson does end up leaving. Finally, yes, he does always look as confused as images of him show.
What happened last season?: Well, the first half of the season was tragic under Monk. We played really poor football at times and looked like we hadn't defended a day in our lives. There was also no consistency in the team, we'd win one game then lose the next. A key theme under both managers however, was our inability to beat those around us in the table. After Pulis' appointment the results picked up and it ended with us finishing 5th in the table. We ultimately lost in the playoff semi finals to Aston Villa but honestly, we didn't think we'd even be in the top half around Christmas.
Summer transfer business (so far): Just the three deals to talk about so far. We've acquired Paddy McNair from Sunderland who looks like a decent player. He's been utilised in right back and midfield during pre-season so it looks like they'll be his positions for the season. I imagine he'll play alongside Clayts and Howson in a midfield three.
Aden Flint was signed from Bristol City and I think I'm in the minority when I say I don't like how much we paid for him. Obviously the man is a Pulis player but I'm a bit unsure about his defensive ability. That being said he's looked strong during pre-season and I'm sure Pulis will get the best out of him. Fabio departed our club for Nantes so we'll need more full back cover.
As for the rest of the window, I expect Gibson to leave but will be delighted if he doesn't. One of our strikers will also leave and Braithwaite should follow after his decent World Cup performances. We'll probably bring in a striker and a winger and hopefully hold onto Adama. That'd be a successful window in my eyes.
Predicted starting XI: My best guess The only other guess I could make is that Gibson might leave and then Ayala would start, but he's injured at this point in time. Britt might play over Gestede too if Pulis is feeling fancy.
Best case scenario: It has to be top of the pile right? It's not out of the question to imagine us up there and if everything clicks then we've got a chance. A defence that scores more than some teams' strikers, Adama channelling his inner Messi and finding consistency, Rudy/Britt/Bamford scoring for fun. It could be carnage.
Worst case scenario: I can't see us finishing outside the playoffs, if we did then that would be gut-wrenching. But if we did then that would most certainly be the worst. Realistically, it'd be losing in the playoffs... again, and if it were in the final again then god help me. Although saying this, now losing Bamford and maybe Traore will be a worst case scenario in itself, definitely if they're not replaced.
Prediction: Have to be confident, although it always kills me. 1st or 2nd. Tony Pulis and his nice white trainers carry us to the promise land. That being said, we never do it the easy way.
Best Match of Last Season Sorry Leeds fans, but it had to be. "Hattrick Bamford" as our Twitter account tweeted, 3-0 against Leeds with Adama running the show. Leeds clearly found some positive from the game as they're set to sign him off us. This was the sign of what we should've done more last season. Showed what Paddy could've been too if given an even more extended period in Striker by himself. Oh well.
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Who even are our closest rivals in this league? We're in geographical purgatory. Can't say Sunderland anymore so what? Leeds? Bielsa either turns them into the well oiled machine they hope for or he succumbs to the old Leeds ways and is sacked by December. As for the Mackems, probably promoted from League 1.
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  2. Data Analytics for Beginners Introduction to Data ...
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  6. Data Science In 5 Minutes Data Science For Beginners ...
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Take a look around our Streatham Campus in Exeter with three of our current Engineering students. Filmed during one of our offer-holder visit days in March 2... Data Analytics for Beginners -Introduction to Data Analytics Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Kirk and McCoy are trapped in time while an alien infestation threatens the Enterprise. This channel is my passion project taking us on a fun trip down memory lane together so we can relive the colorful events we all experienced. I am a first-ye... This What is Data Science Video will give you an idea of a life of Data Scientist. This Data Science for Beginners video will also explain the steps involved... ¿Sabes que es el Big Data? ¿Por qué los datos son el nuevo petroleo y como su análisis y procesamiento pueden transformarse en soluciones para la ciudadanía ... Exeter EngineeringTV 1,228 views. 11:54. Lockwood Sweet Potato Harvesters 2017 - Duration: ... Optical sorter Visar Sortop Potatoes EN - Duration: 2:49. Visar Sorting Recommended for you. 2:49. En este tutorial ilustrado te explicamos en tres minutos como funciona el Big Data.